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Posted in: Trump's son-in-law met with U.S. sanctioned Russian bank; will testify See in context

For those of you who say there was no crime committed, that could the case. But remember the political expression: It's not always the crime, it's the cover up. Now there's blood in the water and the sharks are circling. Stay tuned.

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Posted in: Vietnamese detainee killed himself in immigration center, community leader says See in context

"Some detainees are held for months and even years with no clear knowledge of when they will be let out. Many develop depression and insomnia..."

Sounds like living hell.

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Posted in: Trump, GOP leaders pull bill to repeal 'Obamacare' See in context

IF they had a vote where everyone was on the record, Republicans would have abandoned ship and voted no in big numbers. The reason? Not because of the far right appeal to completely trash Obamacare, but because they would have to face the wrath of constituents losing healthcare insurance.

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Posted in: Trump to GOP: Pass health care bill or seal your fate See in context

Lies pushed by the Speaker, lies pushed by the Majority Leader, and lies pushed by the biggest liar of them all in the White House.

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Posted in: Trump OKs changes in GOP health care bill, winning support See in context

As some of you have suggested, this is strictly a political bill and not about healthcare as they would have you believe.

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Posted in: Trump OKs changes in GOP health care bill, winning support See in context

He's 100 per cent behind it until it fails miserably. Then he will pin blame on the convenient scapegoat (s).

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Posted in: Diet proposes one-off abdication law for emperor See in context

"So...don't make a habit of it?"

They don't want to create a precedent and make it too easy for a future royal family member to call it quits when the stress gets to be too much. Make them feel as if they are obligated for life.

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Posted in: Two halves of a whole: Japan’s habitual ‘labeling’ of bicultural kids See in context

Let's hope "hafu" will fade from Japanese terminology. As intermarriage inevitably increases, the term will probably lose it's stigma. It already has to a certain extent. Some kids nowadays think it's cool.

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Posted in: Japan one-ups Scotch with whisky, coveted around the world See in context

About ten years ago I bought bottles of basic Yamazaki and Nikka whiskies in Japan for reasonable prices. Now those prices have dramatically increased both in Japan and the US, probably a result of success and publicity.

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Posted in: China waits to hear why Japanese warship going to South China Sea See in context

She sounds quite anal.

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Posted in: U.S. military to deploy attack drones to S Korea See in context

Kim Jong-un should be programmed in these drones. Dear Leader Jr. would hide under his bed.

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Posted in: Trump open to tweaking Republican health care bill See in context

Trump vowed on the campaign trail to get rid of Obamacare and replace it with a program that offers better care more affordably, and covers everyone who needs health insurance.

Think he'll "tweak" the Republican bill to increase affordability and cover everyone? Think again.

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Posted in: Turkey-Dutch relations worsen after Turkish visit banned See in context

Erdogan wants to control other countries as he controls his own.

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Posted in: Putin hails Russia-Turkey ties as he hosts Syria talks See in context

Looks like Russia's intervention in Syria was a success, militarily and diplomatically.

Yes, a success for autocrats who crush anyone or anything who opposes them.

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Posted in: Six years ago - a look back See in context

Poor kid. There's look of fright on his face.

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Posted in: Republican health plan clears first hurdles; fate uncertain See in context

“Despite what you hear in the press, healthcare is coming along great. We are talking to many groups and it will end in a beautiful picture!” the Republican president said on Twitter.

Stupid jabbering as usual.

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Posted in: International Women's Day See in context

"From many of the posters on this thread you can easily SEE why women still have many issues with society"

And hostile comments from both men AND women.

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Posted in: U.S., China lock horns on missile defense against N Korea See in context

China is turning the economic screws on Lotte in China because those missile defense batteries are on a South Korean golf course owned by Lotte. China being petty and petulant as usual.

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Posted in: TV 'talent' Yuko Ogura announces divorce and expresses gratitude to ex-husband See in context

Sorry to be cynical, but I think this is a calculated publicity statement to notify of the divorce and keep the goodwill of fans with all those kind words for her ex.

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Posted in: Trump endorses House Republican healthcare plan as opposition grows See in context

According to House Republicans, Obamacare is "awful", "terrible", and their favorite, "devastating". Just more propaganda to hoodwink the gullible and uninformed.

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Posted in: N Korean missile launch was training exercise for strike on U.S. bases in Japan: KCNA See in context

"Its North Korea and they will never make a Mistake that will trigger a mass attack from Japan-USA"

kiyoshi: How can you be so confident NK will not make a mistake? Can South Korea, Japan, or the US afford to ignore a "mistaken" missile with a potential nuke zeroing in on them?

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Posted in: Come right in See in context

All his casinos filed for bankruptcy, so I'm not sure if gamblers would consider Trump a good omen.

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Posted in: Trump claims Obama had phones wiretapped; Obama denies it See in context

His claim could backfire if it was a legal wiretap investigation that uncovered Russians coordinating with his campaign.

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Posted in: Consumer prices rise for first time in nearly a year See in context

“The question is: will underlying strength in inflation pick up with stronger wage growth, household spending and business confidence? I don’t think it will at this point,”

It's possible some Japanese people might end up missing the deflation years.

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Posted in: Trump, aboard Navy carrier, vows to boost defense spending See in context

He touted his spending plans, saying he would provide “the finest equipment in the world” and give the military the “tools you need to prevent war."

Nonsense. The U.S. already has by far the most advanced equipment and weapons. Just an excuse to spend billions unnecessarily. Put that money towards healthcare for American citizens.

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Posted in: Bashful pandas at Ueno Zoo mate after four-year hiatus See in context

Maybe 52 seconds is a sexual marathon for a panda.

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Posted in: Takata pleads guilty in air bag scandal, agrees to pay $1 bil in U.S. See in context

Remenber what happened to Rockefeller Center and more recently with Toshiba !

I'm guessing you are referring to Mitsubishi buying Rockefeller Center in 1989 and Toshiba buying Westinghouse's nuclear business in 2006. Both turned out to be really bad business decisions. The real estate market collapsed and Fukushima happened. Who else is to blame but the Japanese corporate executives who made those investments? In this case, Takata is making a practical business decision and willing to pay the fine because they can't afford the abandon the US auto market.

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Posted in: Trump budget plan will not cut Social Security, Medicare: Mnuchin See in context

AARP has been running very effective television commercials in which candidate Trump states: "I am going to protect and save Social Security and your Medicare. You made a deal a long time ago." I have to think these ads placed the administration under pressure to back off.

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Posted in: Peeping Pepper See in context

So why exactly is this robot programmed to "peep?

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Posted in: Trump vows military build-up, hammers nationalist themes See in context

Deficits only count when Republicans don't control the government

Absolutely. Billions for this and billions for that. It's hypocrisy, but also a matter of self-preservation for the suddenly spineless conservative flamethrowers afraid to oppose Trump and get voted out of office.


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