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The police can randomly stop a Japanese national and ask for I.D. And the Japanese can and should give the policeman/women the finger and tell him/her to stop wasting tax payers money and work.

I'm an average Caucasian who has a normal 9:00-5:30 full-time job. I mean no tattoos and a normal haircut and etc but I get stopped all the time in Sapporo. Sometimes under the guise of checking bicycle registration and sometimes even more randomly.

They almost always check my foreigner card after checking the bicycle registration and once even stopped me, saying they wanted to check bicycle registration but then went onto check my foreigner card, call it in and finally after 20min, send me on my way saying I should be careful because I 'almost' went through a red light without checking the bicycle registration!

It's patently ridiculous. And each time they take about 20min to record all the info on the foreigner card. Sapporo police are generally the epitome of laziness, incompetence, ignorance and stupidity.

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