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Posted in: Taiji dolphin hunt begins; coastal whaling set to start See in context

Let the Japanese eat what they like. Just find a way to kill the Dolphins in a less brutal manner.

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Posted in: More than half of Chinese see war with Japan: poll See in context

War? Bring it on, the Japanese will give it to you on a platter. All you Shinajin before opening your mouths against Japan, you were all very happy taking all the billions of Yen in Japanese Government assistance between the mid 1960's all the way through the late 1990's. All the technology that the Japanese government forced Japanese companies to donate to your Shinajin companies. During those years you and your government were very happy kissing Japanese bottoms.

You people are a shame to the human race. Where is your pride and honor? If you people believe the senkakus are yours or that the Japanese have not atoned for the acts of their ancestors 75 years ago, then give all the money back, keep the technology since you would copy it anyway, then open your mouths, otherwise if you took the money and accepted the apologies already, SHUT UP!

Go after Mao and his mad wife, they killed millions of your own people. Honor your responsibilities to the Hong Kong People and give them their well earned freedom to decide their own future... You people have no morals, no ethics. Before pointing the finger at outsiders look inside your own house and clean it up.

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Posted in: 13-year-old girl riding bike killed by truck See in context

Whilst tragic for both parties, the many scenarios presented here are very real possibilities. I drive a car everyday and I have experienced numerous times young children, teenagers, adults riding bicycles listening to music, not wearing any protective helmets and completely oblivious to their surroundings. I have seen parents carrying children on the back and front of their bicycles, talking on the phone or reading some SMS and again no one wearing any protective helmets. The police are very much to blame for these behaviors. Should a driver be using a phone while a policeman is around, in most cases the no mercy rule, correctly is applied. Should a motorcyclist ride a motorbike without wearing a helmet, he or she won't go far. Yet, these rules don't apply to bicyclists. I have had the unfortunate experience of seeing it first hand. Ride a bicycle under the influence of alcohol and be assured the police will not do anything but do it with a machine with an engine then... Whatever, the facts maybe in this case the fundamental behavior of cyclists on the road is a direct result of lack of police action in implementing rules forcefully.

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Posted in: Chinese fighter jets fly within 30 meters of SDF planes See in context

Japan needs to change its Constitution to allow it to forcefully respond to the menace of China. The Chinese need to learn how to be good neighbors in all their borders. On the other hand, you can lead a bull to water but you can't teach it to drink, so force is the only response the shinajin understand.

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Posted in: Japan's embrace of Russia under threat with Ukraine crisis See in context

Russia, is not creator of this problem in Ukraine. The people of Ukraine with all due respect are to blame for their predicament. Their governments are democratically elected but then there is no respect for democracy at all. Legally democratically elected governments should not be thrown out by demonstrations in the street but by the ballot box. Ukraine has created a history of total disrespect for democracy. Although one can understand the grievances, in particular related to corruption. Still, destroying their cities is hardly the manner to fix the problem. The EU should not have made offers too sweet to bring Ukraine toward it as the EU has too many poor countries already almost all dependent on Germany and a few other members. I am European and I am 100% against its expansion because financially is not viable. The People of Ukraine were just looking forward to more handouts from the EU with dreams of leaving their country and move to the healthy economies of Europe. Their government had to make pragmatic decisions with Russia in mind, after all they are neighbors and share much of their culture and religion and this needs to be respected. The EU acted in a stupid manner and if that option had been put to a vote in the EU, the European people would have voted down any offers to get Ukraine added to the EU list of members. Putting Russia in a corner is not the way to handle such an important country. I do not agree with the invasion of Crimea by Russia or any other party but clear heads need to prevail in this situation and find a solution. Abe San must stay his ground in regard to having the best interests of Japan first, always. The issue of Ukraine and Russia should not and must not be an obstruction to Japan Russia relations. The USA and the EU have never attempted to help Japan improve relations with Russia. Those countries have never made any attempts to press Russia to return the Northern Islands off of Hokkaido back to Japan. When the USA attacked Iraq under false pretenses no caring for Japan was given although we all know Japan imports 100% of its energy. The USA acted for its own interests first, the EU acts for its own interests first and Japan must have the same right and we must respect it.

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Posted in: Abe tells world to stand up to China or face consequences See in context

Many comments here regarding being a Nationalist. It is interesting that he is given this title... How about Thatcher, Reagan, Bush senior, junior the Chinese dictators, and every other leader of a country? They were not and are not Nationalists?

Mr Abe, stick to your guns and tell them as it is. The facts speak for themselves. China and South Korea have signed peace treaties with Japan. Japan has donated billions of Yen to those respective economies, apart from all the technology donated so these two countries could begin to build something by themselves without stealing know how (although they have little respect propriety rights).

If they can feed themselves today, a simple thank you Japan is enough. By the way, I am a foreigner and patriotic (nationalist) for my country but respect the rights of Japan to run its country as the Japanese people want which they do through democratic elections which In China is equal to a death sentence.

All you lefties, go to China , live there breath and eat their polluted air and poisoned food and water, complain and let's see what happens. Hypocrites!

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Posted in: Abe's support ratings rise above 60% See in context

Abe San, please continue to stand up to the Chinese and Koreans. Japan must stand up for freedom of speech and democracy in this part of the world where it is so lacking. Japan must be prepared to defend itself and not depend on the USA. The latter has a history of protecting its self interests first which has of late shifted to China. Just see who's buying all the treasury paper and spending millions buying interests in Washington?

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Posted in: N Korea calls Abe 'militarist maniac' See in context

Friends, don't forget which country is supporting NK financially and militarily. Then decide who is the real evil, the mouth piece who use 25 million people as slaves for the benefit of one million or the the ones who have the option to end it all but choose not to. This real evil is the same country that wants to control Asia. China is where the world needs to focus on not on their mouth piece.

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Posted in: Japan's envoy to UK hits back at China over Voldemort comparison See in context

Zichi, Japan was being blockaded by the US, the communists in China were murdering millions there and marching towards Japan, the legal Chinese government then fled to Taiwan, the Chinese Emperor asked Japan for assistance. I wonder if the US or any European country was in the same situation what would happen, give the key to the city to whom? Zichi, Japan was put in a situation where it had no option but to fight. Yes, bad things happened, but history has always been written by the winners. Iran - Iraq war, Libya, DPRK, Vietnam, Cambodia, Afghanistan, all the wars in Africa. Friend a lot of people in the US and Europe as well as leaders of the countries mentioned have cumulatively done much worse than Japan did 70 years ago but winners and self interest protects some and persecutes others. Chinese leaders have murdered many more people in the last 70 years than Japan did, don't see too many Chinese complaining, the ones that tempt it get jailed, killed or silenced and this is the country that wants to preach to Japan? Yasukuni represents the ancestors of Japan even if it includes some questionable souls. Abe San did not go there to glorify them but to symbolically glorify his nation through his ancestors, the Chinese know this and so do the Koreans.

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Posted in: Japan's envoy to UK hits back at China over Voldemort comparison See in context

Congratulations on the Japanese Prime Minister having the courage to respect his ancestors who fought for and protected Japan in visiting Yasukuni. I am not Japanese but I have also been there to thank the Japanese people for allowing me to leave in one of the safest countries in the world and cleaner than most. China should return all the government loans and development aid it received from Japan over the past 70 years if it wants to respect in the international arena. China protecting the DPRK really shows it's real face. The Chinese and Koreans who live in Japan but feel so bad even though they are involved in prostitution, drugs, and other illicit business are very welcome to go home to your respective countries and enjoy the pollution, lack of freedom to complain but most importantly corrupt your own people and leave Japan alone. The others who are not involved in illicit businesses but are involved in the pachinko businesses headquartered around Ueno and pay no taxes, please take what you already have earned as a gift from Japan, get on a boat and go home, Japan doesn't need you...

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Posted in: Key facts about Japan's constitution, proposed changes See in context

It is ironic that the country that most use words like democracy and freedom, is the same country that holds people in Guantanamo without providing them the most basic human rights. According to the UN, holding these people is a violation of human rights, whatever the reasoning behind it. They do not believe their constitution is strong enough to penalize these individuals with their legal system.

So are we asking the Japanese to keep a constitution drafted by these same individuals. Let the Japanese be the navigators of their own destiny in their own country, it's the most basic right. As to all the critics of Japan, look at your countries first and may the one with the perfect country stand up please.

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Posted in: Abe: China radar-lock on Japan ship 'dangerous' See in context

This issue is typical of the Chinese people's character. Since the Second World War, Japan has donated or provided billions of Yen zero interest loans to the Chinese. Much of their technology was given by Japan also. The Chinese government and its people are truly shameful. If it was not for the Japanese government and people, the Chinese people would still be eating one bowl of rice a day with pickles and riding bicycles. The UN charter has confirmed the Senkaku Islands belong to Japan and the only issue is China needs its people to look outside of China while the Chinese government pillage their country and their family members enjoy the good life in our countries. If the Chinese think their country is the best, may I suggest get your bottoms out of Japan, Europe and North America. Study in your crappy universities, eat your poisoned rice and veggies and buy your own fake garbage. The Chinese character really comes out, win at any price, the rest of the world can go to hell... I do not buy anything made in China if I can identify it and I suggest the rest of the world do the same. There are options around for most things.

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