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Posted in: Yamato considers withdrawing from Amazon's same-day delivery service See in context

Obviously the answer is self driving delivery trucks. Goodbye drivers. Might take a few years but these guys are toast. Packages delivered faster and cheaper yet. Happier customers, more sales.

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Posted in: Final checkout - Save the Okura See in context

Have you recently walked from Akasaka Mitsuke side all the way to the entrance on Yoyogi side? And then circle back outisde to the left for a linger in the garden. Whenever I visit Tokyo, I never fail to do it a couple of times. I can feel and see Japan and it's people at their peak and the bubble comes back to life for me. It's really something. Wish they could save it like the post office in Marunouchi

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Posted in: No. of foreigners arrested for crimes in Japan up by 8% in 2013 See in context

I'm living in Korea town and agree with the police statistics. Gotta watch your back here. You guys really don't see a difference in crime committed by Japanese and non-Japanese? Warehouses with open doors practically unguarded downtown. Unimaginable in Los Angeles. You guys gotta get out more. Crime is low here and the Japanese are the reason.

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Posted in: Fashion model proposes violent punishment for people who smoke while walking See in context

I see idiots smoking while walking on the track at a local university (here in Shanghai) On the track ! With runners behind him. (it's been a guy 100% of the time) As for the people who are commenting but disparaging the model for her assumed lack of brains, they need their heads examined. Is there a physical law that states that as a woman is more beautiful, she will be dumber? Or uglier, smarter? Assuming a beautiful woman is a bonehead is as lame as assuming a "double bagger" is a member of Mensa.

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Posted in: Stalking cases soar See in context

I'm male and haven stalked hardcore in Japan. As I drove to work I would see the stalker standing on a street corner where I passed everyday, she would be standing at a vending machine on the walk to the station. She's been stalking me since about 1996, never been violent but I'm sure it ruined her. She simply never moved on. I feel sorry for her for sure but am also alert that she could suddenly become violent as the decades pass

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Posted in: Japanese Lolitas plan world domination See in context

Kawaii jyan !

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Posted in: To dye or not to dye? See in context

Depends on who you want to please:

Other girl friends.... cut and dye your hair. be "fashionable".

If you want to please a guy... leave it long and natural.

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Posted in: Free gifts, cheap coffee no help as McDonald’s Japan troubles continue See in context

I love McDonalds. Great place to sit, relax, good lighting, seating. Many don't know due to prejudice.

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Posted in: China calls on Japan to meet halfway to improve relations See in context

China has no way to attack Japan short of nuclear. Getting across the ocean with massive amounts of troops, ammunition, supplies is easier said than done. If Japan was Vietnam, then it would be another story. They could march in. The Chinese population at large has been inundated with propaganda for so long and has no idea that the Japanese SDF could destroy the PLA in an evening )and maybe even send it back to the Cultural Revolution according to a very respected military white paper)

The top brass in China know and would like to cool things down as war is not an option.... even if the US didn't get involved. That's the truth. Japan has a well trained disciplined military, excellent attack fighter jets and top notch boats. If China wants to "compromise" while sending ships, airplanes to the islands and violating her airspace, Japan should hold her fire. If China keeps it up, Japan should attack and destroy the PLA. If the PLA is shown up to be weak, lying about strength, the Chinese population will have no mercy on the CCP

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Posted in: Digital SLR camera D5200 from Nikon See in context

Looks good. Want one. Anyone finds an early buy link, please post

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Posted in: Victory See in context

Omedetou Nippon!!! :)

If anyone finds a youtube reply, please post !!

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Posted in: Japanese engineers find second life in China See in context

I don't think its a big deal. The guys can go to China. Meet some good girls. Pass down some knowledge to hungry young minds. It's not all about nationalism or Japan "letting anyone down" to me. Japan gave these engineers their lives. Their professions and skills. Aren't all the Japantoday readers doing the same thing? Of all people, expats should be applauding people doing new and interesting things with their lives

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Posted in: Policeman arrested for licking woman's hair See in context

This is not new. A friend of mine, pretty foreign girl, was on the train back in 91'. She felt some strange tension in her very long hair. She turned around and the guy behind hers head went around too. Turns out he had swallowed all of her hair into his mouth. It was an amazing site because she had quite long hair. How that guy got all the hair in his mouth without alerting her was incredible.

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Posted in: Security firm links cyber spy campaign to Chinese hacker See in context

His name is Gu Kaiyuan and is a current employee of Tencent

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