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Posted in: Mexico reports flu ebb, but new cases reported around world See in context

7 to 10 days of "walking contagion", before symptoms manifest.

Not only is the Jury still out on this Virus, but we don't have a clue where the Jury has been. The People to people is bad enough, but the people to swine aspect led credence to a People to Birds.

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Apple Sued Microsoft and LOST. Windows and all it incarnations is the Result. My biggest irritation with Microsoft's program development is its inability to provide a clean operating system. Eventually there will be a Trillion lines of code with Windows 13 incorporating parts of all of its previous forms. Why can't an operating system be like a Video Game, Starcraft for instance. All of the bells and whistles can be Mods and can be tabbed as needed instead of being force fed whether you want it or not. I'm tired of being treated like a simpleton.

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Posted in: Obama urges Congress to move quickly on economic stimulus plan See in context

Lets see, Bush is ro blame for everything, so lets pass this quickly while he is still in office. If it doesn't work, we can blame the old administration.

This rush is exactly how the Bailout package was pushed through Congress. No details, no accountability, just create and throw money at anything that moves.

Congress will be totally Democratically controlled in two and a half weeks. Let us see how quickly they act when everything they do will be laid on their doorstep.

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Posted in: Founder's grandson may take over struggling Toyota See in context

Agreed. But it is a matter of "Face". The Business climate is secondary. Someone has to take the blame for the Global Recession. It may as well be Toyota's CEO and his Bad Karma.

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Posted in: Japanese automakers not celebrating over Big 3 problems See in context

The Fed has just allowed GMAC to get TARP funds. GMAC is 49% GM, 51% Cerberus Capital, the owner of Chrysler. GMAC is not making auto loans.

It is really a pity to be living in a Nation which cares more about the Politics rather what is right or wrong.

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Posted in: Japanese automakers not celebrating over Big 3 problems See in context

Chapter 11 means they will continue to work, continue to buy parts, continue etc. People will not buy cars from a company in Bankruptcy. Who cares. Sales are so far down nationally, that GM/Chrysler will not be missed. Parts suppliers have already curtailed inventories and some will vanish regardless of what happens in 2009.

Meanwhile, Guess what, GM is profitable in Asia, Brazil, Canada. So let GM split into GM USA, etc. I have problems with all of the Bailouts to begin with, why should I have to pay for GM's Pensioners too?

It is that simple. More than Twice that many workers lost their jobs in November alone. And GM/chrysler will need another infusion before Obama even sits down. The GMAC unit needs cash, now, or it goes Belly up.

You've seen those DiTech commercials for mortgages? Thats a GMAC unit. Lets support that too. GM has too much non auto related trash on its books. Trash which will continue to suck the life out of Taxpayers but which has nothing to do with car manufacturing.

Chrysler is a private company which was bought by a Hedge Fund. They do not want to merge with GM, no one in the world wants GM because of the pit it has voluntarily dug itself into.

The UAW has said openly that they will not negotiate. "We will wait until our man Obama gets into office." "we helped him get elected, he owes us."

This is the typical GM attitude, everyone needs us.

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Posted in: Japanese automakers not celebrating over Big 3 problems See in context

The big 3 have been and continue to be a Gravy Train for the UAW. The Salary issue is not the Prime Focus but the UAW distorted the facts there a tiny bit.

New Hires receive salaries which are in-line with what is paid to non-union foreign car makers. There are about 3,000 of those out of 239,000, the rest receive 50% more depending on how long they have been on the Job. I do not think New Hires will increase any time soon.

All of those plants being closed for the Next month or so??? All of the laid off workers will receive 95% of their regular salaries in the interim, they can file for Unemployment benefits at the same time. Hell, they are much better off not working.

The Retiree Pension is so generous, it puts what Congress gives itself to shame. The foreign automakers will never have the same Pension problems because they do not have to beg their workers to receive a good wage. Pension Plans are integrated with Social Security Benefits in mind not over and above them.

The Japanese and other foreign auto makers should be rejoicing in the demise of GM and Chrysler. This is the best time for it to occur, when car sales are down dramatically anyway. Dealerships will not be a problem and parts suppliers can reduce output to sustainable levels to Ford and them.

It will make the entire industry leaner. This will be good in the long run though painful at first.

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Posted in: GM says it needs $12 billion loans by late March See in context

Considering the outlook forecasted by GM, if they are given what they want they will cut their workforce by 1/3rd over the next 3 years, plus eliminate XYZ worth of dealerships, plants, parts suppliers, etc.

Th big bugaboo against Chapter 11 appears to be buying of cars from a manufacturer which may not be around for the life of the vehicle. The covering of various car warranties.

Since the Government is willing to guarantee the Toxic assets of others, why not have them just guarantee the Warranties, the car toxic waste do to speak.

Would sure cut down the overall Bailout. IMHO

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Posted in: Sony profit plunges 72% on strong yen See in context

It wouldn't matter if Sony sold the highest grade widgets, when a country's currency appreciates 30% within a 5 month span, there is no time to adjust to its rise.

The PS3 was a super computer initially. The Japanese gave it rave reviews when it came out first in Japan. They know about graphic capabilities. Unfortunately, the system first unveiled cost more than $1000 to produce. They were in a battle to make BluRay the dominant player. So an inferior system was sold here. They won the Battle but lost the Playstation War. Too bad, I would have loved to have the original PS3.

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