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Posted in: Name your 7 favorite TV comedies of all time. See in context

Father Ted

Trailer Park Boys


The Thick Of It

I’m Alan Partridge

Peter Kay’s Phoenix Nights

Only Fools And Horses

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Posted in: Trump proposes 'worldwide network' to counter CNN overseas See in context

This hemorrhoid is the elected leader of the most powerful state apparatus in the history of humankind.

I need a drink.

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Posted in: Toray talent See in context

Never seen a day’s sunlight in her life.

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Posted in: Robot station security guard unveiled to media ahead of Tokyo Olympics See in context

Aww bless !

This vacuum cleaner wouldn’t last the day in London.

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Posted in: AI robots may lend hand in Japan's English classes See in context

“How many seasons does Japan have ?”


”Try again.”

”two ?”

”Try again.”

”Stupid machine ! I give up !”

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Posted in: Warren accuses Trump of 'creepy' comments about her DNA test See in context

Absolutely agree she shouldn’t be stooping to Trump’s level.

He’s always been a lowlife so he will beat you every time.

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Posted in: Canada makes final preparations before cannabis becomes legal See in context

They should change the flag too

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Posted in: American DJ David Morales arrested in Japan for ecstasy possession See in context

Got to feel sorry for him. Those er... 5 granules were probably floating about in his bag since the 90’s.

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Posted in: Japanese cheesemakers fret over EU trade deal See in context

Japanese cheesemakers fret over consumer recognition of real cheese.

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Posted in: Mel Gibson to direct, co-write remake of 'The Wild Bunch' See in context

Ageing white dudes, nostalgic for a mythical past seek redemption by killing hundreds of evil Mexicans.

Hardly a market for that story now is there ?

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Posted in: France's Le Pen ordered to undergo psychiatric tests over IS tweets See in context

Psychiatrist : What do you see when you look at this image ?

Le Penn : I see the destruction of two thousand years of Judeo-Christian er...Christian European culture by the combined forces of world Jewry er ... Globalists and Islam.

Psychiatrist : Mmm, interesting. Everybody else sees a kitten.

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Posted in: Times are changing See in context

This guy has adopted a kawaii gaijin schtick like most of the foreigners on TV here.

If they’re cool playing cartoon humans that’s fine. I just can’t see any connection between a handful of ‘entertainer’ foreigners in the media and the wider subject of acceptance in Japanese society.

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Posted in: Gunman kills 5, then himself in southern California rampage See in context

Stupid men and their stupid guns.

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Posted in: Twitter permanently bans far-right conspiracy theorist Alex Jones See in context

This is the sub-human who espouses the belief that Sandy Hook was faked and the traumatized children (yes, children) and their grieving parents are paid “crisis actors”.

Defamation of Character, libel.

This is not just a point of view. It is illegal.

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Posted in: His name is Idris Elba, but will he be first black Bond? See in context

I, for one, am going to channel my impotent rage into being disgusted that leftist pc warriors would consider replacing one completely fictional character with another completely fictional character.

It makes my blood boil.

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Posted in: Lots of talk, little action in Congress after shootings See in context

If I was an oil tycoon with jihadist sympathies I would be regularly donating to the NRA.

Just sit back with my feet up watching the simple folk do your work for you on Fox News.

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Posted in: Facebook losing youth at fast pace: survey See in context

FB is just old people sharing right-wing fake news anyway.

Kids have got cooler things to be getting on with.

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Posted in: Sexual harassment: The dark side of Japan's entertainment world See in context


Wow. Just wow.

I bought my co-worker a coffee today. How much does that entitle me to ?

Your post beggars belief.

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Posted in: Gunman kills 59, injures 500, in Las Vegas concert attack; Trump calls it 'act of pure evil' See in context

It is quite revealing how certain Americans treat the constitution like the 12 commandments. Cast in stone from Mt Sinai.

An amendment is a formal or official change made to a law, contract, constitution, or other legal document. It is based on the verb to amend, which means to change.

The law just needs amending again.

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Posted in: Japanese men showing an increasing fondness for women they call 'penguin girls' See in context

Any article on JT that starts "Japanese men ..." almost always reflects badly on them.

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Posted in: Japan swimsuit teen's eel ad pulled over sexism claims See in context

I will avoid the pitfalls of analyzing the semiotics of this commercial but instead just remain bewildered at the constant frittering away of considerable marketing budgets by people who have absolutely no marketing qualifications or experience.

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Posted in: British stars complain about Trump's use of their music See in context

Trump should stick to the inspiring, uniting and beautiful music of right-wing musicians.

There must be so many world famous hits to choose from.

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Posted in: At old-style drinking places, the quest for Showa-era nostalgia clashes with reality See in context

They sound kinda funky. Like my local horomon joint. No squares in there.

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Posted in: Canada announces ban on transgender discrimination See in context

Canada does seem to be leading the way on this issue.

Maybe the lack of fundamentalist Christians in Canada means they can legislate effectively rather than being anchored to two thousand year-old orthodoxy.

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Posted in: New sandwich doughnuts from Mister Donut feature matcha, soybean flour and red beans See in context

Truly visionary. I can't say i would ever of imagined using those ingredients.

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Posted in: H.I.S. cancels travel with 'beautiful girls' campaign after complaints See in context

When I think of 'beautiful girls' I always think of twelve-year olds wearing their Aunties clothes being photographed mid-trampoline jump.

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Posted in: Pizza Hut Japan asks customers: 'Don’t you hungry?' See in context

Unfortunately, correct English is infinitely more conspicuous than lazy 'Nihonglish'.

A local driving school here recently took delivery of a fancy new fleet of vehicles with the cheerful phrase 'Let's try and drive safely' on the side. Probably explains why so few people bother to stop at a red traffic signal.

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Posted in: 2 Japanese snowboarders suspended for marijuana use See in context

The SAJ doesn't understand Colorado culture !

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Posted in: Dylan, McCartney, Stones lined up for mega-concert: report See in context

A fantastic, era-defining event.

For one blissful weekend every bar and coffee shop in the States and probably many other countries will be missing it's "music's all rubbish these days" borehards.

I can't wait.

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Posted in: 3 reasons Japanese movies today suck, according to distributor and producer Adam Torel See in context

I guess this should have been covered by his third point but movies are a consumer product so the audience must bear some culpability.

Hollywood is churning out super hero movie turds because there is unarguably a huge, committed audience for them.

Surely the diminished critical faculties of the domestic consumer must take a fair portion of the blame ?

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