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Paustovsky comments

Posted in: House rejects Greene's effort to oust Speaker Johnson, but chaos lingers See in context

They are too crazy. Even for the Republican Party.

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Posted in: Hamas says Israeli PM trying to derail Gaza truce deal See in context

This is Netanyahu's ship to go down with. Israel has become an international pariah state much like white South Africa in the 80's.

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Posted in: Musk targets Australian senator, gun laws in deepening dispute over X stabbing content See in context

Musk has spent his whole life desperately searching for fools that didn't see him as a spoilt weirdo. I guess he's found them.

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Posted in: Former PM Taro Aso looking to meet Trump during New York visit See in context

Both ghosts of a past no one wants to return to.

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Posted in: Japan's Paris Olympic Games uniforms unveiled See in context

The car park volunteers are here.

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Posted in: Yes, efforts to eliminate DEI programs are rooted in racism See in context

But it does mean that people with the most negative racial attitudes are, on average, most opposed to DEI training.


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Posted in: Bye, bye Bibi: Is the game up for Israel's great survivor Netanyahu? See in context

Love this guy

One wonders wha ....

"Peoples' political lives depend on him. He has surfed populism, his candidates now tend to be conspiracy theory wackos. It is not the same party of 20 years ago."

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Posted in: Agency admits two more Johnny's employees committed sexual abuse See in context

It is worth considering the Japanese public don't actually care about sexual abuse. Smile-Up group Travis Japan are in at no.2 in this weeks Billboard top 40.

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Posted in: Conspiracies linger after Princess of Wales cancer revelation See in context

Britain's Daily Mail tabloid also lashed out, asking: "How do all those vile online trolls feel now?"

The bitter irony.

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Posted in: Republican Rep Marjorie Taylor Greene files motion to oust Speaker Mike Johnson See in context

'Come you spirits that tend on mortal thoughts, unsex me here, and fill me from the crown to the toe top full of direst cruelty'.

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Posted in: Controversial 'Civil War' movie prompts debate over U.S. schism See in context

military drone strikes launched on U.S. citizens

Judging by the physical state of 'patriot militias' that will be like shooting fish in a barrel. Who will weight-averse Hollywood cast ?

John Candy died years ago so that only leaves Steven Seagal.

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Posted in: What are some of your favorite cherry blossom-viewing spots in Japan? See in context

Anywhere they miraculously grow around that which we would rather hide. The road to my cities' medical waste incinerator is something to behold. A perfect place for a picnic.

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Posted in: In Germany, the far right is on the rise again. How did it happen? See in context

Sadly, hate is infinitely easier than love.

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Posted in: Tokyo's controversial Yasukuni Shrine picks ex-admiral as chief priest See in context

Bit disrespectful of the 2nd guy in the line there, turning up in his gardening wellies.....

Yes, the photo really does raise an important question.

Where does an unemployed, single man go to buy footwear that both complements the uniform their mother made and reflects the sincerity of their mimicry ?

From the order of our noble sentries it would seem ABC Mart, Nafco, Nafco and Aoyama meet the sartorial requirements.

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Posted in: Young Republican senator's rebuttal to Biden draws bipartisan gibes See in context

The whole thing was so badly thought out and executed it was obvious she was sent out to take a hit instead of the rancid cowards with any so-called authority in the GOP.

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Posted in: Osaka Prefecture eyes collecting fixed fee for inbound tourists from 2025 See in context

I went there once and still feel miffed I didn't get a refund.

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Posted in: Upskirt photos lead Japanese high school to redesign cheerleader uniforms See in context

What a sad reflection of the world we live in. It's heartbreaking that this is necessary.

I have always thought the same. What self-respecting girl wants to be the frilly sideshow to the mens' event ?

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Posted in: DeSantis calls takeover of Disney government a 'success' despite worker exodus, litigation See in context

One of the appointees, Bridget Ziegler, a co-founder of Moms for Liberty, has been called out for hypocrisy after admitting to a sexual relationship with her husband and another woman, even though the Zieglers very publicly have fought against LGBTQ+ rights.

She is anti-LGBTQ until she isn't. Usual hypocritical conservative.

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Posted in: Beatles to get a Fab Four of biopics, with a movie each for Paul, John, George and Ringo See in context

Great news. There is hardly anything known about this unpopular but seminal group. I hope they can do the same for Bucks Fizz.

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Posted in: What are some movies that left you so confused at the end that you couldn't really figure out what they were about? See in context

Naked Lunch

Fight Club

The English patient

All adaptations from best-selling novels. Deeply revealing.

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Posted in: A new exhibition aims to bring Yoko Ono's art out of John Lennon's shadow See in context

W/O John, nobody would know who Yoko is

Obviously John Lennon knew more about art than most Beatles fans.

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Posted in: Beyonce says new music, 'Act II,' will drop in March See in context

I'd wager 99.9% of the population couldn't name a single song Bayosay made other than "Put a ring on my finger"

If you mean 99.9% of over 50's men you might win a dollar.

She "got there" because she was hand-picked by the media industry.

That is how the entire industry works. You know the music you know because a cast of thousands of industry people put them within your earshot.

I don't usually agree with bass but the numbers don't lie. She is right and you are so tragically wrong.

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Posted in: Ukraine-born Miss Japan relinquishes crown after reported affair See in context

People commenting on her looks have obviously never browsed a fashion magazine here. Japanese go crazy for this type of girl. If she was wearing a Breton top, a beanie and glasses (think Where's Wally ?) they have a meltdown.

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Posted in: Misogyny and sexual assault rife in music industry: UK MPs See in context

systematic belittling of women, as well as a focus on their physical appearance.

and right on time at platform 1 ...

 Dua Lipa who dresses like a prostitute and Madonna who dresses like an old prostitute.

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Posted in: The Napoleon that Ridley Scott and Hollywood won’t let you see See in context

This might have made the film more interesting. Good Lord it was a drudge. Ridley Scott hasn't made a good movie since Gladiator.

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Posted in: Will an earlier Oscars broadcast attract more viewers? ABC plans to try the 7 p.m. slot in 2024 See in context

I can sort of understand the attraction of industry awards events for those involved within the industry. It's a little bit of razz to look forward to and network.

As much as I enjoy cinema, however, I don't think it is necessary for the layman to be involved. Other than the purely technical categories, the nominations are subjective and prone to political / social horsetrading which triggers certain types.

None of us can state with any confidence which is the best movie / band / painting / photo.

Just make them online PPV.

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Posted in: Walmart latest big advertiser to pull out of Musk's X amid widening concerns over hate speech, reach See in context

Musk, the most unliked boy at school, thought he could buy the popular part of the playground, then wondered why nobody went there anymore.

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Posted in: Who are some musicians you used to love listening to but no longer find them interesting? See in context

Most of them.

I think a more interesting question would be 'Which artist has sustained your interest throughout their career ?'

It narrows the field somewhat.

Nick Cave, Peter Gabriel, Bjork, Kool Keith off the top of my head.

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