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Posted in: Which decade do you think was the most creative musically? See in context

Or to paraphrase the question.

Tell us how old you are without telling us how old you are ?

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Posted in: What are some movies that couldn't be remade today because social norms have changed? See in context


My apologies. I have read far worse said in earnest on this site.

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Posted in: What are some movies that couldn't be remade today because social norms have changed? See in context


whooosh !

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Posted in: What are some movies that couldn't be remade today because social norms have changed? See in context

The Birth of a Nation.

Woke, snowflake cancel culture would never let a wonderful movie like this be made these days.

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Posted in: Anisimova stuns Osaka as Nadal sends title warning See in context

Spiteful comments aimed at a 24 year-old woman from middle-aged men is never a good look.

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Posted in: What are some cities you enjoy visiting but you would never want to live in any of them? See in context

Tokyo, Moscow, Saint Petersburg, Helsinki, Stockholm, LA, Mexico City, Rio de Janeiro, Istanbul, Hanoi.

To be honest it's easier to make a list of cities I like to visit and would want to live in.

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Posted in: Golf goes to Netflix See in context


I can understand your feeling. Baseball is the same for me.

In defence of golf though. Personally I find it incredibly relaxing to watch. Like tv temazepam, it soothes me for a few hours.

A very difficult game made to look easy in beautiful locations around the world. The pace of the game, the tone of the commentators and the sound of birds in the background.

A documentary focusing on the personalities of golfers is something none of us probably need however.

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Posted in: British man identified as hostage-taker at Texas synagogue See in context


How would you truthfully and accurately describe a man born in Lancashire in England ?

English perhaps ?

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Posted in: Age and race no factor for Denzel Washington's Macbeth See in context


You are confusing Macbeth with Hamlet.

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Posted in: Prince Andrew loses military titles, patronages See in context


To be honest I'm pretty disappointed by your response to this. You're usually one of the more level-headed commenters on here.

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Posted in: Tokyo to recognize same-sex partnership: Koike See in context

A couple of days after Chile legalized same-sex marriage.

A step in the right direction.

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Posted in: One in three Australian parliament staff sexually harassed: report See in context

I've never known a workplace that isn't "sterile and boring". That's why it's called work. If some fella thinks he can make it fun by being the office slime it's not really a "minefield".

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Posted in: Japan’s first ‘highest altitude fireworks’ display to be held on slopes of Mt Fuji See in context

 you can expect a dynamic and spectacular mesh of Japanese nature and traditional culture at the Mount Fuji Fireworks display

I’m sure what’s left of Japan’s nature will thoroughly appreciate a pyrotechnical display.

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Posted in: Naomi Watanabe releases new clothing collaboration with Japanese restaurant chain Saizeriya See in context

No stranger than buying expensive underpants with another mans name on them I suppose.

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Posted in: The dark side of ramen See in context

The only people who seem to benefit from social media are aggressive bores.

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Posted in: Women's entry in LDP leader race may not boost empowerment See in context

They would simply prefer minimal government interference in favor of private institutions such as charities, churches, and civic organizations

How wonderfully quaint. You make the world seem like a deeply religious small town in the Mid West.

Making jam and singing hymns ain’t going to put wheelchair access in every building in the country.

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Posted in: K-pop stars BTS dip into global diplomacy at U.N. gathering See in context

The UN was founded in 1945. Less than ten years later Danny Kaye was the first Goodwill Ambassador in 1954.

The UN has consistently used celebrities for their global reach. Jackie Chan, Lionel Messi, Audrey Hepburn, Roger Federer.

BTS happen to be one of, if not the, biggest selling pop artists currently. If you don't understand then you are just showing your age.

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Posted in: What are some first-date mistakes to avoid? See in context

Don't mention a love of guns, porn, Trump, idols, fishing, golf, God, craft beer, model railways, conspiracy theories, S&M, Top Gear or your mum's taste in fashion.

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Posted in: Ruling party kicks off race to pick Suga's successor See in context

Like a choice between cheap shoes at ABC Mart I suppose.

Anyone but Takaichi though, she’s proper mental.

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Posted in: Ohtani, Osaka among TIME's 100 most influential people of 2021 See in context

Can’t argue with the names mentioned but the predictable drone of impotent irrelevance from the comments makes it hard to concentrate.

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Posted in: The foreign legion of YouTubers defending China See in context

China needs to up its game.

How about a TV show called ‘Why did you come to China ?’ where the desperately fragile egos of the viewing public are soothed by reassuring tales from wide-eyed foreigners arriving at an exotic destination.

Countless other programmes, publications, websites and blogs could churn out a myriad of state-approved content from foreigners exhorting the unparalleled depth and beauty of its unspoiled nature, its absolutely, unarguably unique culture and the unfailing kindness and benevolence of its humble, modest people.

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Posted in: The science of product placements – and why some work better than others See in context

This article doesn't read so well in Japan where all the TV channels are 24 hours of product placement with a news bulletin squeezed in.

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Posted in: Ben Affleck, Jennifer Lopez make romance official in Venice See in context

Lucky guy. She looks great !

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Posted in: Denmark becomes only European country with no COVID restrictions See in context

A highly educated society.

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Posted in: FIFA unveils biennial World Cup plan; UEFA threatens boycott See in context

 I don't care about club football - I cannot bring myself to have allegiance to a business, so I only have the opportunity to enjoy football during the European Championship or the World Cup

So you're not a football fan at all then.

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Posted in: Statue of Robert E Lee comes down in Virginia capital See in context

From an artistic point of view, statues are stultifyingly dull.

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Posted in: Takaichi joins race to be next PM; outlines 'Sanaenomics' policy See in context

She's a weak man's idea of a strong woman.

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Posted in: U.S. tennis star Sloane Stephens shares abusive social media posts See in context

he was talking about everybody (of any colour or race) getting off social media

I am choosing to refer to the article.

It is anyones choice whether they do or don't use social media. Personally, I also choose not to. But if you do, then it should be considered normal not to receive abuse as in any other social situation.

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Posted in: Once embracing, Turkey turns on migrants See in context

a desire for economic migration 

That is the reason for the majority of human movement through history.

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Posted in: Plan emerges to preserve imperial family by retaining married women See in context

I like how every photo of the Japanese Royal Family acting 'natural' looks like it comes from a furniture catalogue.

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