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pawatan comments

Posted in: TEPCO reveals new contaminated water leak at Fukushima plant See in context

That could very well explain it then. You are dealing with "educated" people who have the money and a vested interest.

This makes no sense. What "Money" are you talking about? Most of my government friends make about what Nova pays. What vested interest? We all have a vested interest.

Funny how your government friends work for a government who is still allowing produce from the area

They don't work in anything remotely related to this. Do you point fingers at the guy pumping gas for the Deepwater Horizon spill?

Do you actually believe that a) things are being tested like they should be and b) actually believe the government when they claim things are safe?

No, but there's not a good way to test everything in the country. The scale is too big. How could Meiji, for example, be expected to know they may have radiation problems when they don't use components from affected areas nor do they manufacture there? There's going to be contaminated food issues, I just hope they are caught and dealt with swiftly and openly.

The government is made of people, as you mentioned previously, and I do believe people are trying to do a good job. So no, I don't believe the government but I don't believe there is a grand conspiracy to deceive. Non-TEPCO related, of course.

I don't trust the government with regards to food safety. You would have to be crazy to.

Interesting that people are so pro-TPP. If you don't trust the Japanese government, you DO trust the Malaysian government, the Vietnamese government? Food safety and security is so important.

Why do you think so many of us here are avoiding food from the area? Have you seen the light?

EVERYBODY is avoiding food from the area. That was my entire point. What light are you talking to?

So in the end, it seems you agree with me - except for the number of people who are blindly buying food from the area. There are many.

Who? Nobody I know.

Who do you think bought the peaches, the fish, the apples, the rice....

Almost nobody, I would imagine. I imagine most of it is rotting. Unless you have proof that this is being bought in any quantity?

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Posted in: Traces of radioactive cesium found in Meiji baby formula See in context

Meiji did not do the initial testing and only came forward because the knowledge was going to become public anyway.

Smith, do you have to be negative about every damn thing? And contrary to me on everything? It was caught, they reacted the way they should have. Considering they use components from Australia and Hokkaido (NOT Fukushima as you so very foolishly said) why would they think there might be a radiation issue?

Saying they 'did the right thing' is like saying Kikukawa did the right thing in announcing Olympus lied and used investors money to cover expenses after their denial was proven to be false and the whistle long blown.

Completely ridiculous comparison and you know it. Olympus was malfeasance. Only but the most negative commentator would fault Meiji for their reaction.

No more Meiji products for me.

I'm sure they are truly worried about what JT poster "smithinjapan" thinks.

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Posted in: Traces of radioactive cesium found in Meiji baby formula See in context

I have absolutely NO doubt that the raw materials came from cheap sales of stuff they couldn't peddle elsewhere (ie. coming out of Fukushima itself).

Boy, for all the products that JT posters allege to contain materials from the Fukushima area, Fukushima must produce about 245% of the nations agricultural output.

Good to see that Meiji did the right thing even though it will really hurt their business. Need to see more of this sort of responsibility. Hopefully the amounts present aren't enough to have any health impact on the poor babies who may have consumed the formula. Unfortunately it will probably be impossible to know for sure...

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Posted in: TEPCO reveals new contaminated water leak at Fukushima plant See in context

Perhaps you should be speaking to more people then.

I speak to plenty. In fact most of my circle is government employees, and THEY said "I'm not eating that".

I have indeed had students tell me we should support Fukushima by buying their produce, using their fireworks, using their wood.

Now wait a minute. Are you confusing the issue here? I'm talking about FOOD. No fool wants to eat the food from Fukushima. But wood? Fireworks? "Made in Fukushima" is not the same as a "Mr Yuk" sticker. If it's from a safer area and it's been tested to not be radioactive, what's the deal? Do you think supporting something tested and safe from, say, Iwaki or Aizu is a bad thing, but something from Yamagata is a good thing? If so, that's very odd.

There have been campaigned all across the country and people are buying into it - I was give Fukushima products myself (with a huge "support Fukushima" sticker) this past summer.

Well of course people should support Fukushima if it is a confirmed safe product! Why would you think otherwise? But of course the food is highly, highly unlikely to be very safe, and there isn't a reliable testing regime in place, so it's best avoided.

Until more people are vocal, we'll all just have to question if our food is safe or not.

You should NEVER stop questioning if your food is safe or not, radiation or no radiation. Look at the E Coli deaths recently, or the Listeria outbreak in the US.

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Posted in: TEPCO reveals new contaminated water leak at Fukushima plant See in context

Who do you think is allowing this stuff to happen? Why do you think top soil and garbage is being shifted around the country? Where do you think the "support Fukushima" crap is from?


The government.

Yup. Only time I have seen anyone purposefully buying Fukushima produce was when I personally saw the head of METI do it in May. I most certainly did not see him eat it.

The people.

I don't think so. As I said I have not heard even a single time anyone I know say "Oh, I gotta eat that Fukushima food to support the farmers" but I have heard many, many, many times "No way am I eating that". I somehow doubt your students tell you they must eat food from Fukushima.

You're either part of the problem or part of the solution.


Have yours 'friends" spoken out about it? Have then told store managers they are disgusted with Fukushima food being sold in their stores?

Have YOU? Or do you just post on JT?

If they haven't done anything to stop the issue, they are passively letting it happen.


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Posted in: TEPCO reveals new contaminated water leak at Fukushima plant See in context

Heaven forbid you actually discuss this with a local and well, you'll get called anti-Japan and other pathetic comments will flow from their mouths for the most part.

tmarie, I honestly wonder who some of you are hanging around. Is it the black truck crowd? Everyone, and I mean everyone I know - man, woman, child - is disgusted, nervous, doesn't want to eat the food from anywhere near Fukushima. I showed a couple of friends the "cheap Fukushima produce" section at my local super and they are amazed and disgusted. These are typical Japanese men and women.

I have never heard anyone say "you should be patriotic and eat Fukushima food". It's always been "I am not feeding that to my child".

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Posted in: Yomiuri Giants file Y100 mil libel suit against former executive See in context

The Tokyo Dome only sells out when the HT come there to play, its half filled with Tiger fans. Of course Koshien sells out regardless of which team comes to play.

Um, no it doesn't. Average attendance was pretty poor this year. Koshien used to sell out all the time but it doesn't anymore - about 4000 below capacity on average this year.

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Posted in: TEPCO reveals new contaminated water leak at Fukushima plant See in context

My gosh, what is Japan coming to? I mean a preventable disaster brought on by decades of corporate greed and lax oversight, which has poisoned a large part of the Tohoku area as well as the Pacific Ocean, has actually got "people saying strong words". Are they different from the millions simply mumbling "shoganai" all the time?

Do you expect riots or something? Strong words lead to action. I know you are one of those that think everything should happen instantly but the real world doesn't work that way. I wonder anymore if you ever actually lived here.

Because as soon as the prosectutors would go after the officials at TEPCO, they would break out years of letters, memos and emails from bureaucrats and politicians praising TEPCO for the wonderful job they were doing, as well as all the records regarding the millions of yen they gave to various campaigns.

Hey, hindsight is always 20/20. All but the most pigheaded know they were in error to let the oversight slip for so long, and everybody in Japan knows this. The strong words you like to pooh pooh are being directed at these same politicians. You probably wouldn't know much about this since you fled and now just complain about Japan all day. real people are really doing things. It's not shoganai anymore.

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Posted in: Yomiuri Giants file Y100 mil libel suit against former executive See in context

Who did Kiyotake want to be coach? I want Ochiai.

Coach, not manager. I don't think Ochiai is taking any coaching position that's not kantoku.

As much as I hate to defend Yomiuri, both men are totally in the wrong here. Watanabe for his litany of sins as an old tyrant, Kiyotake for being a petulant little boy and airing his grievances in the media rather than handling them internally. They should both be gone for acting like "me! me!" children. Of course Watanabe should have been gone years and years and years ago.

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Posted in: If consumers are misled by harmful rumors, none of us will be able to make a living. See in context

But... but... I thought some have been saying all Japanese will ignore health risks and eat contaminated food because they think they should support Fukushima? You mean JT posters are wrong about something?

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Posted in: TEPCO reveals new contaminated water leak at Fukushima plant See in context

WE aren't making any noise, WE aren't rocking the boat. WE are still here posting when WE should be knocking on TEPCO's door with the rest of the nation and the world behind us to serve justice to those who destroyed the world we live in.

NetNinja, I am not sure what part of Japan you live in and with whom you talk about these things but in my experience people ARE angry, and there are protests, noise is being made. Things don't move in the same pace as you are used to in the US but I see more action on this than I have seen on anything in Japan. I've seen lots of protest signs and banners and heard people saying strong words.

Justice will come.

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Posted in: TV commercial of the week: Snickers and Erika Sawajiri See in context

My point was that JT had picked this as "commercial of the week", when all it is is a copy of at least a year-old American campaign.

So your complaint is with JT and not Snickers or the Japanese ad agency? Your first post sure doesn't read like that.

Besides this commercial has been around here for months as well.

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Posted in: TEPCO reveals new contaminated water leak at Fukushima plant See in context


commented to others nearby that one would have to be slightly crazy to buy such food and was met by stares of amazement and subtle scorn. Not sure if it was because I simply spoke out or that those who heard me truly believe eating possibly contaminated salmon is A-OK. Lots of denial around here

You made a zillion assumptions there. People were actually paying attention to you, cared what you think, got offended, are in denial. You know this all because of a look someone gave you? It's called projection, mate.

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Posted in: New commercial complex Shibuya Hikarie to open next April See in context


Also, with the reports of increasing fallout spreading to Tokyo why would you continue to build there until the issue is settled and the full extent of the contamination is assessed.

Do you have to pop in every thread and say some crap about radiation? NO you don't. That has nothing to do with this and you know it. You left. We understand. It's VERY rude to constantly post like this.

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Posted in: Speeding blamed for pileup involving 8 Ferraris, 1 Lamborghini See in context


Takahiro, do you know how Japan rates "deaths" in Japan for this? It is my understanding that if the person does not die within 24 hours, they don't get included in that rate making that stat a very large lie.

One link off the bottom of his link says "Deaths are currently defined by those who die within 30 days of the date of the accident, but 1980 and before are one day accident deaths." So quite reasonable, and fatalities are in fact pretty low here.


I think the driving here is a heck of a lot better than any other place I have lived. Maybe it's because traffic is bad so you are rarely going anywhere at speed.

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Posted in: Woods back in comfort zone with World Challenge win See in context

Tiger's great for golf. I hope he wins several times next year.

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Posted in: In Iowa, Gingrich overtakes Romney See in context

For safety sake the media needs to paint all 3 remaining repubbs as extremists, without really explaining to the public what they mean by the term.

Everybody who is even slightly outside a carefully defined range is an extremist these days. Haven't you noticed? Perry is/was a dangerous hardline right-winger, Obama is a extreme, anti-American socialist, anything Islamic is "ultraconservative" or "radical". Shades of grey are no longer permitted; don't think, react.

Regardless of who wins the nomination they will be painted as either a radical ultraconservative or a RINO with ties to dangerous leftists, trying to do battle with that commie in the White House. The polarization of American politics is disgusting.

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Posted in: Yomiuri signs former Phillies pitcher Mathieson See in context

Another typical gaijin suketto pick-up by a NPB team. Mediocre minor league player, no success in the big leagues. Sounds perfect.

Yeah, and he probably won't be successful here, either.

By contrast, minor league players and major league cast-offs can come to Japan and have great success.

And many of them fail miserably - the list is way, way, way, way longer than those who have success. And players such as Colby Lewis are successful in both countries - possibly a bit more successful here, statistically, but Lewis pitches in a hitter's park in the US and a pitcher's park in Japan, so probably a bit similar when park factors are included.

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Posted in: TV commercial of the week: Snickers and Erika Sawajiri See in context

This campaign has been running for well over a year in the U.S. featuring folks like Joe Pesci. All the Japanese agency did is copy it.

Same ad agency and same client. Nobody copied anything.

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Posted in: TEPCO internal report says quake caused little damage to Fukushima nuclear plant See in context


Do you see now? Indicative of failure. As radiation was being detected

I don't think radiation being detected is in any way indicative of the type devastation that was to occur after the tsunami hit. That is, I don't think there is much argument that while there was SOME damage due to the earthquake itself the real killer was the tsunami and all its after effects. If there were no tsunami greater than the sea wall we wouldn't be talking in December about the problems at Fukushima in March.

Incidentally, I heard a speech recently by Dr Amano of JAEA where he explicitly said the root cause of the Fukushima accident was not anything his agency or TEPCO did or did not do, but it was a direct result of the US (GE) - a country with little experience with earthquakes or tsunami - bringing their poorly designed reactors to Japan. I kid you not. I almost threw my shoe at him. The arrogance of these guys is amazing.

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Posted in: Ultraconservative Islamists make gains in Egypt See in context

Told you so. It is not as if Obama, Sarkozy and the other Western leaders so eager to promote the "Arab Spring" were not warned about this.

Of course you told us so. You are the expert in all things middle east. You would rather the US support thugs like Mubarak or even Qaddafi. Anything but the word "Islam" being mentioned.

I like the vicious negative slant to this article. "Ultraconservatives" "Radicals" Nice to see balanced reporting from the international press.

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Posted in: M5.3 quake hits near Tokyo See in context

You won't need your water emergency kit when you're trapped under three thousand tons of debris because the engineered who planned your building made a little mistake in their calculations.

But I do see a value of emergency kits in that they calm down some people - a bit like those "duck & cover" public service announcements in the beginning of the cold war - as long as people think "I'm prepared", there is a good chance they will keep a little more calm in case something happens. It's a subjective improvement, I give you that.

How enlightened, Hans.

For the rest of us, an emergency kit is a good idea. My building stood up fine after 3.11, but no water or gas for a week. It wasn't really livable. An emergency kit would have been a good thing to have at the time. It's not a matter of making yourself feel better, it's a matter of having things you need when an emergency strikes suddenly and you can't get the things you need.

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Posted in: TEPCO internal report says quake caused little damage to Fukushima nuclear plant See in context

YongYang, I don't see how those reports indicate failure was in process. Of course there was damage from the quake, but to key systems? What sort of machinery and piping? Doesn't seem obvious at all that 'failure was in process before the tsunami hit'.

Of course, that being said the officials quite clearly have their heads in the sand still. Sad.

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Posted in: Free agent Kawasaki only interested in Mariners See in context

By the way, you never addressed the "Darvish is too skinny" comment. You seem to like mentioning Cliff Lee a lot. He's 6'3" and 190 pounds. Darvish is 6'5" and 220 pounds. Again, how is he too skinny for the MLB?

bicultural, you forget Darvish's big problem for sfjp330 is that he's Japanese. (He'd be great if he were Korean)

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Posted in: Free agent Kawasaki only interested in Mariners See in context

I meant to say Matsuzaka is a "fat idiot with an extremely violent motion who can't follow a conditioning regime". Of course look at in shape, did follow the best and safest conditioning regime Strasburg - messed up arm anyway. You never know.

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Posted in: Free agent Kawasaki only interested in Mariners See in context

I don't think so. That is why Matsuzaka wrecked his arm.

And YET AGAIN, Matsuzaka did not wreck his arm because of the WBC. He wrecked it because he is a fat idiot who can't follow a conditioning regime. Look at all the other pitchers who pitched in WBC with no ill effects - by you logic their careers should all be over because their delicate arms pitched a few extra innings than they normally would in basically and exhibition in March.

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Posted in: Free agent Kawasaki only interested in Mariners See in context

for example a guy like Mark Trumbo of Angels who immediately hits like 30 homers in the MLB. Who is that player in Japan? because we need to go find him and sign him ASAP


Quit making everything baseball related about how much you hate Japanese players! You're ripping on future hall-of-famer Ichiro here! Do you know how irrational that sounds? 10 time all star, 10 time GG, 2400+ hits in 11 years, MVP vote in 9 years (including one title), WAR over 5 every single year (until this year).

That WAR is higher than all but Beltran's ultra best, peak years and per year is leaps and bounds above your buddy Willingham's best WAR. Statistics show Ichiro is a great player. Fans around the world know Ichiro is a great player. He will be in the hall of fame 5 years after he retires, guarantee. So sure, Mariners, kick out the legend and Hall of Famer for some scrub named Willingham who nobody cares about and produces less.

Great idea.

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Posted in: M5.3 quake hits near Tokyo See in context

That was pretty violent at my place. Biggest in many months. First time my "yurekuru call" has gone off since at least the summer.

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Posted in: Free agent Kawasaki only interested in Mariners See in context

Ichiro and Beltran is about same price. Ichiro is older by 2-3 years. Would you rather keep Ichiro or take chance on other players?

Ichiro's not going anywhere at all. Future hall of famer who makes $$$$$$ for the team. Of course you will not rebuild for the future around a 38 year old outfielder on the decline. But he's not leaving Seattle no matter how much you may wish it so.

Beltran will be declining rapidly as well, he's at that age. I wouldn't want him at all for the money he will get - but some foolish team will overpay for him, they always do with Boras clients.

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Posted in: Free agent Kawasaki only interested in Mariners See in context

What's with the Beltran love, anyway? He's old, his teams never win anything. You think he's on the upswing? He's a Boras client as well - you think he'd be cheap?

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