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Pawel Dawid Syrek comments

Posted in: 10 kinds of posts that make Japanese want to block their friends on Facebook See in context

You are using Facebook, deal with it! If those are your friends, what's wrong with this? At least you see their true personality... People love to give away themselves... Poor bastards...

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Posted in: Despite hardworking image, are Japanese just as lazy as the rest of us? See in context

I heard from my Japanese friends that they do actually stretched their work duties, and are doing overtime by doing nothing, pretending they are working. Well still though there must be something in it, that so many Japanese people commit suicide.

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Posted in: Polls predict easy victory for Abe in Dec 14 election See in context

Something fishy here! It is becoming obvious, same as in Europe the votes are being manipulated, too keep the whole circus running as long as possible, just a week ago we heard that he had lowest support since he became a prime minister...

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Posted in: Hashimoto says allied soldiers raped women after D-Day See in context

How many times people want Japan to apologise, when they have already done it many times, how about U.S.A when they dropped atomic bombs killing hundreds of thousands of people , maybe they should keep apologising every year till the end of days. Apart from Japan that has been bombed by U.S.A they keep killing people in the far east in the name of democracy? They keep sponsoring both sides to keep wars going on, military industrial complex cannot exist without wars in it?

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Posted in: Sony to stop selling PlayStation Portable See in context

I used to love PSP, got all of them apart from PSP GO or whatever you call it... I used psp/ps vita for watching video, but since I purchased iPad, it's my little tv, watching Japanese MVs non-stop :P

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Posted in: Romanian youth gets life for killing Japanese woman See in context

It should be - eye for an eye! Both of them deserve to depart from this dimension. For killing innocent young woman. 22 years old, she could have beautiful, happy life.

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