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Perhaps China has a new southern ADIZ and forgot to tell the world?


Glad to hear the possible deaths of 239 people two of them infants is a joke to you people. You must have been the life of the party on 9/11

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Government sponsored: (Just because it isn't with bullets they still are "attacking" and future wars are going to be in cyber-space as well as in space.)

Only someone who is blind and ignorant would over look China as a potential enemy particularly with all the rhetoric spouting out of Beijing and it's numerous territorial disputes. Keep your head in the sand if you want, but there is plenty enough information out there to show what a threat China is for peace and stability in the world.

I remember in the 1980s, these exact words were said about Japan, Racist people and politicians in America compared the great economic expansion of Japan to another Pearl Harbor. Now the words are being used against China. The biggest hacker in the world is America, it was proven by Edward Snowden. BTW Japan tried to invade and conquer every country in the Pacific including Australia, New Zealand, China, Philippines and Hawaii. Imperial Japanese Army killed 10-20 million people. The Japanese used the same excuse to invade China and bomb Pearl Harbor. The Japanese rewrote history and it looks like they will repeat it.

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Don't give into what America and Europe want...a war between the greatest economies in Asia. Western nations are scared of a powerful Asia and they will incite fear and hate between China and Japan by urging Japan to antagonize China. America wants to remain the most powerful nation and wants European nations to be two, three, four and five. They also want to make money by selling weapons of mass destruction. Selling fighter planes, bombs, killing machines and warships to Japan, Taiwan and the Philippines is the goal, death and destruction are the result. Look at Syria, Libya, Iraq and Afghanistan. War will be an economic boom for America, it is in their best interest.

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Japan and the Japanese people should worry about the censorship and the revision of their role in World War 2. The most uncivilized act is killing 10-20 million people in Asia by the Japanese to gain land in China, Korea, Philippines, Guam, Hawaii and the rest of the Pacific. Japan attacked the United States and Australia. You will never find this in their history books. You will only read about Hiroshima and Nagasaki.

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To tyvtgo1US you posted:

Jul. 15, 2013 - 09:35AM JST

"Change your constitution Japan! Time to take your strong, elite,hi tech defense force to the next stage in china's game of intimidation and aggression. Philippines is with you on that and I am certain just about everyone in the region would love to sign up for a regional pact to counter China,s forces. Asia needs this really bad at this time. China knows nothing but to have others form a force against them to manage their greed for dominance that has been China's main goal for centuries, including this very day."

The Philippines was owned by Spain, the US, Japan and then the US again. The Japanese occupied The Philippines. The Japanese massacred a tens of thousands of Filipinos. They enslave the Filipinos, raped the women and performed horrible war crimes against all of Asia. You want to team up with the Japanese against China?

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Every year on August 6th and 9th, the Japanese reminds the world that they are victims of war. The Japanese want to you to believe they are the victims of wars they started all over the pacific. The Imperial Japanese Army slaughtered more than 10 million people in the pacific during WW2. The Nazis were angels compared to the Japanese during WW2. The Germans made peace with the world because they are sincere in their apologies. The Japanese thumb their noses at the world in their apologies because they don't care. They worship their dead war criminals, no need to say more.

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" DPRK acting like a spoiled child again?? SUPRISE SURPRISE!! Not!! They are only following instructions from Beijing, China, the real power behind North Korea, right??"

"Just like how SK is controlled by the US."

Just like how Japan is also controlled by the US.

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