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Posted in: Message from Australia - Come on down, be yourself and relax See in context

Hmmmmm No mention of the prohibitive expense of Sydney ($17 for the 12 minute train ride from the airport to Sydney center), the high Australian Dollar, or the departure tax (Sydney about $70) Parking at the airport ($10 for 30 minutes) or the huge fuel surcharges.

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Posted in: China mourns death of Japanese actor Takakura See in context

Takakura Ken lost my respect when he started doing cigarette commercials back in the 90s "When I was young, I didn't want to become an adult, I wanted to become a MAN....SPEAK LARK" Cashing in on his popularity to sell tobacco to youth...

You don't see anyone mentioning this... just all feelgood stuff

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Posted in: Australian rugby league great Arthur Beetson dies See in context

Big Artie, he was a fantastic player. I remember him playing for Balmain, and when he played for Parramatta for Reserves in the Grand Final. Nad when he jobbed his team-mate Mick Cronin in the first State of Origin. Great memories.

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Posted in: Philip Morris sues Australian gov't over cigarette pack law See in context

Generic packaging won't stop people from smoking if they "choose" to, so why oppose it? But it will help stop kids from starting the habit. That is the good news. The bad news that if fewer kids start, lower profits for tobacco companies. Good news is lower health costs for the country. Lower health costs for the country verses more profits for tobacco companies while smokers can still keep puffing. Seems like a good idea to me!

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Posted in: N Korea celebrates sweet revenge with 1-0 victory over Japan See in context

The raucous crowd cheered wildly every time the North Koreans pushed forward, with one entire stand of the stadium

Sounds a bit like a Volleyball game in Japan (always on home turf with 99% support of the crowd)

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Posted in: Japan makes 10 changes for All Blacks clash See in context

Japan still has it all to do, Despite gallant games in 2003 they still didn't chalk up a win But this time they can do it if they don't choke (Like one other team always does...)

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Posted in: Psychological rugby World Cup warfare under way See in context

Export Expert..... I bet you have been saying that for the last 24 years

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Posted in: Many stories make up rugby World Cup plot See in context

A lot of money for NZ taxpayers - OK if they win, but when they lose....again...

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Posted in: Psychological rugby World Cup warfare under way See in context

ExportExpert.... You're only as good as your last game

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Posted in: Psychological rugby World Cup warfare under way See in context

I have a glass of water nearby for my Kiwi friends. I'm certain they are about to choke any minute. Kiwis are scared but they won't admit it. 2 losses on the trot - And thus begins the slippery slide downhill for the ABs in another world cup

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