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peace_zzz comments

Posted in: Bamboo pickers defy bear attack warnings despite 4 deaths See in context

Seems like because of the victims are all over 60s, people just don't care. Sometimes I feel like Japanese are not as nice as what I thought. At least in my country, if they saw old people in trouble, they always help. Imagine if the old people is our grandpa or grandma, or even our parents. I feel I love them and I don't like the bear eat them.

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Posted in: JR East to introduce numbering system at all stations in Tokyo See in context

The numbering system is very useful. Because I don't have to remember every station name that I will pass before my destination. If I take from station JY5 and my destination is JY10, I know I make mistake if the next stop is JY4. Sometimes it happened.

Without nunbering system, I have to watch my google map everytime to make sure I wasn't in wrong train and wasn't pass my station just because I felt sleepy. And have to memorize each station that I will pass.

So thank you for that. And I hope the announcement also include the number

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Posted in: Indonesia threatens to bar DiCaprio over rainforest comments See in context

The smoke from burning these fields that blankets Malaysia and Singapore every year and causes severe respiratory problems drifts up from Indonesia,

Don't forget that Malaysian company also did the fire.

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Posted in: Leaving the java behind See in context

Leaving the java behind

what the title means? why 'java'?

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Posted in: 7 decades after WWII, many praise Germany, scorn Japan See in context

7 decades after WWII, many praise Germany, scorn Japan

Maybe just in JT. In my own experience, when I was walking outside Melbourne Central with a male friend, he was trying to persuade me to watch movie with him about Hitler. I don't like political movies and war movies so I rejected. So he told me about the story and I found that Hitler was very smart, so I said "wow, Hitler were good". Suddenly a woman grabbed my shirt and looked like want to punch me. I was surprised but then I realised I didn't supposed to say that. So I asked for apologise and her companion was also persuade her to release me. At least when I told my friend about Japanese Emperor from JT news, nobody did anything to me.

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Posted in: Draft of Abe's WWII statement includes 'apology,' NHK reports See in context

@Japan Violet

The Japanese people paid a terrible price.

How much terrible compare to millions of people has been massacre, rape, being sashimi and so on? at least it didn't happen to Japanese people.

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Posted in: China, Japan vie to build high-speed rail for Indonesia See in context

Chaniago said China estimates the line would cost $5.5 billion and is offering Indonesia 50-year loans that will charge annual interest of two percent.

Indonesia’s Presidential Chief of Staff Luhut Panjaitan has said that Japan International Cooperation Agency has offered loans of $4.4 billion with a 40-year repayment period and an annual interest rate of less than one percent.

I wonder why they took so long to consider. Looks like Japan win from price.

@Daniel Neagari

At the end of the day, what it always matter is the price... unfortunately sacrificing other aspects (technical, safety, after service, etc.), so we know who is going to win the bid.

Indonesian government didn't think about that. They just know how to make things harder so that they can earn money from people. And at the end, they sold it to private company and gain money for their own pocket. So who care about technical, safety and service?


Indonesia is the Asian country that's the most favorably disposed to Japan. This will be interesting.

True actually. most Indonesian forum has vote for Japan, and don't know why the government didn't make decision yet.

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Posted in: 5 interview questions employers in Japan are no longer allowed to ask See in context


As for the Google questions some in this forum seem to champion. E.g. "How would you move amount Fuji?" Please stop asking those.

I like being asked that kind of questions while interview. It makes me more comfortable to talk openly rather than asking my favourite things.

You don't get candidates who are creative, you get candidates who have learnt by hard how to answers these questions

I don't think so. Every answer would be different and interesting and I believe there's no wrong answer about that. It's just to know how a person can take under pressure.

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Posted in: 5 interview questions employers in Japan are no longer allowed to ask See in context


I think most people would be turned off, and wouldn't want to be hired by such a "wacky" company that asks "wacky" questions at the interview...

I think so... If an Interviewer asked 5 questions about my favorite things without asking 'why' or my opinions, I might shut up at the third questions and don't care if they will rule me out.

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Posted in: Male nipples become tools of 'sexual harassment' during summer, complain Japanese women See in context

@Strangerland ... try to google 'man and breast'

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Posted in: Male nipples become tools of 'sexual harassment' during summer, complain Japanese women See in context

As I start to notice about Japan where man are not understanding about women and make assumption by their point of view without trying to make observation and try to understanding the differences. Maybe u all really need to read why man from mars and women from venus.

there are a huge different for man to see women breast and for women to see the men nipples. I can said it's disgusting view to see men nipples. don't ask why because it's just nature. As I can't ask why men attract to see women breast, it's part of nature.

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Posted in: Sexual images of minors in manga and anime: Art or obscenity? See in context

Obscenity. maybe it's doesn't matter for people who active in social life, or has people who depend on them in the living. However, for those people who has everything provided by their parents and introvert, where do u think their enjoy the most? it's in their books and movies. they don't notice if it's not real world and just the author's fantasy and creativity.

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Posted in: Bowing is an important outward sign of contrition by Japanese company executives caught up in a scandal. But how sincere do you think the act of bowing is, as an apology? See in context

as long as the person fix the mistake and didn't do it again, then it's sincerely. However, I really hate to see men bowing for apologize.

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Posted in: Woman arrested after kicking karaoke parlor employee in dispute over bill See in context

Imaizumi’s friend left first, without paying. As Imaizumi followed him out, an employee asked her to pay the 9,000 yen charge.

why chased the girl if she was out behind the man? why not chased the man instead?

Police said Imaizumi has denied attacking the employee.

weird... are they know each other? I mean the employee and the girl?

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Posted in: Boston museum cancels 'Kimono Wednesdays' after racism protests See in context

@tonttu2012 The kimono in question does not seem to be an ordinary type of kimono, but one worn by a courtesan. I think this issue should be discussed from a feminist point of view rather than a racist one.

Right, I wonder why they put on Western Courtesan in the picture to put on event "Kimono Wednesday"? Why not Japanese woman in Kimono or picture of kimono that come from Japan?

@virgo98 Japanese would never call this event at the museum "racism", as we have a pride in our culture and are very grateful if people of other countries take interest in it. There might be some mistakes or preconceived ideas, but still, having an interest in something is the first step to understand it.

Even they put courtesan in kimono and said "this is Kimono" is alright? It's like insulting or just me being sensitive.

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Posted in: 93-year-old Chiba man on trial for killing wife at her request See in context

What a sad story. At least I know now have to be careful when say something to Japanese man. When your love one ask you to kill them, it's really not right to really kill them. Just calm them down.

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Posted in: 2-year-old girl dies after being hit by car in Fukuoka parking lot See in context

The woman said she felt a bump but did not know she had hit someone.

I wonder if she was stop after hear the bump. And how much speed when she pulled up. I happened saw in some other place a car pull out from parking spot and hit a child, but she was alright because the car also stop after bump her. I started to agree with the @Steven McCarthy, since quite rally accident happens in parking lot, but in japan, could kill children and older people.


When it comes to people vs. cars, people should always be the ones being more aware than the other. if you speak for parking lot, the car also should be the one more careful. because it's not just for car, it's for people walking too.

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Posted in: Okinawans still haunted by horror of war 70 years on See in context

I wonder why current J people tried to erase what they have been done. It didn't look like the image of J in other countries.

After postwar WWII, J people had courage to show remorse and could sold their market to all the countries that their has attacked before. They still own their face and pride in the countries that they have commit atrocities before. I believe it didn't easy to do that however the J people has done it great and being copy by other countries.

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Posted in: Cost-conscious males make for stingy relationships See in context

How come they always point out that a married man earns a little bit more money than the unmarred man?

maybe because of taxes for married man is lower to single man

I heard that japanese man love their bonsai than their wife, so that's why divorce become higher. At least when you buy bonsai, you didn't just put it in the garden and let itself to bloom as you like it. you have to cherish it everyday and heal it when it sick. or it would be left you too.

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Posted in: Japanese grandfather gets life in prison in Indonesia drug case See in context

(Indonesia) when in my high school, most of my rich male classmate has consumed drugs. as I am female, I didn't play with them. when I met some male friend, sometimes I asked whether they have consumed it, and they replied they aren't addict. just have tried it. so if there's no action from government, or they didn't ban it, could be like a tobacco (tobacco is legal). Do you know how many elementary school students in Indonesia are smoking? you will be surprise. Drugs are like prestise (because it's expensive), as well as tobacco are like gentleman/macho man in Indonesia (I think). but for women, drugs and tobacco just bad.

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Posted in: Traveling monks See in context

They walked with normal people so maybe their tickets were paid by those normal people. If I am not wrong, judging by their clothes, they maybe just Samanera (pre-monk). Theravadan Monks cannot carry money and gold. So whenever their travel, they have to occupy with normal people to pay their ticket or they have to walk. They also cannot sleep in luxury bed, so if they stay in hotel, they just sleep on the floor. Usually normal people paid or bought luxury things to the monk in hope that their would get more in return. Like the farmer would planted in fertile soil in order to produce a good harvest. So the monks are like fertile soil if they followed Vinaya and practice Buddha's teaching. After all, it will back to the monks themselves. And as normal people, we could choose to plant in fertile soil or bad soil.

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Posted in: Indonesia executes 8 drug convicts; Filipina spared See in context

I am glad she is saved. She is one of few convicts that I sympathize of.


Could this have been the case with others who were executed? Too late for them now. yeah, there is. The first execution of Rini. She and her sisters got planted to bring drugs. Her parents sold their house just could save her sister but not her. so she was executed.


It took 10 years for the Australian government and media to get worked up about this... Yes they broke the law and yes they should have been punished but it would have been more helpful if proper representations had been made to the Indoneasian government during the last 10 years rather than the political grandstanding and threats of the last 6 months.

As far as I know, the court started to execute them because the court was complain about lack of money to pay their expenses. Especially while the drug traffickers got sick, and the court has to pay their hospital fee.

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Posted in: Australia wants claims against Indonesian judges investigated See in context

The Bali Nine are the International drug trafficker and had been sold out by Australian police to Bali's Police. Now the Australian blames Indonesian court for the death sentence.

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Posted in: Islamic parties seek ban on alcohol consumption in Indonesia See in context

it's not oficcially approved yet. if the law is approved, polices will get more income because everything illegal in Indonesia just 'officially illegal'. everyone still can enjoy it just by paying more money. so no body take it seriously about it.

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Posted in: Fear of failure could be behind the extremely low happiness rate among Japanese men See in context

"Fear of failure" means cautious right? doesn't it good?

On the other hand, they don’t really like “herbivore men” either. Herbivore men are guys that are not very aggressive, quite passive and often lacking in confidence.

it's true especially for good girl.

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Posted in: 5 ways to bug your older Japanese coworkers at a new job See in context

They do what they’re told to do, but nothing else

At least this is better than they didn't do what they're told to do and do different way until they stuck and ask you to do their mess. I've just get new hire like that and s*ck really. good now he asked for resign and we tried to hire to new people. But still can't stand his act at office. o well, he is not japanese.

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Posted in: Buddhist monk arrested for filming up girl's skirt on escalator See in context


So you mean there are different Buddha that the japanese worship? Even so, I never recall to read any previous Buddhas before Buddha Gautama has let their students (as Monks) to have sex or have family.

The vinaya is very important to Buddhists -

"Whatever Dhamma and Vinaya I have pointed out and formulated for you, that will be your Teacher when I am gone." (Mahaaparinibbaana Sutta, [D.16]).

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Posted in: Buddhist monk arrested for filming up girl's skirt on escalator See in context

The basic rule for Monks that was made by Buddha when he's alive, 'The four parajikas (defeats) are rules entailing expulsion from the sangha for life. If a monk breaks any one of the rules he is automatically 'defeated' in the holy life and falls from monkhood immediately. He is not allowed to become a monk again in his lifetime. Intention is necessary in all these four cases to constitute an offence. The four parajikas for bhikkus are:

Sexual intercourse, that is, any voluntary sexual interaction between a bhikku and a living being, except for mouth-to-mouth intercourse which falls under the Sanghadisesa.'

So it's not about which tradition of Buddhism that allowed and not allowed to married. It's definitely not a Buddhism if Monk are allowed to married.

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Posted in: Indonesia to censor 'pornographic' Japanese cartoon See in context

The issue of influence is not solely by the program itself, it's also under parents' discretion

The problem is kid usually stay with their maid after school. And the parents never watch shincan before so they don't know about that. The most problematic thing is if the female kid also do the same what shincan do.

I used to come at one my parents friend home and discover his little daughter put down her throuser and did what the shincan did after he told her that he got a guest so would play with her later.

The father blamed on all the maid and baby sisters after that yet they said she learned it from one of cartoon and they didn't know the title. I've told him that shincan always do that, he surprised and asked me "isn't Shincan that the 5 years old kid one?"

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Posted in: 5 Japanese divers found alive; 2 still missing off Bali See in context

Hawkeye: Lucky so far. Sounds like a mistake to take on some third world boat and boat captain without checking out the equipment, fuel supplies and what to do in an emergency drill since he is their only lifeline to getting back alive.

The weather could be the major problem too. The skipper has tried to search the divers with no luck and then he contacted travel agent and they has contacted local police to search the divers. After thar they contact sector police. I have read the news at the office on Friday, so I think it has reached local media about noon. According local media in Indonesia, they have already met standard procedure. Just the weather went unpredictable.

Hawkeye: Why do we hear so often that Japanese tourists go abroad, have serious problems or accidents and die more so than non Japanese?

Because u read JT? Just a thought

Hawkeye: Hope the other divers are found alive and all go back home safely but don't repeat this type of foolhardy adventure again.

Maybe next time bring male divers. It's too dangerous to hear all females divers suddenly disappeared.

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