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Dear Japan friends, you and us are both victims of wrong politicians and suffered in history. USA gave Japan the administrative power of Liu-Qiu isles and Diao-yu (Okinawa's and senkaku) because they were snatched by force in 1892 and also Taiwan in 1894. In 1945 these were to returned to China per United nations because these are China sovereignty soils. Do we not forget our history. Do we not forget because of your aggression starting in 1931 then in 1937.7.7, you have lost more than 3m sons and China has lost 37m people. At the end, you suffered also greatly 2 A-bombs, and what did you get in the end? nothing - aside from USA privately assign you these isles under administrative use, you did not keep Korean peninsular, you return Taiwan, you withdraw from parts of China occupation. These are vital history one must read before come to any conclusion of today's issues. The politicians is not happy if you read the full history of this matter. We should voice out to our government and say enough is enough. Japan should not go through another war to repeat history once again.

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Germany mended with rest of europe after WWII with German Chancellor kneed down at least on two occasions before the Jews memorial site to repent their acts during war. Germany has since become a great nation, standing up from a dark past. However, the world has yet to see Japan repent its acts of bloody past. China likes Japan products, well designed, good quality and well priced, it shows in 20% GPD of Japan with China. Chinese people forgives the acts of Japan but could not understand why many Japan leaders continue to pay tribute worship the shrine dedicated to war criminals -- what message is Japan sending the world? …. It is utterly unthinkable … to see German Chancellor today continue to pay tribute and worship Nazi criminals and Hitler's strine in Germany -- then one must asks, why is Japan doing it still, on mass scale, not just Abe but the whole cabinet of senators attending the shrine. ITS UNTHINKABLE - what message Japan send out to the world. What the world should read Japan? Germany stands up from the past and choose to be a great nation. Japan after 68yrs chooses continue to cling to wrongful past ideas - Japan will never be great this way. The world is seeing it. Wake up Japanese people. Chinese people like you, but we do not like your country continue the past tradition, taken up our land that US assign to you in 1970's of which should have been returned since 1945 war end.

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@ hayashi: Hello World: when did the world see China taken 'violent' actions against its neighbor? China for the last 150yrs has always been the victim of brutal invasion and colonization. Japan aggression on China from 1931 ending1945 killed 37 millions Chinese people, these were human beings, like you and me - the World must not forget where this issue came from at first. In 1892 Japan invaded China sovereignty Liu-Qiu isles by force (now Okinawa) from then Qing dynasty government. Less than 2 yrs later in 1894 Japan invaded Taiwan again by force and kept 60 yrs. This all ended in 1945 after the 2 Atomic bombs. In the 1945 the two agreements(san francisco and potstam) demanded Japan return the Korean peninsular, Taiwan, and the Liu-Qiu isles which includes the Diao-yu (senkaku) isles. Of course, all above mentioned regions were returned by Japan except the US kept the Liu-qiu isles and Diao-yu and in 1970's given to Japan under administrative control. USA is the source of this territorial issues. So if the World and people has good honesty, just and soil, there should be return all these areas back to China. Thanks USA for such world leader acts, so hypocritical and mafia like.

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Japan decision to send some battle ships into middle a neighbor's sea exercise is extremely foolish and provocative. It did not serve itself good interest and potentially causing an accident. It is like a tennis fan walking into a tennis double match it is asking for trouble. This is ruthless and selfish act. Japan is arrogant and thinks it is the boss of Asia and can do what it wants. After 100+ yrs of aggression on its neighbors it really seem Japan never learned from past mistakes. The world only needs to study last 150yrs history and found the true cause of current issues.

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