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peaceforworld comments

Posted in: U.S. Marine nuclear rescue team stands ready in Japan See in context

proud of the US MARINES!

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Posted in: Heavy help See in context

GOOD LUCK TO THEM! i hope it will supply well needed help

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Posted in: Man found stranded since March 11 in empty town inside evacuation zone See in context

SAD that no-one found him until now... but wonderful that he survived and is safe now.

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Posted in: Cheer up See in context

the royals went there to serve their people by cheering them up a little. no need to ridicule them. they did it with nothing it good intentions. i support their efforts.

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Posted in: Tenor Placido Domingo signals support for Japan by going ahead with concerts See in context


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Posted in: 389,000 attend Johnny's fundraiser in Shibuya See in context

WONDERFUL!!!! SO kind of Johnny's and Associates, and the artists! I am friends with Johnny san and he is a warm and caring human being!

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Posted in: Kumi Koda to donate proceeds from song downloads to quake relief See in context

thats WONDERFUL of her and all other entertainers!

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Posted in: Unsure future for city in shadow of nuclear plant See in context

May God bless the wonderful people of Japan..

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Posted in: Japanese band Superfly releases charity song See in context

i thought "SUPERFLY " is a solo artist...not a band.. anyway...very nice of her!

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Posted in: Major record labels to produce all-star album for Japan aid See in context

wonderful!!!!! EVERYONE, lets stand together and help Japan recover from this!

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Posted in: NHK World Livestream See in context

waiting and praying...so hard.. hoping for some good news that the reactors are all under control. PRAY FOR JAPAN!

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Posted in: Jackie Chan, Hong Kong stars to stage concert for Japan See in context

ALLRIGHT, jackie and other HK people! We are all brothers and sisters! i am so happy to see the good people of the world step up! STAND BY JAPAN!

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Posted in: 2 weeks after disaster, 27,000 dead or missing; gov't faces task of clearing rubble See in context

please donate, volunteer, pray. help the wonderful people of Japan! the world is with u, japan! ganbatte! akiramenaide!

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Posted in: Porpoise left by tsunami in rice paddy returned to sea See in context

happy news...very rare these these, unfortunately. God bless those good people , and i hope the baby dolphin will recover.

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