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Posted in: Noda says no compromise with China over disputed islands See in context

i think it is better each country show the proof why the island belong to them yesterday ,one of chinese people told me ,why china hate the japan so much,he sents me many pictures ,all the pictures about the slaughter,and during the war,japan army killed about total 260000000 normall people in china,

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i think when japan blames other country,they should also think why many countries hate japanese so much japan people also should figure out why ,and as i know many countries speak on the media not speak good about japan for this issue,and also acctually they have worese impreesion about japan more than china,actually speaking i am not prefer to china or prefer to japan,when japan depend on USA too much,it would also cause big trouble for them also.

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Posted in: Treaty with Japan covers disputed islands: U.S. official See in context

i think it is best to go to the international court,and let the two countries to show all the prooves ,and to show evidence this island origianl belongs to which country . both china and japan should behavior this is better,it is good.

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Posted in: Treaty with Japan covers disputed islands: U.S. official See in context

before 1895,this island is belongs to china,but china is defeated by japan ,and it comes to japan hand, acctually who is the owner?????????????

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Posted in: China pushes Japan with sea claims, trade threats See in context

i think if china and japan start the war,they would hurt each other,but the USA would laugh, the USA like to bring the war in each place of the world,he wants other countries forever under control and could not go front, the USA only want to utilize other country but not real help

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Posted in: China tightening customs inspections for Japanese products See in context

i think both in china and japan have the good person or bad person, both of them should think from the fair,and justice way we know why chinese hate japanese so much,because the passed war injure them too much,and september memorize them all , in the invasions of the japan army,many chinese person lost their relative lives,the japan army kill the chinese people through many cruel ways,such as bury the alive people with earth ,and firing the alive people,kill the baby and rape the preganant women and kill them, but the japan goverment till now regard these persons who killed many common people in china as heros and the japan goverment never admist it is not good,and also not tell japan people these bad histories also for the Senkaku islands, which Beijing calls Diaoyu,actually is that china lost the war and japan take it , and chinese person right now think most of the japanese is bad person,and it make them hatred of the japanese, it is not good and not right, also i think the japan people should learn more about the old history not through the goverment but also through many other ways,and then they would understand why these things happened

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