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Posted in: U.S. hints large response to Iran-backed militias imminent as Houthi rebels target another ship See in context

SpeedToday  10:56 am JST

Iran sure does have their hands in lots of different pies

100% definitely top ten favorite comments I’ve ever read on this website! Laughed out loud.

thx, speed

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Posted in: Trump must pay an additional $83.3 million to E Jean Carroll in defamation case, jury says See in context

. . . A question for our MAGA friends in the room:

does this count as “fake news?”

Just curious where we draw the line in the sand . . . I’m still learning as I go.

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Posted in: Trump must pay an additional $83.3 million to E Jean Carroll in defamation case, jury says See in context

A self-absorbed billionaire held to account for the pain he caused someone else . . This human race isn’t perfect, and yet we definitely get some things right

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Posted in: Fueled by unprecedented border crossings, a record 3 million cases clog U.S. immigration courts See in context

stormcrow, Today  10:24 am JST

“3,000,000 illegals?!

That’s like an entire city on legs.”

From the article, second sentence:

“they asked a judge to give them more time to find an attorney to file for asylum and not be deported back to Honduras, where gangs threatened them.”

The article is not about illegal immigrants flooding the country, although that is what many who identify as right-wing may read. In reality, the fact is this article is about a “backlogged immigration system.”

Seeking asylum as a refugee in the USA is legal. So these would be “legal immigrants,” not “illegal immigrants.” The court cases are designated in order to determine for which people this applies. The rest are deported. This is from the article above.

There are proposed solutions by people who have years of experience dealing with this professionally while trying to make the system work better.

“In the new budget request, the Executive Office for Immigration Review is requesting funds from Congress to hire 150 new judges and support staff, said its press secretary, Kathryn Mattingly.”

Many people ask themselves at times if the juice is worth the squeeze. Sometimes if you squeeze a little bit harder, you get a lot more juice. This isn’t always true, and sometimes it is. That is why I often ask myself if the juice is worth the squeeze. I like to work hard- helps me sleep at night. Sometimes I work harder and it’s not worth it. Then I perceive, process and perform. Sometimes a change is necessary.

Sometimes a little bit more hard work and investment pays off exponentially and can help not only your personal self interests but those around you as well, even those who may benefit enormously from your slight added efforts. Some republican small business owners I know and love hire illegal immigrants because they can pay them very little and the workers are very happy to be paid anything at all compared to where they come from, many of whom had no opportunities and were threatened themselves or their families by death from gangs.

The USA is a land of opportunity for those willing to work. Many of these immigrants are trying to just that. And they’re willing to work jobs most of us will not do unless paid multiples of what immigrants are thankful for.

In this country, we were all immigrants once or our ancestors were and we come from them. Native Americans walked here from another land if you believe science. They were immigrating from another land. A human migration.

This is how it works in the USA when people pay their taxes and invest in things like infrastructure, education, self defense and immigration reform. I know because I’ve seen it happen and I’ve lived here my whole life.

Another option is to not try as hard and see what happens. Sometimes the easiest solution is best. This frequently applies while on vacation.

I believe in my country, where I’m willing to work a tiny fraction harder so that those who ALSO desire to work and earn their share may have opportunities to live and smile with their loved ones. With a little luck, maybe we’ll be better off living in a country where not every single person is named John Smith

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Posted in: Putin says he will visit disputed islands off Hokkaido See in context

RedemptionToday  09:10 am JST

Disputin Islands?

Awesome comment!

a short poem, by RedemptionToday.

i thank you, my friend

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Posted in: Biden condemns white supremacy in campaign speech at church where Black people were killed See in context

When one guy identifies with white neo-nazis and the other condemns them and has a black VP. .

Nothing else really needs to be said. The facts speak for themselves on this one, and if someone tries to argue with that . . then maybe they simply find themselves more valuable by winning irrational arguments.

As long as people like that are not piloting aircraft or working in emergency services, at least they know what makes them feel good. Hopefully they’re being considerate and respectful while they decide to argue irrationally. And hopefully they realize when they’re detracting from hard-won respect of groups which have been historically discriminated against and given less opportunities or inherited wealth or privileges.

For those of us who appreciate rational comparisons, it’s a pretty wild polarization for two modern presidential nominees

one of them definitely sounds like he condones hate.


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Posted in: Trump asks Maine judge for pause to let Supreme Court rule on ballot access See in context

I wonder what tfg’s campaign would look like if he and all his voters had access to good, free healthcare. Including mental healthcare.

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Posted in: Four dead in Ukraine as Russia evacuates hundreds from border city See in context

Well done freedom fighters. Send the hopeless violent invaders back to their giant, brain-drained petroleum-based nation

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Posted in: Talks on border security grind on as Trump invokes Nazi-era 'blood' rhetoric against immigrants See in context

Really though shame on us, his orange blob couldn’t have been more of a warning. Hurler’s ‘stache, too.

you’da think we’d see it coming a second time 100 years later but no. He’s insidious , and now we’re going to have to trim off all the diseased blight and pay love and attention while we nurture new growth so we can have excellent American apples before I’m dead and gone.

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Posted in: Talks on border security grind on as Trump invokes Nazi-era 'blood' rhetoric against immigrants See in context

At this point, anyone who supports TFG or MAGA is giving new meaning to the term “retarded:” no longer referencing any intellectual or mental disability, and yet so far backward in their DECIDED convictions and mindset that they come full circle through their conspiratorial knots to the origin again. Now political propaganda is their reality. And then they make things worse now for the rest of us while existing in their minds in a better “then” which never really was. They’ve completely bought in and wear the rose-colored goggles full time.

I sometimes like to imagine what projects we’ll take on when we all take off those goggles long enough to think for ourselves, live in the moment and decide to connect to others once again.

I don’t want to MAGA. I want to reforge it and Make America United Again in a stronger, more inclusive, more equal way. I want to live in a USA that takes care of ourselves and offers to help each other when they ask for it.

My dad occasionally accuses me of “putting the cart before the horse.”

Getting rid of TFG is one step.

healing his voter base is another.

uniting behind a common goal is another step.

TFG and MAGA have no place in my country. Life is short and I’ve spent too much of mine learning about them and how they want to demean people. Maybe it’s time one of them stopped talking and took a breath long enough to learn about how I like to empower people.

We need to start talking about this to them respectfully. To real people at the gas pump and grocery store.

the time has past for ignoring politics and religion at holidays. I have too little time left on this earth to spend any of it wondering how my people elected a second hitler who DOESNT EVEN HAVE A COOL MUSTACHE

im gonna go get a burger with my dog

Good luck out there guys. We can do this if we try

Also, to the moderator: I already journaled this so if it's too real for you to post, no hard feelings.


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Posted in: Putin plans to visit UAE and Saudi Arabia this week, according to Russian media reports See in context

Doesn’t he have enough going on at home? Might be wise to invest some beneficial time & energy in his own country

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Posted in: Japan to join multinational project to clear mines in Ukraine See in context

Well, Sven, according to your quote:

"The Russian army will defeat any potential enemy on this planet and on all neighboring planets."

I have to say if they’re enemy is free speech or living with a neighboring country they haven’t littered with landmines, maybe you’re right

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Posted in: Six teenagers to go on trial over beheading of French teacher See in context

I love living in Los Angeles

when I was a kid I didn’t get low rider culture, saw the cars as performing more poorly and I was more into performance , racing etc.

then one day I began to appreciate the culture, community and character artists and fabricators put into those cars and I really started to appreciate the diversity of my home in a deeper way

really glad I got to experience that in my life. I wish everyone could experience what it’s like to learn to get along with people who are different and actually love our neighbors and try to connect with people who even have different beliefs than we do

it’s definitely part of the culture in California. There’s too much diversity to really marinate in bigotry your whole time living there, too much beauty in other people and cultures.

i don’t know anyone here who doesn’t like both hamburgers and tacos, even vegans

luckily tacos, Scientologists and Muslims here don’t cut people’s heads off for being different far as I know

good luck France, and good luck assimilating, radial religious people everywhere. As someone who lived in a cabin in the woods for years, trust me- it’s possible to live alone. And it’s possible to learn to get along

the choice is yours

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Posted in: China will allow visa-free entry for France, Germany, Italy, the Netherlands, Spain and Malaysia See in context

Right on!

let’s go!

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Posted in: Police say some 70 bullets fired in Philadelphia shooting that left 2 dead, 5 wounded See in context

This fear culture needs to end. Spending all of our time scared about others hurting us is creating hell on earth

is there a better way to spend our short lives, something more enjoyable or productive? Something more fulfilling than collecting weapons and hording resources? Something that encourages more positive traits of human nature?

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Posted in: Israel-Hamas fight heats up in Gaza City, accelerating exodus of Palestinians to the south See in context

Imagine what we could do if we learn to see each other as fellow humans

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Posted in: Quick-thinking Japanese cab driver prevents passenger suicide at dam See in context

What a hero

we could use more people like this in this world

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