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PeaceWarrior comments

Posted in: Pre-entry tuberculosis checks planned for some long-stay foreigners See in context

Are they planning to make a distinction between latent TB and active TB? It'll make a huge difference in the number of people affected by this decision.

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Posted in: 2 more SDF planes leave Japan to prepare for Sudan evacuation See in context

If I remember correctly, the government changed parts of its constitution to make it so they could send jietai to Africa. That was several years ago, probably while Abe was serving his first term, just before he resigned.

But my memory is kind of getting worse these days so I might have totally dreamed that stuff up.

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Posted in: Connecticut woman missing since April 10 after going on hiking pilgrimage in Japan See in context

I was out camping fairly close to that area that weekend and we got some snow and rain. It was a miserable and dangerous weekend to go out on the trail. Lots of rain and rivers were overflowing.

I hope she is OK.

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Posted in: Rainy season ends in Tokyo, neighboring areas; earliest since 1951 See in context

The same thing happened in 1994. Drought and water problems everywhere and a very bad year for Japanese rice. I'm sure some of you guys remember the Thai rice vs Japanese rice debates on TV.

93 was uncommonly cool, 94 was hell.

Beer helps!

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Posted in: Elderly couple hit, killed by car; driver arrested See in context

I was there after the accident. It is a fast road, very large and quite dark at night. I wouldn't expect anyone to cross there. The car was a souped up sports car.

It was a horrible decision on the part of the couple to cross there, a really dangerous place to cross. In fact, I've never seen anyone cross that road before, and I pass through there every day.

RIP to the couple that got killed. I hope the driver gets to tell his side of the story as well.

I have to admit that I would have had trouble seeing them crossing as well.

Terrible, just terrible.

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Posted in: The number of people who made car-camping trips in 2017 rose for the fifth consecutive year to 8.4 million. About 20% of the total were beginners with camping experience of less than one year. See in context

I've been camping for more than 25 years in Japan and since I was a little kid in my hoe country and this year was the first time that I saw so many people who couldn't read the air (kuuki yomenai hito). Pitching your tent behind my car so that I can't leave is NOT the right way to go about it. Nor is pitching your tent in the middle of the only path to the watering area, playing baseball with your kids beside other people's cars and such...

Don't get me wrong, I love that people are finally getting out there more but they bring their video game lifestyles with them and have little to no regards to others (not everyone, but enough that I am thinking of staying away from the main camp grounds during national holidays).

And a big thanks to Coleman for making all this possible.

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Posted in: Trump insists U.S. runs deficit with Canada, statistics notwithstanding See in context

What an unprofessional twit that guy is! He didn't know? Unbelievable. He lied? Way too believable!

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Posted in: Air Canada to launch flights between Montreal and Tokyo See in context

Not having to go through Peason's is really the number one benefit here.

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Posted in: Silicone Sally: Japanese men find true love with sex dolls See in context

So many married men find themselves in a situation where they have to find intimacy outside of their marriage because of a Japanese wife who does not want to have sexual relations anymore that I am not surprised that this silicon affair is a thing. I still don't understand why some Japanese women think a dead bedroom is good for a relationship. Some men wait years before finally realizing that there will never be any intimate relations in their marriage. Hopefully they can find someone to love at that particular stage in their lives.

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Posted in: What do you think of the new Japan Today design? See in context

Well, that was a shock!! Why would you have everything so strangely set up for a computer user? It probably looks nice on a tablet but I ended up looking for info lost in the clutter. Sorry but I think the computer version of this site just went way down in user friendliness.

Keep it up though, I am sure you'll get there in time. Guess the last design was flawed but I really liked it a lot more than what you have put up now.

You did ask...

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Posted in: Japan to formulate 'hydrogen society' strategy by yearend See in context

Great news. The area I live in is already way ahead on this plan and we have hydrogen buses that prove very efficient and I see hydrogen cars on the road more and more everyday. I am looking forward to this being commonly available everywhere in the future.

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Posted in: United faces public-relations fiasco over dragged passenger See in context

I decided a long while ago never to give money to American airlines... never, ever again. They have made my travels so much worse that I have given up on all of them. I pay more now to never have to touch US soil again. It is totally worth the money.

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Posted in: FEATURE: Falling childbirth rate changing Japan's cram school business See in context

What I think is most deplorable is how much power cram schools have over JHS, HS and universities and colleges as to how to handle entrance examinations. LOTS of money gets distributed so that the educational institutions do not change their testing procedures too often.

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Posted in: 16-year-old boy killed, 3 other teens injured in car crash See in context

Rest in Peace, poor kids.

It was hell driving today with all the new drivers on the road going to their 'jirei' ceremonies. Mad house.

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Posted in: Which cell phone do you currently use? Are you happy with it? See in context

Galaxy S7 Edge, wonderful phone and I love the added bonus of being able to use GearVR with it. And the camera... Wow!

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Posted in: What advice would you give to a man wrongly accused of groping by a woman on a crowded train? What should he do? For example, recently, some accused gropers have jumped onto the tracks to escape. See in context

I would run to my lawyer's office. No way am I staying there talking to police officers without representation. And I would start video recording everything ASAP.

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Posted in: The Japanese way of disciplining children See in context

What I've seen done in my area (and I hate this particular way of dealing with kids) is when a kid doesn't behave at home, the parents stick the kid on the balcony of their apartment, lock the doors, and let them cry/shout/kick outside for however long the parents feel is necessary. It reeks and I have always wondered if it may be contributing to some kids jumping to their death when committing suicide...

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Posted in: 2 arrested for assault, robbery of man on Tokyo street See in context

I think people should be allowed by law to at least carry pepper spray for self-defense purposes.

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Posted in: Japan one-ups Scotch with whisky, coveted around the world See in context

No GW, no, no, no!

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Posted in: Japan one-ups Scotch with whisky, coveted around the world See in context

I'll keep drinking my Johnny Walker Blue, thank you. Japan has so many interesting drinks to try though. Just got a bottle of awamori shochu last night and I am looking forward to trying it out.

I have found cheap Japanese whisky to be very good, superb bang for the buck.

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Posted in: Which do you think is Japan's most attractive city? See in context

Kushiro and Shimoda

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Posted in: Which credit card company do you recommend? Have you had any trouble getting a credit card either in Japan or abroad? See in context

I have several cards and I like them all but the one I may recommend the most is the Rakuten Premium card that comes with a Priority Pass for free and allows you to get into airport lounges all over the world. A really good gold card with lots of benefits.

If you are having trouble getting a card, I recommend spacing your applications at least ten months apart as it seems to be the sweet spot for the last refused application to disappear and be non-relevant to your present application.

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Posted in: Toyota, Suzuki to work together in green, safety technology See in context

Suzuki does not have a hybrid, electric car or fuel cell vehicle in its lineup.

They've had hybrids in the past and have a Swift hybrid available right now that I know of.

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Posted in: Would legalizing drugs such as marijuana, cocaine and heroin drive the crime out of the business? See in context

It has everywhere else so, yes.

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Posted in: 6 dead, 8 wounded in shooting at Quebec City mosque See in context

RIP to the people who died. Senseless act that will achieve absolutely nothing more than radicalize a few more persecuted souls.

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Posted in: Trump's immigration order causes chaos at airports, outrage at protests See in context


Not sure I understand your point of view... Non sequitur do not work well without facial clues.

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Posted in: U.S. commando dies in raid in Yemen; first military op OK'd by Trump See in context

So, basically a failed raid is what you meant to say... With children dead and an Osprey shot down beside the commando's death!

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Posted in: Trump's immigration order causes chaos at airports, outrage at protests See in context

Funny how things can quickly get out of hand when you give the keys to a child and let him drive.

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Posted in: If you had the opportunity to ask U.S. President Donald Trump two questions, but nothing insulting or vulgar, what would you ask him? See in context

What did you tell your wife to make her smile falter so dramatically at your inauguration?

Why did you make fun of a physically disabled person at your rally?

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