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Posted in: Trump momentum grows ahead of Super Tuesday next week See in context

The only thing I can think of when I look at and listen to these candidates is: It's got lectrolites!". Fiction becoming reality in front of my unbelieving eyes.

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Posted in: Court rules Canadians can grow their own medical pot See in context

Thanks Strangerland, I guess my 'friend' will have to refrain from using legal substances back home.

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Posted in: Court rules Canadians can grow their own medical pot See in context

Excellent news for some of my friends! I wonder what the Americans are going to do when they realize that they simply have to cross the border to get some.

Also, if someone uses MJ overseas where it is legal, can they be fired from their jobs if they test positive for drug use when they come back to a country where it is not legal?

Just asking for a friend, hum.

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Posted in: Trudeau to be first Canadian PM to march in pride parade See in context

@Kozuki, the parade and the festival are two different things. The festival is one month long.

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Posted in: Samsung, LG improve smartphone cameras; turn to virtual reality See in context

Well, I have been waiting for something worthy to replace my Note 3, that might be it, if they bring it to Japan. I've missed the last two Notes because they were never brought to Japan,

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Posted in: 3 injured in snowmobile accident in Hokkaido See in context

We've got snowmobiling cops keeping things real in my part of the world. Beware speeding...

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Posted in: 14-year-old boy arrested for stabbing 13-year-old in Shizuoka See in context

I miss the days when two boys could fight it off, then go home and forget about it, without a stabbing or a GSW. Am I getting too old?

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Posted in: We've had reports such as people causing a nuisance by playing in parks at night, and the security cameras should help to prevent this. See in context

I exercise at the park near my place several times a week and the police come around pretty much every night. They check cars, including inside the cars and ask people to come outside and talk, from time to time. I don't get questioned much these days, having gone through the whole roster, I guess. But the popo is there, in force, making sure people don't sleep in their cars, don't have 'fun' in their car... you know. It's a very nice, large park right beside a beautiful river, so there are always people around, all day and all night, but it's also really quiet.

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Posted in: Junior high teacher burns student's hair with lighter See in context

If you see teachers doing the things Disillusioned mentioned, speak up. Try to get the information on video or take pictures. Don't immediately go to the police, but rather go to the vice-principal and let him/her know that you want to make a complaint to "Monbukagakusho". Make sure that you have written a statement explaining the situation with times, name and dates. You don't need to talk to the victim but you will have to know their name, so find out if you don't know.

Things will MOVE in the right direction after that.

Been there, done that.

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Posted in: How do Japanese schoolgirls, with their short skirts, manage to resist the cold? See in context

Might be that they distribute the cold over the life span of the person leaving them cold even in high 20's when they work in an office. This would explain so much!

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Posted in: More Toyota plants to go offline due to parts shortage See in context

No vacation I am afraid. They usually take that time to do mass training sessions and such. They will however be able to get home much earlier than usual, which means the traffic to get home is going to be absolutely insane.

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Posted in: 2 killed, 5 injured in 5-car pile-up in Fukuoka See in context

Not a rant. I literally see people driving in the middle of the road every day. Nothing impassioned or angry about my post. And smithinjapan, I am not your bud, guy!

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Posted in: Will scandals simply overwhelm Hillary Clinton? See in context

If the authorities did their job, there would be very few American politicians not incarcerated!

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Posted in: 2 killed, 5 injured in 5-car pile-up in Fukuoka See in context

I see this happen pretty much every day. Usual suspects are cell phones and TVs. RIP Iwanaga san. Hoping for a quick recovery for the other victims.

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Posted in: Eagles guitarist Glenn Frey dead at 67 See in context

Dear Glenn,

Rest in peace and thank you so much for the good times.


A really sad fan

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Posted in: Paddling along See in context

This is what my day is going to look like tomorrow. just before all the snow on Tuesday and Wednesday. Oh, and beer, beer tomorrow, for sure.

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Posted in: Netflix to block proxy access to content not available locally See in context

Shonanbb, check for a DNS leak as well.

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Posted in: How effective a fighting force do you think Japan's Self-Defense Forces (SDF) are? See in context

Well, considering that the main purpose of the SDF is to defend against an invading force, they have it set up pretty well with the way they have divided their territory. Their training is excellent and they seem to do a good job of recruiting bright individuals for their National Military College (Boeidai) and lifers at lower ranks. The problem might be with the easiest recruitment level and its two-year contract since many do not continue after receiving their bonus and are probably prone to a lack of enthusiasm during training.

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Posted in: 'Game of Thrones' author says latest installment delayed See in context

Thus making the old joke about him not writing true for one more year.

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Posted in: Columnist suggests language tests for foreign journalists See in context

My take on that Mr. Okabe is that if those foreign correspondents were to speak and understand Japanese better, their supposed "anti-Japanese" bias might be reinforced.

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Posted in: 2 killed after motorbike, truck collide in Shizuoka tunnel See in context

RIP dear victims.

To the truck driver, a good drive recorder makes a big difference in proving you're not guilty.

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Posted in: What do you think of Japanese TV programs? Seen anything you like? See in context

Last thing I liked on Japanese TV was Long Vacation (and Neruton... but I don't talk about that one too much. ;))

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Posted in: 4 bikes, 1 car torched in Saitama See in context

@Peace Out


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Posted in: iPhone 6s goes on sale See in context

My Galaxy Note 3 tells your iPhone 6+ to hurry up if it wants to catch it...

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Posted in: After sizzling growth, e-book sales cool See in context



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Posted in: After sizzling growth, e-book sales cool See in context

My ebook reader's battery easily lasts a few weeks of continuous use so no worries. I don't use a lighted reader so no back light inducing headaches. The books are great, they are much cheaper than a real book and I don't have to fight with my wife for storage space. All wins in my book...

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Posted in: What advice would you give to stressed-out parents of young children so that they don’t resort to abusing their children as a means of discipline or because they won't stop crying? See in context

I can tell you what not to do. Here is an example, a young woman has her daughter with her last Saturday night around 11:00 at night on a very busy subway line. The kid is crying and is trying to sit down on the ground. The young mom proceeded to get that kid back up by the hair, pulling her back to her feet... When the kid cried some more, telling her she hated her mother, mom simply sat down on a seat, pulled her cell phone and ignored the kid completely. The kid proceeded to run away from mom and for about two minutes, I couldn't see her at all. Kanayama station comes and the mother never even looks up to make sure that the kid is safe. I stood up to make sure the kid was OK, found her hiding behind one of the side seats and made sure she was still on board. Then I went to the mother and told her off... sorry I couldn't help it. She was on Line, totally absorbed and when she looked at me, I could see that there was nothing there, nothing at all.

That was one of the strangest encounters I have ever had with anyone. That woman was just empty.

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Posted in: Sony to distribute Cuban music to world See in context

The perfect afternoon: cold beer, a great book and some Buena Vista Social Club music playing in the background. Chan Chan has always been my favorite.

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Posted in: Toyota launches hydrogen-fueled sedan See in context

Very positive news. Thanks Toyota.

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Posted in: Technology doesn't make school pupils smarter: study See in context

Judging from the people around me, it doesn't seem to be making anyone smarter.

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