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Posted in: Do you think sporting, entertainment and cultural events scheduled for the next few weeks should be canceled out of respect for the victims of the March 11 earthquake and tsunami? See in context

Rather than cancel the games, they should send some proceeds to the re-construction efforts and helping the victims of this disaster.

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Posted in: Major record labels to produce all-star album for Japan aid See in context

I agree with Dubya and Ritalynn. A poorly considered choice of music considering the circumstances, and especially LennonsImaginewhich has more to do with war and peace. I have already donated to the Japan Red Cross and through our schools charity drives.

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Posted in: What are the best foods to keep in case of an emergency? See in context

High protein foods like canned fish (tuna & sardines), baked beans, and nuts. Crackers. Bananas if available. Dried/evaporated milk for young children. A few boxes of 2 liter bottled water for drinking. Nothing that requires heat, water or special preparations as @Dewaashita said.

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Posted in: Why do you think so much media coverage is being given to Noriko Sakai's case? See in context

I feel NHK 7PM news devotes little time to far more important news as well as world news. Instead, it goes into too much detail when needed, reports on gossipy trash, and too much time is spent on political news as well. I really feel the fees are a waste of money. Does anyone actually pay their NHK fees? What would happen if I don`t pay them? I wonder if there is a little tick box in immigration too to see you have paid your NHK fees......

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Posted in: Kindergarten president arrested for hit-and-run which killed 2-year-old girl See in context

The mother should be held partly, if not totally responsible, for not walking across the crossing holding her childs hand. How could she leave her child to walk metres behind her on such a busy crossing alone. I couldnt believe my ears when I saw it on the news. The driver should have come forward sooner and maybe the police might be more lenient on him, considering the neglectful actions of the mother which might have avoided this tragedy in the first place.

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Posted in: Do you support the planned transfer by 2014 of U.S. Marines from Okinawa to Guam? See in context

Those who want to see the place that once resembled the real Okinawa should visit the Yaeyama Islands, not Honto, the main island. Places like Ishigaki, Miyako Jima, and Iriomote. My husband and I spent 10 idyllic days on various islands away from the tourist hubs - unforgettable!

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