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Posted in: NHK tags house of man who refuses to pay fees See in context

Am I the only one who read this and thought (if the story is actually accurate)...hellloooo...scammer! Not NHK at all.

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Posted in: First gay wedding held at Tokyo Disney Resort See in context

@ DudeDeuce I used to agree until I saw some of the posts on here! lol

@ yourock Disney holds a LOT of weddings. This one is not a first. While the amusement park section is geared toward children, that does not mean it is a "No Adults Allowed" place; they are not going to start excluding adults and weddings. And yeah, when it comes to the wedding industry, just like any other major industry, it is indeed all about the money. Anyone who has glanced at the bill for even a low-budget wedding ceremony knows it is about the money! lol

Two consenting adults should be allowed to marry...in other words have their lifelong commitment to each other recognized as legally binding, which therefore grants them all the rights that all legally married couples should have. It is not a question of "where do we draw the line?" that many are implying on here. It is an issue of two, loving, consenting adults declaring their lifelong commitment and promising themselves to each other. It is not about this steering us down the road of adults being allowed to marry children, socially accepting molestation of minors, and other ridiculous scenarios some posters on here have dreamt up in an attempt to shoot down the idea of adults having a faithful, lifelong partnership based on love.

Accepting homosexuals into the institution of marriage is not about abolishing the nuclear family. It is not going to make the entire world homosexual, (thereby dooming our whole species within a generation...almost fell off my chair laughing when I read that).

What it is, is finally giving public recognition to something that has been around since the dawn of time. Acknowledging there are all kinds of consensual, adult, human relationships and that there are all kinds of families in this world. Those who are joining together in a same-sex union do not stand up and say that heterosexual unions are wrong, they make no attack on the love of any other couple. Instead, they are leading by exemplifying something a whole lot of you on here need to learn in order to be happier in society:

Live and let live.

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Posted in: First gay wedding held at Tokyo Disney Resort See in context

Oops! "Offended", not "offending". My bad

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Posted in: First gay wedding held at Tokyo Disney Resort See in context

I am a flaming heterosexual and am not the least offending with using the term "marriage" when it comes to a homosexual couple. lol! No one is trying to pollute homosexuality. And no one is saying we need to throw the tradition of heterosexual marriage in the trash...they are saying that homosexual couples who are in a lifelong, committed relationship should also have the same legal rights as couples who signed a piece of paper that gives their dedicated life partnership. No trashing of the hetero side of life here, just a quest for equal human rights for all. If you don't like the idea of homosexuality, fair enough, remain heterosexual. Simple, easy.

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Posted in: First gay wedding held at Tokyo Disney Resort See in context


Is tis humor? Many same sex couples with children? Really?

Only the wealthiest couples can adopt children or find surrogates not this Japanese couple This alone raises psychological issues Also, it raises issues later in life for the child... A link to the many please.....

Sure thing! Here are a few links (thought it would be helpful to supply you with more than just one) to different countries where same sex couples are raising children. They are not the rich and famous, just ordinary loving parents.





As for the psychological issues of which you speak, here are a couple of other links for you:



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Posted in: First gay wedding held at Tokyo Disney Resort See in context

Is this a mind control anti family post?

Not at all! If anything, it is incredibly pro-family! It is about recognizing that there are lots of kinds of families out there. It might be unnatural for you to seek out a mate of the same sex, because you are straight. Completely makes sense. It is also unnatural for someone who is gay to seek out a mate of the opposite sex, because they are gay.

Couples of the same sex may not have children.

There are many same sex couples with children...and guess what...that doesn't necessarily mean those children will grow up gay; they will grow up to be whomever nature meant them to be.

Supporting gay marriage has nothing to do with mind control or making the world gay. That will never happen just like no one can make the entire world straight; everyone is different. There are gay people, straight people, single moms, single dads, blended families, multi-cultural couples, mixed families, and on and on. It is about supporting love, acceptance and recognizing that whether you love the same sex, the opposite sex, want children, don't want children, choose to be married, choose not to be married, the important thing is working toward a good, caring society.

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Posted in: First gay wedding held at Tokyo Disney Resort See in context

MarkG...nice try at a good point, but these women were consenting adults. Minors are not. And fair enough if you do not agree with gay marriage and that you have gay friends. So, are you saying that you will no longer speak to these friends if gay marriage is legalized and they become life partners with all the same legal rights as any committed couple should have?

These people are not married on a piece of paper, but guess what...they are married emotionally, intellectually and spiritually. In my eyes, they are a married couple. Ceremonies and paper? Made by humans...nothing to do with true commitment, except for legal rights, really. Therefore, no real reason same-sex, committed, loving couples should be denied the status of "married".

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Posted in: Japan will never stop whaling: minister See in context

I do understand it is part of the culture but that doesn't make it justified. That being said, I think the Sea Shepherd society are a bunch of attention-grabbing idiots. Don't get me wrong...I agree with the goal but I strongly disagree with their methods. Mainly because they try to play victim and act shocked and indignant when the people they are attacking/harassing fight back.

But the biggest reason I cannot stand Sea Shepherd is that their approach is actually making things worse. They are increasing the desire of people like the fisheries minister to hang on even harder to this "cultural tradition". Morons. There are better ways to bring about change. Sea Shepherd seems ignorantly hellbent on making sure Japan clings to whaling.

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Posted in: First gay wedding held at Tokyo Disney Resort See in context

Seriously? Against this? What year are some of you folks living in? You would rather see these women in a "normal" marriage to men then cheat on their husbands because that is not who they are? Kudos to them for stepping up and making a commitment to each other publicly.

@ MarkG...thanks for trying to push your beliefs on us but I don't think I will boycott Disney just because gay marriage is against your beliefs. And you don't make sense. You want to boycott a place for a marriage that doesn't exist???

As for being against Mickey and Minnie being "used" for controversial moments... I see what was meant there but perhaps you don't see the flip side of the coin. It was a happy day and a very special day for this couple, why would Disney exclude them from something that is allowed to any other guest of the park? Simple...there is no reason to.

@ Poke, I know what you mean when you say "right on to everyone involved". And initially I agreed you that perhaps they should have take their progressive energies to a more progressive place.

But then I stopped and thought waaaait a minute...perhaps they did the right thing...if progressive folks take their progressive energies elsewhere, then how will Japan ever take progressive steps? While I agree Disney seems like a childish route to take (I wouldn't choose it for myself), scores of people get married at Disney elsewhere...and in this case, obviously Disney was the place willing to be progressive enough to allow them a wedding ceremony. So, I suppose, kudos to the couple and kudos to Disney!! (Incidentally, Disney has been doing this for almost a year now!)

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Posted in: It's party time for sex-hungry Olympic athletes See in context

Never fear...her blushing reply was most likely out of shyness. Whether or not she personally will partake in the "festivities" is up to her. Don't let that reply fool you; Japanese people enjoy sex just as much as anybody. They just tend to be a little more on the shy side about blabbing about it all over the international news, that is all!

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Posted in: Man kills himself during police search of apartment; 2 bodies discovered in closet See in context

No, they should have searched his closet because they were there on a search in connection with a theft. I know it sounds crazy, but sometimes, if people steal things, they hide them. Closets are often a good place for storing things you don't want people to see, like stolen goods. Or bodies. They also should not have allowed him to leave the apartment until they had completed their search. Had the police followed proper procedure, the guy would not have offed himself and the bodies would have been found right away.

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Posted in: 68-year-old Sendai woman stabbed to death; son missing See in context

While people sleeping at an internet cafe is cheaper than having a place to live, this guy clearly was not sleeping at the cafe if he was still living at home with Momma.

He most likely was still living at home just because he never left, but there is also the possibility that he had moved back home for some reason, or he lived with his mother because she couldn't live on her own (needs physical assistance for some reason)....but from what details are in this article, it sure makes it sound like he just never left home and the fact that she was stabbed and he is missing sure looks suspect...

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Posted in: Teenager found dead after apparent jump from building in Kobe See in context

Something just doesn't seem right. Most kids leave behind some message. Whatever the case, feel bad for the kid...RIP

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Posted in: For Aung See in context

If they are not concerned about the hardships of the people left behind there, why are they staging a protest? They could be doing something that would actually be typical of unconcerned people.

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Posted in: 4-year-old boy run over and killed by dump truck in Mie See in context

What I was referring to was the comment about the boy's parents being on cloud 9...how on earth could parents be on cloud 9 after their child was killed???? I am pretty sure most parents are devastated if their child dies, not incredibly happy. That statement made no sense.

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Posted in: 4-year-old boy run over and killed by dump truck in Mie See in context

Homerun...what do you mean?? Parents on cloud 9???? I highly doubt his parents are experiencing any type of happiness at all right now.

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Posted in: Why did those foreigners who decided to leave Japan in the aftermath of the March 11 disaster come in for so much derision from some people who labeled them with words like 'flyjin?' See in context

Seriously though...we don't know the reasons for each and every person who did leave. As someone pointed out far earlier, not everyone who came to Japan (often on a temporary basis) has is rooted enough to want to stick around in a foreign country, wondering if they are going to be affected by radiation or the next aftershock. I would wager a guess that most who did leave were either still relative newbies or long timers on the verge of leaving anyway. Any foreigner who did leave from the devastated areas, has pretty darn good reason to. If it were someone who, for example, left Kansai because of what happened, ok, that is a different story.

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Posted in: Why did those foreigners who decided to leave Japan in the aftermath of the March 11 disaster come in for so much derision from some people who labeled them with words like 'flyjin?' See in context

britling...congrats on your bravery and superiority, choosing to stay in the Tohoku area.

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Posted in: Why did those foreigners who decided to leave Japan in the aftermath of the March 11 disaster come in for so much derision from some people who labeled them with words like 'flyjin?' See in context

That is really unfair to call them flyjin. Everyone would have various reasons for leaving...not everyone is equipped to experience a massive disaster and still be able to cope; families at home may be begging them to come home...not easy to resist those pleas, especially if one is still quite young and fresh from leaving the nest anyway; perhaps some of those folks who left were on the verge of heading back home and took this as a sign that it is high time; some might have their homes in Japan totally destroyed and just do not have any way to find new housing or anywhere else to go but home...moving ahead and rebuilding a life is daunting enough for a native Japanese, but being from another country and without friends, family or some kind of support in Japan, starting all over with no foreseeable income might just be more than daunting. Everyone has got a story, but in Japan, many are very quick to judge without any background knowledge whatsoever...especially a lot of posters on here.

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Posted in: Morale boost See in context

Rabblerouser is probably right.

And it is definitely nice to see the Emperor and Empress out greeting people like that. It probably brightened the day for a lot of people there.

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Posted in: Two men steal quake donation money from Fukuoka 'gyudon' restaurant See in context

lovejapan21... I agree that extreme, violent punishments that others on here are ranting about are inappropriate. I also agree that kindness is a good way to deal with difficult kids, but I definitely don't agree that doling out lucrative reward for deviant behaviour is the most brilliant thing to do.

I don't think that helping others in a time of dire need is a harsh punishment. I think it is highly appropriate so they can understand the magnitude of why those people need every yen that can be gathered. And to open their eyes to the fact that their actions are not isolated; we are all connected and what they did hurts others. Really...catch them and send them to do volunteer work for a while up north so they can taste a bit of humble pie. As well as build a sense of respect for others. Just sayin...

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Posted in: Two men steal quake donation money from Fukuoka 'gyudon' restaurant See in context

lovejapan21...you are waaaayyy off the mark on how to handle those idiots. No, they do not deserve double the money they stole. They can't really be in need of much if they can get away on a motorcycle. Of course, that being said, perhaps they stole the motorcycle too, because they "needed" it for their heist. Seriously though, you are right that folks saying these kids should rot in hell, are going a little far. But saying that all they deserve is a good talking to, makes me sincerely hope that you are not a parent.

What they deserve is to be caught and as punishment and a very good life lesson, is to be sent to the affected area to do clean up work and to help out in evacuation centres.

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Posted in: Taking precautions See in context

Yes, these are hoods that give at least a little protection from falling objects in an earthquake and the material these are made from do reflect heat. They have nothing to do with radiation. The ones these kids are wearing are obviously issued by their school since they are all identical. And yes, they do come in other designs with Kitty or Anpanman or Disney characters, just not in the reflective material.

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Posted in: Pizza and Pizza Chefs in Japan See in context

kokorocloud...true, true. Good point.

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Posted in: Pizza and Pizza Chefs in Japan See in context

There are lots of good Italian style restaurants in Japan with amazing pizza...Italian style, not Japanese style pizza. While the Japanese have crafted pizza to their own tastes, they still have lots of places that are true to what an authentic Italian pizza should be like. In North America, we have changed pizza to our own tastes as well, but it is pretty hard to find any really good authentic Italian places like I have found in Jland.

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Posted in: UNIQLOOK See in context

Is the guy on the far left what we can expect all the herbivores to dress like this summer? If so, please just kill me now. A new low for J-guys.

@ herefornow... really??? Definitely not a new low for them...J-guys have been dressing like that for a looong time now.

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Posted in: Smoking, obesity are why U.S. lifespans lag a bit See in context

WilliB...I think you read the same book I did! Loved it and everyone should read it. Some things are a little bit preachy and probably not totally feasible for some lifestyles but the overall message is spot on!

And you are right, it is not that complicated. If you read ingredients and see stuff that you don't recognize as food in there, it is not food! That is why America is the world's most overfed and undernourished nation in the world with many other countries following suit; people are becoming massive, eating huge portions at meals yet still not getting enough food (a.k.a. nutrition). What kind of QOL is that??? I would much rather eat normal portions of good stuff that makes me happy, comfortable in my body and allows me to get on with having fun!

I agree that many people have conditions that cause them to become obese and they are helpless against it. But the number of enormous people I have seen since visiting home, who are using those electric carts because they are too large to be able to walk just for shopping, is staggering. There is no way all of them fall under the obese through uncontrollable circumstances category.

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Posted in: Bull's-eye See in context

This type of archery is really an art. Would love to learn it!

I only have one question though...what is with the cowboys on the bench in the background?

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Posted in: Unemployed 30-yr-old man arrested for kidnapping 5-yr-old girl in Chiba See in context

zenny...while you are correct in saying that we don't have all the details in the case, and that nothing may have happened, it is pretty natural for folks to come to the conclusion that they have come to. An adult man abducts a little girl...of course people are going to assume the worst; not only did he take her away in the car but they were found in a hotel...that looks terribly suspicious. There is no proof but that is automatically where most folks' minds are going to go, out of fear for the girl's well-being. And don't hold your breath for further details; I don't know about you but I have never seen any abduction stories on here followed up with with details about molestation, etc. That probably saves families a lot of grief rather than have the ordeal dragged out publicly.

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Posted in: SDF member flashes staff at drive-through restaurant in Saitama See in context

Disillusioned...it is even worse than you think...he is 46!

Glad this story is in the news. It should be public knowledge that this guy is a perv. Hopefully the SDF will drop him like a hot potato.

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