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Posted in: Supreme Court rules DNA test results cannot revoke paternal status of child's father See in context

Speaking from a legal standpoint, this is already the law in the vast majority of states in America, so the "only in Japan" standard isn't quite accurate. It applies not only in cases of marriage, but also in cases of unwed parents. If I guy believed he was the parent of the child and has acted as such for years, including paying child support, he cannot try to revoke paternity based on a DNA test later. For married persons, in the eyes of the law, all children born during the course of the marriage are considered children of the marriage between the husband and the wife. The child knows that man as his/her father, so the status quo must be maintained. It's done in the best interest of the child, who is the only clear innocent person in the matter. Yeah, it sucks for the guy who got suckered into it, but the law presumes you are an adult who is capable of protecting yourself, i.e. picking your spouse better, whereas a child is not. I am actually surprised that Japan has adopted this perspective.

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I agree with Wolfpack. I don't see it as "stalking" either, with only the information given in this story. Yes, it is quite annoying to receive that many letters and emails, but that in and of itself doesn't seem threatening. There really must have been something threatening in the content.

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I thought an interesting aspect was the percentages of parents doing this who were single parents as opposed to couples. In Korea and China, to be a child of divorced parents or single parents is a stigma. Most of the people who are from such families typically end up marrying foreigners (lots of European and American women married to Korean or Chinese guys). Is there something similar to this in Japan (in addition to people not wanting to get married)?

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