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Posted in: Mother charged with murder of newborn baby girl See in context

There are many Mothers out there who couldn't bear a child and some people are just killing their babies. How awful.

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Posted in: Mother arrested for abuse after nearly 100 scars found on 4-year-old daughter’s body See in context

@Disillusioned, I think that all countries have dark sides. Even in my country, child abuse with cases of sexual assault is extensive. The worst case is that some Fathers are raping their own child/children. It is really vile. I wish that all of the victims will find justice and I hope that they could find sources of strength for them to continue their lives.

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Posted in: Japanese company will ask your crush out on a date for you if you’re too shy to do it yourself See in context

This will tolerate some people to become introvert and will continue to rely or depend on a third party to express themselves. I think that this is not a healthy practice when it comes to social interaction. I am a woman and I was able to tell my crush my feelings although we ended up being friends only. I am very much happy that we had atleast shared some friendly moments and that I was able to be honest and brave.

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Posted in: Transport ministry employee arrested for filming up girl’s skirt on train See in context

So there is no Law on violence against women.

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