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Posted in: 87% of Japan firms say paternity leave averages less than 3 months See in context

This is played in a negative light as it is actually much better than most western countries outside of Scandi.

I'm a Portuguese top grad went to the UK with my wife worked at a couple of big firms. Accountant so normal work week 60 hours month/year ends 80-100 hours (no paid overtime obviously no time off in lieu - this is pretty standard). Prior to 2020 zero working from home unless an emergency. Remote working capability is just to work extra hours at home.

Had a daughter in 2018. Government policy 2 weeks of paid leave. Company gave a lot more than gvmt minimum to female but not male employees (this is also pretty common). 1 week full pay 1 week was paid at gvmt stat rate this is about 25% of nmw or 10% of my salary so as I was saving for a house could just afford a week off (women got 6 months full pay plus 6 months stat).

I had taken little holiday leave that year so 2.5 weeks of holiday plus 1 week of paternity and back at work with the expectation I would make up for lost time (so 100 hour weeks).

I loved to spend time with my wife and child. It was a joy when the weather was terrible and I had to work from home but that was once a year.

After 6 months my wife was back in Portugal with her parents as she got little support (childcare in the UK is a joke). After 1.5 years we were divorced.

Yeah I would love working for a regular Japanese company.

Even Japanese government support with integration of foreign workers and their children is miles ahead of most Western countries (that are getting more xenophobic by the day).

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