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Hi! I've been searching for a site to report animal abuse or negligence of a pet near my home. There's a very cute dog left outside on a very short leash with very little or I should say no walking space. I assume the dog is male. His side is to the wall. He doesn't move very much. I can't look at the dog but he is right there and I see him every day. I feel so bad for this dog. And lately, he's appearing worse. He has a dog house. I don't think he can get inside it fully. And he is chewing his dog house up. I can tell he is very upset. It's hard to say whether it gets the right amount of food and water. He has a lot of hair, needs brushing and washing. It's just horrible and breaks my heart. If my apartment would allow pets, I would adopt it immediately. I don't understand. If his master cannot offer him a life then why don't he or she try to find him a new home?  I'm almost sure that somebody would adopt him. He has such a cute face and was very friendly until now he's always sitting by the wall. Why does his master do this? It's not right. I know people in the neighborhood look at the dog. And I can feel they wonder the same but nobody isn't doing anything about it. I want this stop. I can barely walk in the way where the dog is sitting. What can I do?

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