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How long will the Japanese media continue this farce? Why does the media criticise the UC, which has committed neither kidnapping nor murder, calling it a cult, while defending Aum, the Soka Gakkai, the Federation of Korean Industries, North Korean schools and the Communist Party, which have repeatedly committed murder, abduction and indiscriminate terrorism?

In the past, the media and opposition parties were complicit in Aum's indiscriminate murderous terrorism. Sugio, who collaborated in the murder of lawyer Sakamoto and his family, is now a member of the Constitutional Democratic Party of Japan. Why has he not been arrested for the cult terrorism?

The media, which was involved in Abe's assassination and calls him a cult demon, but switches the top news with the topic of THE UC every time a missile from North Korea or China flies over, once failed to report Aum's terrorist attacks and tried to falsely accuse the innocent neighbours of the crime scene. Now the media is repeating the same thing. Foreigners living in Japan and the foreign reporters should be well aware of this fact.

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Abolish pachinko casinos. Immediately after the war, when many Japanese soldiers had not yet returned from the war, most Japanese families were left with only the elderly, women and children. 

When the Occupation Forces took away Japan's police powers, these families were killed one by one by Korean illegal immigrants and pachinko casinos were built on their land.

Today, pachinko is one of the biggest sources of funding for North Korea's missile development, abductions and cybercrime.

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How ridiculous that the Americans, who pollute the world the most, look down on Japan, who has the most advanced recycling technology in the world.

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Strictly speaking, South Korea is the only country protesting it. Ironically, it started in 2011 when a Korean football player took a racist pose against Japanese.

In AFC Asian Cup 2011, one stupid Korean mocked Japanese as monkey.

When his racist sign was considered he insisted that there was the Japanese rising-sun flag in the stadium. However, nobody saw the flag, and nobody has concluded it was the symbol of aggression. It's just a traditional symbol from the ancient times. Suddenly, Koreans begun to tell a lie to the world that it was a symbol of the Japanese colonialism.

Until this, it was one of the popular fashion icons in Korea.

Tadanori Yokoo Exhibition Seoul 2007

No one cares about the flag.

Ironically, the company flag of the Asahi Shimbun which is very tolerant of crazy Korean nationalism is the rising-sun flag. Korean government pours much national budget into anti-Japan propaganda and has agency and law for it.

They destroy Shinto shrine and temple and steal Buddha statues, cultural heritage and personal assets in Japan. The fingers of the Buddha statue returned from Korea were all broken.

After a big earthquake and tsunami in East Japan, Korean supporters showed a big flag "to celebrate Japanese tsunami damage" at stadium. The Asian Football Confederation remained silent about it.

Korean build a huge glass building in the shape of tsunami behind Japanese Embassy and they love it. Korean government never give permission for move or rebuilding of deteriorated Japanese Embassy.

Japanese doesn't have the idea of such a ridiculous lie and bullying. 

Koreans also loved Rising Sun Design before the stupid Korean football player’s racist sign. As you can see, most of the “history” claimed by Koreans has been created in the last 30 years. Can you understand how tedious we are each time they sue Japan with their lies?

And even if only racism against Japanese is legal for all White ignorant hypocrites around the world, we don't want to succumb to Korean lies and historical distortions. that’s all.

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