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Posted in: Can the Kitty See in context

In Taiwan, we saw adverts for Kitty-chan toilets (both cistern and the bowl)

But agreed, this is nuts

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Posted in: Two-year-old boy found dead in puddle in Ibaraki See in context

Why is no one questioning how it took 300 people 6 hours to find him 50m away from his house?

Poor kid.

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Posted in: Snowy day See in context

Pfft. There is no snow on the road. Can't be that cold. I still see plenty of people up here riding through deep snow and on icy roads.

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Posted in: New 'Final Fantasy' video game goes on sale See in context


Agreed, I'm going to give it a try, but I think it peaked at 7.

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Posted in: Windows Whopper See in context

Agreed, I wish they had A Burger King in Hokkaido.. I don't think that I could finish one though..

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Posted in: Hokkaido: The 'wild west' of Japan See in context

I'm so thankful that I live here. Every weekend there is somewhere beautiful to explore.. and then winter comes and it's snowboarding every weekend. Going to be hard to leave this place one day..

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Posted in: Domestic jeans makers panting for survival See in context

5%? I think you're a little off.

I thought Japan was 99.9% Japanese. 0.05% Chinese a little bit of Korean/SE-Asian. A bit less South American. And even less European (Caucasian)

Eitherway, apart from the length, the jeans here fit pretty well, but I'm only a moderate 32" waist.

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Posted in: H&M opens flagship store in Shibuya See in context

But, when will it come to Sapporo? It's great being able to find jeans/jackets that are long enough (and still fashionable and cheap)

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Posted in: Flower expo See in context

.. November 2010. 14 months from now.. Seems excessively early to me.

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Posted in: Fast food places like McDonald's, Wendy's, Burger King, KFC, etc, are frequently criticized. What do you think of them? See in context

My nearest McDonalds is a 90 minute drive. I like to grab a cheeseburger or two (and what ever new wacky burger they have on special) whenever I make a journey to the big smoke. It gives a feeling of home eating the processed garbage food. (Mosburger doesn't cut it)

I just wish they had a Burger King in Hokkaido..

Oh, and up until 5-6 years ago, my town had an organic/free range KFC using local chickens and the colonels spices. It's still there, but it's no longer affiliated with KFC

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Posted in: Marie gives the lowdown on being 'half' See in context

Oh, ハーフ not ニューハーフ. With a movie with a name like "Crossing Over" I thought she was half something else.. (until I read the second two paragraphs)

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Posted in: Bungee jumping: Take the plunge in Gunma See in context

Only 43m.. I was hoping for more

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Posted in: Australian Senate defeats greenhouse gas bills See in context


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Posted in: DVD dubbing for iPod See in context

Yeah, handbrake for OSX..

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Posted in: Nebuta festival See in context

We drove through on Saturday night. They were all still parked in their garages, but they were still really impressive. Next year I'll have to travel down to watch the parade.

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Posted in: Bra recycling – newest trend in eco-consciousness See in context

I could just imagine what one of these bags would be worth on the black market..

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Posted in: Cheers See in context

You have to try the Sapporo Beer Festival then. In Odori park, in the middle of Sapporo until mid-Aug

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Posted in: Skyliner train to make Tokyo-Narita run in 36 minutes See in context

What about to Haneda?

I agree, what about a Haneda<->Narita link..

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Posted in: Canon EOS 5D Mark II awarded top honors in Japan's premier photo industry awards See in context

20man is nothing. If I shot Canon, I'd have bought one. I'm just hoping this spurs something better than the D700 from Nikon. That or a significant price drop.

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Posted in: Fujitsu develops world's fastest processor See in context

But, will it run Crysis?

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Posted in: How to enjoy Kyoto for free See in context

There is an 'unoffical' JET race to hitch-hike to Kyoto every year during Golden Week. Friends from as far north as Wakkanai have made the challenge.

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Posted in: Miss Universe Japan See in context

As far as eye-candy goes, she's stunning.

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Posted in: Ways to fly cheaper and hassle-free with pets See in context

Question for the JT editorial staff, though; what makes you think this article about flying animals around in the US has any relevance for Japan?

I wondered the same thing myself..

Moderator: Some 70% of our readers reside outside of Japan and a big percentage of those live in the U.S.

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Posted in: Swimming goggles See in context

I just bought goggles, togs and a swimcap and they fit me just fine...

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Posted in: Kirin offers to buy Australian brewer Lion Nathan See in context

I wonder if we will start seeing more Australian beer for sale here if this goes through? Would be nice to get some 'Tooheys Extra Dry' or some 'Hahn Super Dry' mmmmm...

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Posted in: Nice pitch See in context


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Posted in: Jetstar offers half-price fares to Australia See in context

Giggidy! I just wish they flew to Brisbane..

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