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The Japanese feeling would be more understandable for all who believe context of this movie is all based on the fact, if they see a movie depicting the process of dropping atomic bombs and the chaos happening in two cities. Some of the Innocent citizens were melted and some others were left half dead by the two types of atomic bombs, an uranium bomb in Hiroshima and a plutonium bomb in Nagasaki. This fact is the evidence that it was a human experimentation conducted by the US. If they had really wanted to end the war, one drop would have been enough. I hope the human experimentation movie happened in Hiroshima should be produced for better mutual understanding that all humans can be inhumane in a war.

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Apology doesn't mean not merely a word or conpensation. What Japan is doing now are pushing its way to peace, having forces only for defense, contributing to other countries through ODA (despite of its second world lagest economy, China is the country which received 3 billion dollars in total from Japan ), following the Internationa Law, and etc are derived from the lesson Japan learned from the war. On the other hand, China has increased military budget year by year by two digit and is supporting North Korea which has militarism the same as past Japan. Does China want to be like Japan in the past? Before accusing Japan for the past, China has to learn the lesson from the war, that merciless aggressions to other states, like Tibet, Xinjinan-Uygur as well as others' waters might be a cause of war.

@sfjp330 You must be an honor student as for anti-Japan education. The Chinese government has focused on Yasukuni Shrine as a symbol of anti-Japan sentiment to distract people's attention from its political disgrace. China ranked 80 in 2013 and has slumped to 100 in 2014 according to International Transparency Corruption Index. It's more beneficial for Chinese people to focus on what your government is doing.

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But Pyongyang said last month there were no details to report and invited Japanese officials to visit for an update.

Does this mean they started investigations after the deadline of early Autumn?  How fishy!

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Posted in: Abe meets Chinese PM amid furor over lawmakers' Yasukuni Shrine visits See in context

About 2,466,000 people are enshrined in Yasukuni shrine. Most of them are victims of the war led by a handful of military top leaders. Japan's prime minister and political representatives should not be daunted by the China's interference of domestic issues.  They visit the shrine to express condolence to the bereaved families and the victims of the war and to make "no-war-pledge". Japan has achieved a democratic country with peace for 70 years after the war and Abe is pledging to design Japan to be a proactive contributor to peace. Why is it wrong? Please explain.

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Posted in: Abe meets Chinese PM amid furor over lawmakers' Yasukuni Shrine visits See in context

This kind of reproach by China and South Korea is used as a state strategy to divert their own people's eyes from the serious domestic problems and complaints.

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Posted in: Abe meets Chinese PM amid furor over lawmakers' Yasukuni Shrine visits See in context

Which is the country between Japan and China that has been threatening neighboring countries by drastically expanding the national military budget year by year? While condemning Japan for the past, China seems to have ambition to expand their territory.

Furthermore, China has been supporting North Korea so that it has become capable to establish nuclear weapons.

We should keep our eyes on the on-going situation more than the past which gave us precious lessons.

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