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Posted in: Express train knocks suicide jumper back onto platform, injuring 3 people See in context

Mental difficulties and issues are still considered a "Taboo" subject here. If there were the correct avenues to seek help, plus an understanding by society that everyone will go through some mental turmoil at some point in their lives, maybe people will seek out counselling before they become overwhelmed.

Unfortunately most of the mental health clinics seem to offer a regimen of addictive benzos rather than explore the root of the issue.

From infant bullying to corporate shaming, there is a need to educate society and provide more extensive mental care here.

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Posted in: Tokyo Olympic head shoots down comments about delaying Games See in context

I guess those dear folks who are awaiting kickbacks, payouts and bribes will be going home with empty pockets this year. If covid-19 continues to burn, mostly unchecked through the population it will peak around the time of the opening ceremonies.

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Posted in: In Tokyo, a growing sense of angst over virus-hit Games See in context

Cancel the Games Please now! how many more times do the faceless populous of Japan have to become victim to the red tabe leeching vampires of Japan Inc... Reported infection counts are a magnitude higher than the published statistics yet the nonchalant approach to this crisis is becoming yet another bury our heads in the sand attitude so common to the Abe years of Japan.

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Posted in: Coronavirus infection cases spread further in Japan See in context

The virus has not yet peaked in China, it will take another two months based on extrapolations.

With the infection bloom just beginning in Tokyo, Hokkaido and Wakayama, expect it to peak here around June.

The Chinese will not be the only asians who will not go to the games......

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Posted in: Ruling bloc to agree on tax reforms spurring car, home purchases See in context

Hmmm Maybe afraid of a little "Yellow Jacket " syndrome and trying to pre-empt any possible repercussions from tax inflation with albeit ludicrous measures......

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Posted in: In land of sushi, squid moves out of reach See in context

Every week I fly back from Tokyo to my home in the south of Tottori.

Because it is an evening flight, approaching over the seas of West Japan, the first visual sign as we turn in to the west coast is not the harbor lights but the brilliant luminescence of Squid lights, hung from scores of fishing vessels in order to attract the squid.

I know times are tough but the constant harvesting at the observed level results in the depopulation of a species.

I hope that there will be an awakening in the near future that for the sake of the generations that succeed us, we need to give back what we take.

In the UK there are eel farms that work with ecologists to make sure that we can return the gift that is given to us. I think there is the dawning of awareness here but it will take time. Hopefully before the extinction of the squid.

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Posted in: New hotels must be wheelchair accessible before Tokyo 2020 See in context

why does it take a Mega event like the Olympics to realize this?

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Posted in: Abe renews pledge to change constitution to include reference to SDF See in context

China and the rest of Asia has not forgotten the realities of the actual "past". They will not allow it to happen again.

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Posted in: 6-month-old baby dies after being left unattended at unlicensed daycare center See in context

A precious little life lost, such a valuable resource to Japan's future gone, not to be replaced.

Stop the racketeering and quick money making on these so called "day care" centers. Focus on the core problem that both parents need to work arduous hours in order to raise a child in Japan.

Government where are you? you wish to ensure Japan's future by trying to encourage progeneration, yet you are more than willing to take the lucrative taxes offered by a double income with little to no incentive for those who wish to enjoy the wonder of a family unit.

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Posted in: Most firms uninterested in work hour exemption for professionals See in context

I have worked here for 30 years and find that the bigger the company the more meetings there are.

These meetings are often pointless and are usually held to have a status on a particular project, making sure there are responsible people on every WBS. They are also held for the managers to make sure that they are NOT the responsible person on that Excel sheet.

Cut out the meetings and let people do the necessary work, instead of playing school to see who has done their homework or not always. Take responsibility and be productive. Like Germany most work tasks can be finished in a 9 to 6 working day.

Thankfully I am now a consultant to these companies, not an employee of them.

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Posted in: 'Save Tsukiji': Protests as Tokyo fish market nears closure See in context

The title should read Save the Blue Fin Tuna.......

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Posted in: ‘Jisa Biz’ campaign to ease overcrowding on Tokyo trains starts Monday See in context

They already have Flex Time in Japan: Start as early as you want and leave as late as you want.

God forbid you would even think about the converse though.

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Posted in: Japan sees huge growth in jobs in 'cleaning up homes of old people who die alone' field See in context

If it is a chintai contract, the building owners will try to contact family members on the contract.

If the person is an owner and no relatives are found, the building will be auctioned off and the cleaning company will get a good cut of the profits.

If the owners can't find the relatives, then the legal process is initiated to collect fees.

Indeed, it is a sad indictment for a society where ancestor worship is important,that there are those who slip away unnoticed and uncared for.

For old people, painless oblivion unfortunately becomes the reward of those struggling in their final years.

(lately, even more alarming is that it is not just old people)....

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Posted in: Japan's vaunted alert system runs up against limits See in context

I am in Tottori.

Two hours before the quake my cat was skittish and looking for a place to hide. She beats out any J-Early warning system. Was the same when we lived in Tokyo for all of those aftershocks in 2011.

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Posted in: Japan logs Y3.4 bil trade surplus with U.S. See in context

Hmmm wonder why you don't see any Hyundai or Kia models here..... They are cheaper and competitive, less prone to recalls unless using Takada airbags.

What a farce.

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Posted in: Air Canada named 2018 Eco-Airline of the Year See in context

Ther are more commonly known as "Scare Canada" in their home country... for good reason

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Posted in: Honda to recall 350,000 cars in China over engine issue See in context

Well done China.

We are rapidly moving into an age where the voice of the consumer can no longer be muted by an apologetic bow and a box of senbei. It is inevitable that Japan will follow the market models and large companies such as Takada will no longer be able to sweep their misdeeds under a carpet of bribery and payoffs.

Look at the Amazon ranking system, do you buy a one star product or look for the response in terms of ranking and the collective number of reviews. To survive in the connected world we live, a product will have to live up to its reputation and maker's claims as it should.

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Posted in: Platform doors to be installed at 882 train stations before Tokyo 2020 Olympics See in context

It is good that they are advancing the schedule. Now if they can add some more facilities for the handicapped that will take them from ground level to the platform fully by elevator, or at least clearly mark existing elevator routes, rather than have to phone ahead and be physically carried down the stairs that would be even better, both for the upcoming visitors and the increasing elderly folk with ambulatory problems here. Too bad it takes a Mega-event like the Olympics to get past the inertia (and the budget issue).

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Posted in: Abe vows to protect people from N Korean missile threat See in context

I can just imagine.... Missile launch detected, Abe: "we must have an Emergency Meeting!" 5 min later in the Emergency Meeting Room: Abe " What is the Agenda for this meeting, does it include raising taxes?", silence then 2 min later, "It is about the latest NK Missile Launch......"(from a concerned member of the meeting). Abe: can we tax the people in the missile trajectory?" "I think we do not have that framework set up yet and the missile is heading our way!" (Concerned member's voice is an octave higher). 9 mins later Abe "can we rewrite the constitution?"

BRIGHT FLASH OUTSIDE Gokkaigijido.... Abe: "Umm Errrr what was that?") Concerned Member{"It was a Nuclear strike, the shock wave will hit very soooon".....} penultimate words of Abe: "can we tax the hibakusha?"

Last words of Abe, "we need to schedule a meeting to make a strong demand to NK to case and desist and.. and why is my skin melting?"

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Posted in: Noda expresses intention to run in next LDP leadership race See in context

the expressions on the faces of of those left and right perfectly summarize the attempt, both for now and the future.

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Posted in: Assemblywomen ask Miyagi governor to take down suggestive PR video See in context

I think it should help prevent the "nosebleed" scene.....................................

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Posted in: Assemblywomen ask Miyagi governor to take down suggestive PR video See in context

They should remake it, using one of the Miyagi Assembly Women as the model.

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Posted in: Abe, cabinet ministers promote Super Cool Biz See in context

The Three Amigos, JP style......Now if they took off their pants to promote max aircon at 28 deg, would they put them on in winter when everyone cranks up the heaters to 25 Deg. hypocrisy and propaganda fail to convince me that Koike San will not be prime minister soon

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