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CNN is reporting 90% of the females killed were pregnant. I don't understand the scientific necessity of any of this, but least alone that.

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Unless you are a fan of one of these groups, most people don't follow them closely and wouldn't know of their status. It may surprise some to know that The Backstreet Boys are actually still making music and touring. They celebrated 20 years as a group last year and are talking of another new album next year. Although they don't sell out 25,000 seat arenas in the US anymore, they still fill out venues from 7,000 to 15,000 easily and have an annual cruise that sells out as well. At first they did have to sing bubble gum pop and make a lot of slow motion videos, but as they have all grown up and married and most have become fathers, they have put that experience into writing their music and they all now play an instrument, although not for every song in their concerts. Yes, I am a big fan and I am 54 years old! KTBSPA!

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Posted in: Is being in an international marriage any more or less difficult than a "regular" marriage? What are some issues that you think might torpedo an international marriage (or relationship)? See in context

I didn't see this addressed in the comments, but I thought of these potential issues. 1. When the couple has children, they will not get to know one set of their Grandparents. If the couple splits their time between the two countries, then both families will get to know the children fairly well. However, when the children only visit for a few weeks every few years, it could possibly create an issue with the couple, partly depending on how vocal the Grandparents would be. I know we now have email and Skype but its not the same. 2. Parents could also be an issue. If they decide to live in one country and the set of parents in the other country become aged and ill, do they move to that country? Will they have the funds or resources for jobs to be able to make that move? Both sets of parents will eventually age and possibly need assistance at some point, so how does the couple choose? I can see that creating some issues. Anybody have some experience with this?

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I lived in Iwakuni in 1980-81, which is less than an hour by train from Hiroshima. I bet I visted the city about two dozen times, although I did not visit within a week on either side of August 6th. As a history buff, I have researched and read about this in both American books and Japanese books translated to English. My father was in the US Navy in August of 1945 and would surely have been involved in the action planned for later that year. There is no clear winning side to take on this argument of should the bomb have been dropped, at least for me. The only thing I can say is, it happened. That can not be changed. The Human Race needs to learn from that experience and move forward.

I visited Hiroshima again last year, and the A-bomb museum has expanded quite a bit since I had last seen it, and it is even more a sobering place than before. What was so special for me this time was visiting it with my adult children and discussing their response to it. Shortly after the bomb was dropped, a rumor spread that Hiroshima would be so full of radiation, it would be uninhabitable for at least 75 years. I am glad that was not true, as its a beautiful city which still pulls on me to this day.

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In my office, we all work in tall cubicles, and our desks go all the way to the floor. One of my coworkers would "disappear" during the day for long stretches and I would think she had gone home for the day. Then she would reappear later in the day. I finally overheard her tell another coworker that she gets under her desk and takes a nap if she is tired. When the boss looks for her, he doesn't come all the way into the cubicle and it appears she is just gone somewhere. When he catches up with her, and he asks where she was, she claims she was in the bathroom.

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I love this guy, glad to see him get this chance!

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