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Posted in: Japan, Britain sign free trade deal for post-Brexit era See in context

Bring out the Branston!

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Posted in: Halloween revelry in Japan to take new forms during pandemic See in context

Let’s not let a little bug get in the way of having some fun ! Life is for living and if people are so scared of COVID they should self isolate and stop making life miserable for the rest of us

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Posted in: Tokyo reports 139 new coronavirus cases; nationwide tally 482 See in context

Flu season

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Posted in: Disney's 'Peter Pan,' 'Aristocats,' 'Dumbo' get racism advisories See in context

will they also include warnings about the hidden phallic symbolism ? Look it up it if you don’t believe me

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Posted in: Japan to survey cases of sexual violence among abused children See in context

With all the sexualization of young girls by the mainstream media and pop culture is it any wonder that pedos think they can get away with such disgusting behaviour?

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Posted in: YouTube to remove COVID vaccine misinformation See in context

The worst thing about censorship is #####

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Posted in: Trump says he has recovered from COVID-19; heads to Florida on Monday See in context

Glad to see Mr Trump is not spreading fear like the left wing media.

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Posted in: Trump makes 1st public appearance since his hospital stay See in context

looks like a winner to me

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Posted in: Microsoft sides with Apple critics in adopting new app store principles See in context

What do Spotify know about fairness?

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Posted in: Takeda-led COVID-19 plasma treatment enters clinical trial with first patient See in context

Rushed to market without proper trials, I won’t be putting it in my body thank you very much

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Posted in: Tokyo reports 177 new coronavirus cases; nationwide tally 495 See in context

So what?

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Posted in: How can you tell the difference between the flu and COVID-19? See in context

So basically COVID is the flu. I’m getting ready for the second wave of media hysterics

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Posted in: Japan to reopen borders for all foreign visitors with permits to stay in country See in context


At re-entry, Japanese nationals also have to take the same process (test and self-isolation) as non-Japanese re-entry.

Maybe you are unaware?? but unlike Japanese, all foreign residents of Japan before returning, must take a PCR test and get the results to the local Embassy all within 72hrs of flying.

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Posted in: AstraZeneca begins clinical trials of COVID-19 vaccine in Japan See in context

Rushed to market without proper trials. Think I’ll pass

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Posted in: Mask-wearing during labor to prevent infection stirs debate See in context

Ridiculous and distressing policy. What will they think of next?

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Posted in: Medical staff, elderly should get COVID vaccination first: task force See in context

Human guinea pigs. Vaccines contain Nano particles of aluminum, needs much more time for testing and trials. I see a spike in Alzheimer’s on the horizon

Very dangerous indeed.

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Posted in: Biden aims to reinvigorate ties with allies including Japan, keep pressure on China See in context

The man is clearly not well. It’s painful watching him trying to speak. He wouldn’t last five minutes in a debate with Trump

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Posted in: Anti-mask group in Tokyo slammed for 'cluster festival' See in context

the virus has a mortality rate of 0.04% so why is everyone living in fear? For sure vulnerable people and obese people must take care.

More people dying from effects of lockdown, suicide, depression, DV.

wake up people!

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Posted in: Japan's summer season transformed by coronavirus See in context

Pleased to say only a handful of people actually wearing face masks on the beach we’re I live. The rest of us are having fun with our families and friends.

Human beings require vitamin D (sunlight) in order to have healthy immune systems. The whole stay at home thing is counter productive in my opinion.

Get outdoors and enjoy your lives folks!!

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Posted in: Trump says he'll act to ban TikTok in U.S. as soon as Saturday See in context

Good call Mr Trump!

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Posted in: Pfizer, BioNTech to supply 120 mil doses of experimental coronavirus vaccine to Japan See in context

Rush to the market and zero liability indemnity has been granted to the vaccine manufacturers. For a virus with a 99.9% survival rate. I won’t be going anywhere near it thank you very much

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Posted in: Fujifilm affiliate, Novavax to make COVID-19 vaccine candidate See in context

It's a pity that the article fails to mention the pharmaceutical companies have been granted zero liability indemnity for any untoward side effects, injury or worse.

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Posted in: Trump says he looks like Lone Ranger in a mask and likes it See in context

Trump's got the media hanging on his every word. That's a sign of a winner in my book.

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Posted in: Vaccine makers face biggest medical manufacturing challenge in history See in context

People should find out for themselves what actually goes into making these vaccines before deciding whether or not to put it in their bodies

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Posted in: Shortage of patients for clinical trials hampers Japan's search for COVID-19 treatments See in context

Normally 5-7 years for testing vaccines. Let’s not panic and rush into anything here

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Posted in: Australia reports first COVID-19 death in more than a month; state seeks military support See in context

maybe they should call the A-Team ? Oh no BA Barracas wouldn’t be getting on any airplane right now so forget it :)

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Posted in: Trump visits border wall in Arizona as coronavirus cases surge in more than 10 states See in context

Great! lets build up the herd immunity during the summer months and get Trump re-elected to continue draining the swamp.

The heavily biased left wing media will probably be the last to go but without a doubt their time will pass.

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Posted in: Trump campaign seeks to reset after flubbed rally See in context

3 years and no new wars. Keep draining the swamp!

People will judge him by his actions and I’m certain he’ll win by a landslide.

it’s understandable the left wing media will use all their dirty tricks against him but it’s becoming increasingly obviously everyday that they really have no substance.

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Posted in: Balloon-like object in sky sets Twitter afire with talk of UFOs See in context

After everything that’s happened so far this year a fake alien invasion would come as no surprise

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Posted in: Black Lives Matter rally held in Tokyo See in context

I’ve got “haafu” children and dealt with discrimInation on occasion in my 20+ years in Japan.

However, a little racism never stopped me setting up my own company and building my own house.

If you have the right mindset you will accomplish most things in life.

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