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Posted in: EU agency: AstraZeneca vaccine safe, but will add clot warning See in context

Time will tell. Nobody can say these experimental rushed to market vaccines are safe

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Posted in: How worried should we be about reports of blood clots and AstraZeneca's vaccine? See in context

Bob Fosse

The jib jab, Covid passports and coming Digital ID systems are no longer in the realm of conspiracy theory. They are already in the mainstream narrative

And I speak from personally experience about the incorrect reason on the death certificate as it happened to my late aunt

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Posted in: How worried should we be about reports of blood clots and AstraZeneca's vaccine? See in context

Funny how when it’s the vaccine they say the people would have died or got sick anyway

But when it’s old age, pneumonia etc etc then it’s Covid19 on the death certificate

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Posted in: Suga says state of emergency for Tokyo area to end on Sunday See in context

Freedom over Fear.

Well played J-Gov

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Posted in: Gov't calls for caution as daytime karaoke sessions spread coronavirus See in context

The mortality rate for Japan is lower than 2019.

When the deadly pandemic hits give me a shout

in the meantime please “leave those kids alone”

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Posted in: Putin likely directed 2020 election meddling, U.S. report finds See in context

Not saying Putin is an angel but i think the problem is a lot closer to home.

The Silicon Valley Technocracy most certainly played a big part swinging the 2020 election.

And no I’m not a Trump supporter

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Posted in: Facebook to label all posts about COVID-19 vaccines See in context

COVID19 is making it really apparent what’s going on between governments, big tech and big pharma

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Posted in: Microsoft and Google openly feuding amid hacks, competition inquiries See in context

Is it just me or does anyone else feel there’s a cyber pandemic waiting in the wings?

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Posted in: Major European nations suspend use of AstraZeneca vaccine See in context

these rushed to market experimental “vaccines” are not safe

no long term studies have been not

if you get the jab you are the experiment

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Posted in: Fauci says Trump should urge his followers to get vaccinated See in context

the majority of people questioning these experimental vaccines are neither conspiracy theorists nor Trump supporters.

Denmark, Norway and Iceland just suspended the AstraZeneca vaccine over safety concerns.

mRna vaccines had been trying to get approval for the best part of 20 years without success.

Human experimentation is banned under the Nuremberg code

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Posted in: New EU COVID-19 vaccine setback as AstraZeneca announces shortfall See in context

Denmark, Norway and Iceland have suspended the AstraZeneca vaccine due to blood clot concerns.

let’s stop this human experimentation, it’s against the Nuremberg code

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Posted in: China, IOC make vaccine deal for Tokyo, Beijing athletes See in context

No to the experimental vaccines and no to the vaccine passport.

Those of you who are willing to trade away future generations freedoms with a Digital ID system should be ashamed of yourselves

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Posted in: Novavax vaccine 96% effective against original coronavirus, 86% vs British variant in UK trial See in context

Nobody can say with certainty that these experimental vaccines are safe.

The long term data simply doesn’t exist

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Posted in: Major Biden victory as Congress passes huge COVID relief plan See in context

Printing money out of thin air always helps. Now how about giving a press conference?, it’s only been 48 days

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Posted in: Piers Morgan leaves British breakfast TV show after Meghan comments See in context

Who cares? It’s all smoke and mirrors.


They’re equally toxic people just switch off the TV and the problem goes away

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Posted in: 25 health care workers in Japan suffer anaphylaxis after vaccination See in context

Just say NO to drugs!

give me high doses of vitamin C and vitamin D and my immune system will do the rest

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Posted in: Queen vows to address Harry and Meghan racism claims See in context

What the world needs is unity not more division.

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Posted in: Biden names two women generals to lead military commands See in context

Sovereign nations have never been bombed by a more diverse military command !

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Posted in: U.S. denounces Russian 'disinformation' over COVID vaccines See in context

Russia Russia Russia

Any proof?

now look who’s spreading conspiracy theories lol

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Posted in: Joker in the running for Chiba gubernatorial election See in context

pity he looks so creepy as his anti mask , non-brainwashed stance might just resonate with the youth

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Posted in: Calls grow for Cuomo to quit from top New York lawmakers See in context

its a pity that people who spoke out about this at the time were labelled as Conspiracy Theorists.

Many lives could have been saved

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Posted in: WhatsApp adds voice and video calling feature to desktop version See in context

Telegram is way better

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Posted in: JCR Pharma to build new plant to produce COVID-19 vaccine solution See in context

Wow downvoted for mentioning my families adverse reaction to the vaccine. Must be some sick people trolling around these sites

antiquesaving -

if you think the vaccine is going to bring an end to all of this you are very much mistaken.

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Posted in: JCR Pharma to build new plant to produce COVID-19 vaccine solution See in context

some of my relations back home had quite adverse reactions to the AstraZeneca vaccine

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Posted in: Google won't use other web tracking tools after phasing out cookies See in context

Trust is built on telling the truth, not telling people what you think they want to hear

personally I switched back to Safari and use duck duck go for search some time ago

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Posted in: Moderna, Takeda to seek vaccine approval in Japan See in context

if scientists cannot adequately prove the virus exists (isolate it in a lab) then how can they provide a test for it?.

There is a reward on offer of over 200,000 euro at the Isolat Truth Fund. Nobody has claimed it to date. A good chance to get rich for all the conspiracy realists isn’t it!

and by the way, the flu is officially down to zero cases according to the Daily Mail and Independent. Hmmm?

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Posted in: Meghan accuses Buckingham Palace of 'perpetuating falsehoods' See in context

the word “ignoble” comes to mind.

Harry could of done way better

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Posted in: Moderna, Takeda to seek vaccine approval in Japan See in context

Way too many conflicts of interest in the COVID diagnosis business.

actually the inventor of the PCR test Kary Mullis stated before his untimely death in August 2019 that it is not intended for diagnosing disease.

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Posted in: Moderna, Takeda to seek vaccine approval in Japan See in context

Such coercive tactics beings used to get people to take the jab in the US and UK.

Dangling carrots whilst at the same time holding healthy people ransom to get their freedom back does not bode well

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Posted in: Twitter tackles COVID-19 vaccine misinformation with labels, strike policy See in context

anyone with an ounce of common sense should be abandoning the controlled information platforms such as Twitter, Facebook and Google.

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