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Please tell me, why can't a 19-year-old female go to a concert of a group that she likes? Did you not go to concerts of groups you liked when you were 19? What makes you think she doesn't have a boyfriend because she goes to a concert of a group she likes?


There are stats out there on who buys and votes on single releases, you know? For the record, the vast majority of fans as indicated by these statistics are either teenagers or are in their low to mid 20s. AKB certainly does have its fair share of older male fans, but to think they represent the fanbase is willful ignorance on behalf of those who wish to justify their hatred of AKB48.

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I find it a bit pathetic to get on one's high horse and reject "fake Japan" while embracing "real Japan", all the while promoting a cheap caricature of Japanese culture when you clearly know nothing about Japanese culture. Many of those things you mentioned are barely 400 years old let alone 2000. I'm becoming bored of foreigners claiming they "know" Japan when they talk about the most superficial aspects of the culture and then go into "fetishization" mode when they talk about how it is an "ancient culture". My stomach churns. Do you really love Japan or do you just enjoy romanticizing the "oriental"?

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