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Posted in: 2 women arrested for alleged murder of high school girl in Hokkaido See in context

About the "high school girl" headline.

In Japan, laws apply to minors differently if they are students or not.

As education is mandatory only until JHS, the fact that she was a student and not a worker changes how the law applies in many instances.

If you commit a crime against a student vs a non-student can have different outcomes.

Disclaimer: From what I've heard throughout my life in Japan, I have no sources.

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Posted in: Does living in Japan change the way we speak English? See in context


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Posted in: What habits by your co-workers annoy you the most at your workplace? See in context

I have to eat lunch with a couple co-workers sometimes. I swear, it's painful.

Mostly (but not exclusively) the older guys are not very well-mannered. The slurping is expected, but inhaling every other food, like salad or rice.... Then there are the burps, tsk tsk, sucking teeth, trying to get food bits in between their teeth by sucking them out. Throat clearing, chomp chomp sounds, open-mouth masticating, loud breathing, and talking with their mouths full. Only to be graciously finished with a loud session of nose blowing and tea slurping... Not forgetting to clip their nails while people are still eating.

I'm very biased because in my country, my family is very conservative and I was taught to not do all these things... but taking into account that every well-educated woman in their 30s also doesn't do the previously mentioned... I hope I can enjoy my work-lunch in the near future.

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Posted in: Japan approves measures to help make life easier for foreign workers See in context


Above Japan, in living standards.....

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Posted in: Dual nationals feel cast adrift in Japan See in context


When leaving Japan you said check in with US passport... any special reason?

I thought you should do everything with J passport, and only use US passport to enter the US?

Would US immigration stamp your J passport if you requested?

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Posted in: Survey investigates how Japanese women feel about going Dutch on a date See in context

As bold as it may sound, the premise "I pay for everything" is engraved with a "I expect something in return"

In this case, if a man pays for everything in a date, at the end of it he is "entitled" to receive something in return: most of the cases, sex.

The women expecting for the men to pay for everything are basically selling their time and implying their time is more valuable than the men they're dating. That's obviously not fair.

As the ever existing earning gaps thrive in this Economy, one of the most viable options IMO would be for the female to contribute a little given her capabilities. The next step would be for the male to accept or not this gesture.

In most cases I wouldn't accept any contributions from the female counterpart, but at least it's nice to see when they try to be "not-divas".

As men are not "entitled" to sex while paying in a date. Women are not "entitled" to freebies. But it's great to have a good balance, or a good intention.

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Posted in: Japanese airlines to offer discount to people with mental disorders See in context

Aly Ruston:

I will gladly change my son's Autism for you full domestic airfare. SMH

You say you have a family, I hope none of them develop any of the mentioned problems.

To everyone wondering: you need to be diagnosed by a specialist, but not only that.... you also need documents from the doctor, the clinic, and the government to be able to apply for the "discount card" and it takes a lot of work and time.

To the people "advocating" for people with disabilities you may know, the airlines are not going to have a Huge banner with a "disabled" sign and an arrow down.... nobody is going to be yelling "here comes the discounted-ticket passenger"

To the other people worried about somebody with a disability opening the door or something like that..... don't worry, because of people like you, families like mine prefer to travel by car...

Insensitivity is very common in this site, but hopefully with the access to information, we can grow as a better society...

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