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Posted in: Tesla delivers more than 200,000 vehicles in 2nd quarter See in context

And Tesla still loses money on every car they sell.

Tesla is playing the same script Amazon played long ago.

They're investing 100% in infrastructure and when they think they're ready, flip the switch and turn on the profits.

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Posted in: Americans apologize to Tokyo court for role in Ghosn escape See in context

It will be interesting to see what they'll say the on American TV once they're released from prison and allowed to go back.

This can potentially be a PR nightmare for Japan three years from now.

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Posted in: Giant Buddhist goddess gets face mask See in context

How about making some law and start actually fining people who are going around without wearing a mask?

I am tired of arguing with idiots at the store who wear a mask on their chin and some don't bother to wear it at all.

Even if they're vaccinated they can still transmit the virus to the rest of us, a little public education on TV and law enforcement can go a long way to curb the spread of infections.

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Posted in: Japan enacts revised referendum law in constitutional amendment push See in context

So Japanese citizens are going to vote whether the government can restrict their freedom of movement (also potentially preventing them from returning to Japan in case of a pandemic) and go war?

Sounds like a hard "no" to me but I'll be interested to see how it's being sold in the media.

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Posted in: Japan enacts revised referendum law in constitutional amendment push See in context

So Japanese citizens are going to vote whether the government can restrict their freedom of movement (also potentially preventing them from returning to Japan in case of a pandemic) and go war?

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Posted in: Members of media from abroad covering Olympics to be tracked by GPS See in context

Foreign vaccinated and twice-tested journalists are tracked by GPS while Japanese mostly unvaccinated and untested journalists are free to come and go as they please.

This is the dangerous type-of-thinking that has lead Japan to a fourth wave of infections and is probaby gonna lead to a fifth wave right when the paralympic games are about to start.

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Posted in: Local governments striving to minimize waste of COVID-19 vaccines See in context

Use a standby list, just like the airlines do to fill up a seat when someone cancels at the last minute.

I know Japanese people don't like to be turned away when they're promised something but this is COVID time, everyone should be a little patient for a few more months until we can all go back to normal.

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Posted in: Japanese companies opening vaccination sites amid slow national rollout See in context


Once you get your vaccine let let’s hope that it will not affect IQ scores

There is no evidence the vaccine will affect anyone's IQ, please stop spreading false information.

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Posted in: Japan to prioritize students heading abroad for vaccinations See in context

Vaccinated Japanese students can go study abroad but vaccinated foreign students are not allowed to come to Japan?

This move is just a false sense of security, just like the daily testing for all foreign Olympic athletes but no testing at all for the 70,000 Olympic volunteers who will also have to commute to work using public transportation.

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Posted in: Tokyo's Yoyogi Park to be used as COVID vaccination site See in context

Yeah, "Yoyogi Park vaccinations" are good, "workplace vaccinations" are good and all other things, but that's not where the meat is.

What REALLY counts is the ACTUAL number of VACCINATIONS given not how many venues you plan to have and 500,000/day is way too low.

It's like going to a fancy restaurant, if there's no food it just doesn't matter how good it looks.

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Posted in: Why do you think embassies in Japan are not offering vaccinations to their citizens? See in context

I guess it's probably for liability reasons.

If someone gets sick after getting the vaccine he or she would have to go to a local hospital raising all kinds of issues. I wouldn't mind signing a waiver and getting the vaccine at my own risk.

The embassies, however could offer free or cheap rides back to their home country for vaccinations, most of them did it for the Fukushima NPP explosion and they could do it again for COVID, after all (for the U.S.) Japan is at "Level 4 Do Not Travel" and such a move could be justified.

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Posted in: Australian Olympic softball team arrives in Japan See in context

・Foreign athletes are kept in lockdown.

・Japanese athletes are free to go anywhere they want to.

They both mix together during the games at the ballpark and maybe even between games.

How's this preventing the spread of COVID?

If you lock people you have to lock everyone not just the foreigners otherwise the virus' still going to spread.

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Posted in: Doctor warns holding Games could lead to 'Olympic virus' strain See in context

CNN's Sanjay Gupta today said, vaccinations are voluntary, many athletes don't plan to vaccinate because they fear it may affect their performance and the Tokyo 2020 may end up be the biggest mass spreading event in the world.

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Posted in: Defiant Ghosn pins hopes on French probes to clear his name See in context

How's it possible that a guy who doesn't read, write and barely speaks Japanese is able to fool a small army of Japanese accountants for a number of years without any help from a Japanese person?

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Posted in: Major Japanese newspaper Asahi calls for Olympic cancelation See in context

I think we can all be sure the next Olympics' contract (whichever country happen to be) will have a "pandemic" clause for cancellation without penalties.

Tokyo 2020 is going to be a major mass spreader event only because no-one could have had foreseen a "major pandemic" and include it in the clauses for cancellation and the IOC is digging into it.

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Posted in: Japan to boost financial incentives for clinics to give COVID-19 shots See in context

It's about time (and four months too late).

China is vaccinating 14 million people a day and the aim to get to 20 million.

If Japan did that, the entire country could be vaccinated in less than two weeks.

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Posted in: Coates gets backlash after saying Olympics are on, even in state of emergency See in context

— Foreign residents coming from India and Pakistan will be denied entry into Japan.

— Foreign athletes from India and Pakistan will be allowed entry without a quarantine.

My head is spinning, what's the safety logic behind these decisions?

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Posted in: Canceling the Olympics? Huge consequences and a financial quagmire See in context

I've said it before and I'll say it again.

Japan doesn't need to "cancel" the Olympics but only to postpone them until next year (2022) when the entire world will be, fully vaccinated and ready for travel.

For what I know, people would come to Asia for two Olympics, the Winter-one in China and the Summer-one in Japan, all in the same trip.

If Japan can vaccinate 2,000,000 people/day then it's another story, but given the current state of management by the government, I don't see it happening anytime soon.

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Posted in: Tokyo doctors association calls for Olympics cancelation See in context

Japan cannot legally cancel the games, only the IOC can unilaterally "for any reason whatsoever" decide to cancel them.

It's written crystal clear in the contract the former Governor of Tokyo Naoki Inose and the former JOC president Tsunekazu Takeda have signed (page 74).

The contract doesn't seems to specify the penalties but from what I've read Japan is stuck between a rock and a hard place.

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Posted in: Japan to put 3 more prefectures under state of emergency See in context

The United States is going maskless.

China allows vaccinated people to travel.

Japan is putting 3 more prefectures under state of emergency.

It's time to cut all the red tape and start mass vaccinations for real.

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Posted in: Deaths at home in Osaka Prefecture surge amid COVID wave See in context

The problem is some serious mismanagement and in my opinion some sheer incompetence.

Japan has 14 million doses of COVID vaccine (according to Reuters) but they've only used a little more than 4 millions according to the government vaccine tracker.

Why? we have the vaccine, we have the people willing to get vaccinated, we have the data from hundreds of millions of people already vaccinated to prove it's safe but Japan can't get the two together.

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Posted in: Nothing can stop Tokyo Olympics from going ahead: IOC's Coates See in context

Suga held talks with U.S. President Joe Biden in April and stressed Japan was doing everything possible to contain COVID-19 infections and hold a "safe and secure" Olympics.

Doing everything possible except vaccinating it's own people.

Israel is not hosting the Olympics, yet they have a 62% vaccination rate.

Chile is not hosting the Olympics, yet they have a 44% vaccination rate.

Japan IS hosting the Olympics and has a vastly superior economic power than those two combined, and yet, they have a vaccination rate of 2.4%, it kinda makes you wonder why.

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Posted in: Suga says Japan aiming for 1 mil COVID-19 vaccine shots daily See in context

Maybe we should all enroll in the Olympics.

That's the best chance to get vaccinated in Japan right away.

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Posted in: Anti-Olympic petition tops 200,000 signatures in just 2 days See in context

That's weird.

If the government wants the Olympics for the advertising revenue, who's gonna buy those products if the majority of the people oppose it?

I don't know which company wants to be associated with such a controversial event, especially in a country like Japan.

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Posted in: Gov't to decide on extension of state of emergency on Friday See in context

Here's a wild idea: How about vaccinating everyone and be done with COVID?

Unless Japan have mass vaccinations there will be another state of emergency and another and another while other countries are gearing up to fully reopen their economy and travel.

The way it's going right now, it looks like next year Europe and the United States will be fully reopen while Japan will have another "Gov't to decide on..."

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Posted in: Cruise ship returns to Yokohama after one passenger tests positive for COVID-19 See in context

A cruise ship in a country with less than 2% vaccinated.

Who could have seen this coming?

Also note, the air conditioning is shared among the cabins, locking everyone in doesn't really help, especially for the rooms close to the guy infected.

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Posted in: COVID-19 vaccination for those under 65 may start in July: minister See in context

...may start in July...

...If the government...

Too many forward-looking statements and too little action.

Meanwhile the number of vaccinations in the last three days (Friday, Saturday and Sunday) has been exactly ZERO.

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Posted in: What does Japan's virus state of emergency mean this time? See in context

Nope, Japan has 15M vaccines in the storage. No supply shortage here, only incompetence.

The Pfizer vaccine has a shelf (freezer) life of six months.

If nothing changes, in September or October we're gonna hear the news they would be throwing away million of expired doses.

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Posted in: What does Japan's virus state of emergency mean this time? See in context

So, there's a "state of emergency" but they don't do vaccinations on weekends and holidays because as we all know, COVID likes to take a break on weekends.

Now, what are the odds that there will be a week long pause in vaccinations during Golden Week?

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Posted in: Confirmed cases of COVID-19 variants in Japan double in a week See in context

Meanwhile the total number of elderly people vaccinated in Osaka prefecture is... (drum roll) 347, and the total number of elderly people vaccinated in Chiba and Hyogo prefecture is... (another drum roll) ZERO.

If that's the progress being made, we're gonna be stuck with COVID long after the rest of the world has moved on.

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