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Absolutely Love Pretzels but don't know about Wetzel's Pretzels ..more of a Hannover Man ...Where the H can I buy a Wetzel's Pretzel in Tokyo ?

Please get them up in Kaldi's Coffee Barn ASAP!

Don't make them too salty!

Best wishes to all,


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After 18 years in situ in Nihon I don't obsess about Japanese culture,one way or the other.

What I do appreciate, very much, is that J culture does not permit honking horns, dogs don't bark (plus they are so small and ugly-with a preponderance of hot dog dogs- that it really doesn't matter) and no one cold calls. To me that's culture in the bark.

Other things I like include the fact that Japanese female etiquette discourages Japanese women from wearing over the top jewelry or spray oceans of perfume. Mascara is another story.

And it's great to be able to grab an onigiri or a plastic box of somen from 7-11, day or night.

When it comes to culture pain, I feel it most in the business world. To me, Japanese business people are either operating at the Canon level i.e. global best practice or the traditional level, which is a nightmare, replete with emotional blackmail and endless face-to-face meetings (which could easily be handled via Skype) in declasse coffee shops.

Most of all there's still way too much form over function built into the J business/bureaucratic cultural dna.

As you would expect, someone like me abominates "cute" culture, pachinko parlors, host/snack clubs and cell phone games. So, I leave it to the next generation to finish Mad Maxing Tokyo.

For a long time I dreamed of remaking Atami, into Japan's Monte Carlo first with fresh paint and then with gambling. Its close enough to Tokyo. You know fashion a place where the Euro gomi and the Uniqlo Js could meet but I guess class, savoir faire went out with Audrey.

And while I see Japan pretty much as a nation of koi swimming slowly until you clap your hands I do appreciate the one great gift which Japan can bestow which is .....serenity.

I'm even learning to become a bit more meticulous as the years roll by. Just yesterday I caught a misprint from the copier with just one or two letters left off.

Lovely, just lovely, and best wishes to all,


P.S. I'm sure I'll be roasted for this.... one of the many reasons J women are primus inter pares has to do with their "in born" antenna for anticipating partner needs leavened with a willingness to compromise in certain ways at certain times depending on the "centrality" of the issue at hand.

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This a bold & enlightening explanation of the law as it is.

I doubt many readers are fully aware of the strictures of strict liability nor the extent to which firm(s) outside Japan are implicated in this case.

It seems to me we need to know more about how exactly Japan incorporated the Greenman Doctrine into Japan’s Product Liability Act, Act No. 85 of 1994 and how this bears on Japanese law and the possible interpretation of The Greenman Doctrine in Japanese court hierarchy.

Assuming that the author's claims can be verified independently, the next Q would be: What should we do as foreign residents of Japan?

Would it make sense to set up a "Group/NGO" to publicize this catastrophe,fiasco,snafu (wish I could use the words I want to use here)or is the situation hopeless?

Personally, I'm most upset about the iconic American company's role in all seems to me that lawsuit(s) are in order but as I am not an attorney I am really asking Mr. Stack Jones, esquire and/or his Japanese counterparts to comment.

Hopefully, continuous, concentrated, committed citizen action can bring some relief to the victims.

Thank you for your work in bringing this to my attention, Mr. Jones

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