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Posted in: Man arrested in Kobe after stuffing fried chicken into ex-girlfriend’s mailbox See in context

Start of article states hes from Suita city, bottom says

He is maintaining that he wasn’t stalking his ex, though, and just happened to be in the neighborhood, though considering it’s about a 45-minute drive from Sakai to Kobe, that seems unlikely.

Not that it makes much difference on transport time just curious which it actually is.

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Posted in: Couple arrested over robbery of real estate agent during condo inspection See in context

Suprised they caught them so quickly

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Posted in: Man arrested after spitting on store manager who asked him to wear mask See in context

Forget covid for a moment where does it come from that you can spit on a complete stranger doing their job.

My mum would have whopped me for spitting on the floor let alone another person.

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Posted in: Osaka declares COVID medical emergency with 878 new cases See in context

Apart from a few less people out and about at night Suita is pretty similar to pre covid times. The message is,not getting through to enough people,so we are stuck on the hamster wheel going around in circles.

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Posted in: In-form Lingard inspires West Ham to 3-2 win at Wolves See in context

News not mews

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Posted in: In-form Lingard inspires West Ham to 3-2 win at Wolves See in context

West Ham have quietly gone about their business on the pitch this season, very much remind me of Moyes Everton team who were always in and around rhe top 8.

Unrelated but moderators would love to see more J league mews on this site.

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Posted in: Chiba gov't workers punished for leaving work two minutes early See in context

On bad days at work stories like this make me feel better, at least my company are not so bad.

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Posted in: Man re-arrested for making death threats against comedian Hitoshi Matsumoto See in context

Feeling ignored does all sorts of crazy things to people. Sad his desire for attention led him down such a wrong route.

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