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Posted in: Japan tells embassies risk of contaminated Fukushima water 'small' See in context

The Government can be trusted and is doing the right thing. The very small traces of tritium and other nucleids will quickly disperse in the Pacific Ocean to concentrations far below any risks. The anti-nuclear hysteria need to stop..

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Posted in: 8 years on, contaminated water remains big problem for Fukushima clean-up See in context

The rational solution is to run a second cleansing through ALPS and then disperse the remaining water with tritium traces in the ocean. This will have none or minimal impact on the environment. The problem does not lies in danger of contaminated catches, but as always peoples perception of danger. Which as also in most cases are scientifically unfounded and exaggerated by fear mongers with own agendas, or simply ignorant or with confirmation biases.

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Posted in: Farmers struggle to keep cows left behind near Fukushima plant See in context

The observations of no negative impact of higher concentration of radioactive downfall on farm animals should hopefully dampen some of the hysteria and fearmongering among the commentators of JT. But again - they have different agendas...

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Posted in: Cambodian man stabbed to death in Tochigi Pref See in context

Interested to know where you got that information from. According to world health organisation, 70% of all deaths are still from non-communicable diseases....

Example: https://ourworldindata.org/causes-of-death

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Posted in: Abe praises relations with oil-rich UAE See in context

What is your point, WA4TKG? That the Emirates are unfriendly countries, or just to remind us what a good person you are?

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Posted in: Locals to deny forced labor by Koreans at coal mine now UNESCO site See in context

dignity and pride are not the same thing!

Military has nothing to do with neither dignity nor pride. It’s brute force, the strongest bullying the weaker. That’s all.

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Posted in: Death penalty sought for 'black widow' serial killer See in context

Sad that Japan still supports capital punishment, as most civilised countries has abolished this barbarian and completely useless custom.

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Posted in: TEPCO gets 1st approval to restart reactors since 2011 disaster See in context

Finally, government and industry is taking the rational step of restarting the safe nuclear reactors in Japan. This makes sense from both a global climate and economic point of view.

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Posted in: Nuclear plant must release contaminated water See in context

These 770,000 tons of treated water are truly a drop in the ocean. Real eased gradually, they pose no treat to human or fish health. Let's advance from blame-throwing to solution-finding. Off course TEPCO needs to keep going and earn money, else all you Tokyo-dwellers would have no power to post your nagging. Go Tepco, go Kawamura. You are doing the right thing!

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Posted in: Niigata governor tells TEPCO nuclear plant to stay shut See in context

Yonegawa-San is surfing on a global populistic wave where fact-based reasoning is losing out to emotions, personal opinions and often fabricated lies. It pity that also JR readers and the commentaries here are falling for this. Nuclear power is the safest large-scale energy option right now, although renewable energy such as wind and solar will take over on a longer time scale.

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Posted in: Sea Shepherd unveils new high-speed ship against Japanese whalers See in context

Harvesting from a sustainable natural resource such as minke whale in the Antarctica is justifiable, just as Iceland and Norway is harvesting these resources in the Arctic. The population is estimated to 500,000 in the Antarctic and a bit less in the Arctic. So this is all about emotions, and how urbanised humans are detached from reality of nature. Large mammals are "cute", "cuddly", "intelligent" and thus more valuable than say cockroaches and leeches. Sea Shepard is driven by greed for fame and attention. .

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Posted in: Sea Shepherd to battle on after Japan whaling court deal in U.S. See in context

Is there no way to stop these criminals - Sea Sheperd?

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Posted in: Tainted water: Fukushima still faces contamination crisis See in context

"It was the single largest release of radioactivity to the marine environment in history,” - not true. The Nuclear bomb tests that US, France, UK conducted in the Pacific in the 1960-80's far exceeds the fallout of Fukushima. In fact, the radiation from Fukushima is dwarfed by the background radiation from that time. I am also relieved that 83% of the Japanese population is NOT concerned about eating fish from Fukushima.

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Posted in: Lotte Marines infielder Navarro arrested for carrying bullet in luggage See in context

We are talking about a single bullet, not a bomb here. Stupid mistake, off course, but not something to make a big fuzz about. The terrorist treath hysteria is getting out of hands...

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Posted in: Fukushima decommissioning has made progress: IAEA See in context

These are good news. The annoying part is all fishermen, local farmers, local government and most of the people on this comment list who stubbornly and ignorantly opposes and solutions offered by Tepco and the government.

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Posted in: Evacuation advisory lifted for part of town near Fukushima nuclear plant See in context

Finally the government are coming to their senses and doing the right thing - stand up to the ridiculous fear mongering and let the population return to their lives. So far there has been no scientifically significant proof of any health impact from the Fukushima accident, but plenty from stress due to the evacuation.

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Posted in: Half a million advised to evacuate as heavy rain lashes Japan See in context

@Schopenhauer - maybe it's just this dynamic and challenging environment that is causing the Japanese diligence, spirit of hard work and strong social responsibility in order to create such a recilient society. The forces of nature is what creates our ability to survive - we just need to learn to adapt, accept and to the degree possible control them.

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Posted in: Japan says it killed 251 minke whales in final Antarctic hunt See in context

Japan has made fools of themselves by calling environmentally sound harvesting of marine resources - in line with fishing - for research purposes. Sea Shepard's childish mediastunts probably made it harder for Japan to - for economic reasons - to pull out of this harvest. I wonder if SS will now shift their attention to real environmental issues? Industrial chicken production in Europe or US for example. Wonder if they get the same media coverage?

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Posted in: Japan to include nuclear power in mid-term energy policy See in context

The only rational decision given the cost of alternative fuel (oil, LNG).

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Posted in: Gov't approves TEPCO's revival plan to restart Niigata reactors See in context

You all seem to ignore the fact that it's Tepco that provides you with the electricity you depend you good life in Tokyo on. Without Tepco you woyld not even be able to write these comments.

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