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Posted in: Clash between liberal, authoritarian values at G20 summit See in context

Yes but it's very easy to bump off your Russian opposition. Or to put up walls to deal with immigration (still unbuilt).

Those 'spineless' Western European clowns all abide to reasonable laws against murdering their opposition and if they promise to build walls they usually get the job done.

Yes, that's what I meant. Strong leaders who take care of their own people first. It's not a difficult concept.

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Posted in: Clash between liberal, authoritarian values at G20 summit See in context

I'm not sure which leader of his country is better - President Trump or President Putin. I'd vote for either of them in a heart beat over any of those spineless Western European clowns (or the Canadian cry baby)!

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Posted in: X Japan’s Yoshiki apologizes for scarf blowing onto Queen Elizabeth II at polo See in context

"legendary rock/pop star". Need better writers. Just sayin'.

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Posted in: Coal call See in context

Well, one of the protesters nailed Justin Trudeau!

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Posted in: Kono to ask foreign media to switch order of Japanese names See in context

Interesting. More Japanese obsessive, egotistical navel-gazing. It never ends.

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Posted in: Ghosn posts ¥1 billion bail; released after 108 days in detention See in context


Exactly - just as expecred.

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Posted in: The hamburger Trump ate in Japan sells out as diners track down presidential meal See in context

The hamburger Trump ate in Japan sells out as diners track down presidential meal

how absolutely fickle and childish.

Why would you call PM Abe that? You do realize that it's normal protocol for the hosting leader to choose the venue, not the visiting dignitary? Silly comment.

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Posted in: Kobe Steel finds 4 new suspected cases of improper quality inspection See in context

Kobe Steel CEO with the compulsory fake blubbering. How touching - and so original!

Cry when you're accused of a crime, cry when your baseball team loses, cry when you hear a touching story on a silly variety TV show. Japan isn't the Land of the Rising Sun - it's the Land of the (obligatory) Falling Tears.

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Posted in: Pair of high-end persimmons fetch Y540,000 at season's 1st auction See in context

Japanese persimmons are the worst fruit I've ever eaten. I wouldn't pay even 5 yen for a whole box. Very silly.

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Posted in: Russia calls Japanese plans to deploy U.S. missile systems excessive See in context

Russia - always a voice of reason and a nation of peace and magnanimity.

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Posted in: At least 32 dead in Myanmar as Rohingya insurgents stage major attack See in context

You misspelled the county's name it's "Burma".

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Posted in: Tokyo ranked as most livable city in the world in Monocle annual survey See in context

What a joke! The authors must have confused the category with "most miserable concrete jungle".

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Posted in: China says it is closing off part of South China Sea for military exercises See in context

< The only cure to this problem is the overthrow of the CCP dictatorship, all else is a shadow boxing game, delusional. May the day come soon.>

Yes, the final nail in the coffin for the internal communist oppression and external aggression of red china. May it happen soon, for the future of all of East Asia.

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Posted in: Why do Japanese women cover their mouth while laughing? See in context

They cover their mouths with their hands the same way women in other cultures do, and used to do in the West. It's a sign of "feminine modesty". It's not just a Japanese thing.

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Posted in: Zero fighter to fly above Japan once more in demonstration this week See in context

JeffLeeJan. 25, 2016 - 10:45AM JST

"I saw a restored Wildcat at O'Hare all I could think was "you guys had real guts to go up against the Zero in this hunk."

The Wildcat had a kill ratio of around 6 to 1 against the Japanese aircraft. So your comment should have been directed at the Zero pilots.

The Zero, with no armor or sealing gas tanks, was a suicide machine. The Americans were able to down them very quickly and Japan lost its best pilots early on as a result.

The Zero was fine against the primitive Chinese, but was wholly outmatched by US and British aircraft after the latter got their act together

You're corrrect - once Wildcat pilots learned how to take advantage of their plane's strengths (esp. ruggedness, dive speed, self-sealing tanks) and newly learned tactics, the Wildcat held its own, and then some. Then came the Hellcat and Corsair, and the Zero yesterdays's news.

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Posted in: Navajo code talker recalls WWII role in tricking Japanese See in context

Though the Navajo were the most famous code talkers, there were other Native American tribes who carried out similar duties during WWII, but unfortunately they are never mentioned in the media.

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Posted in: Japan says U.N. envoy retracts remarks on schoolgirl sex See in context

Papi2013NOV. 12, 2015 - 10:38AM JST I get the impression from all these denials, Japan is incapable dealing with truths.

However let's look at the inconvenient truths that Japanese government that refuses to deal with.

For instance, the report by the US State Department regarding sexual trafficking of Japanese school aged girls:

Japanese nationals, particularly runaway teenage girls and children of foreign and Japanese citizens who have acquired nationality, are also subjected to sex trafficking. The phenomenon of enjo kosai, also known as “compensated dating” and variants of the “JK business” (JK stands for joshi-kosei or high school girl) continue to facilitate the prostitution of Japanese children. Sophisticated and organized prostitution networks target vulnerable Japanese women and girls—often in poverty or with mental and intellectual disabilities—in public areas such as subways, popular youth hangouts, schools, and online; some of these women and girls become trafficking victims. Japanese men continue to be a significant source of demand for child sex tourism in Southeast Asia and, to a lesser extent, Mongolia.

Not to mention that Japan comes in tier 2 nation (the only developed nation in that tier), since the US State Department rates the country poor for fighting sex/human trafficking (and Japan's poor nationalistic response to the UN proves this).

Posted in: Japan says U.N. envoy retracts remarks on schoolgirl sex

That sums up the actual situation well.

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Posted in: Tabloid dissects Halloween's 'unnatural popularity' See in context


Or maybe they like Halloween in Japan because its fun and retailers latched onto something they can sell.

Please don't let obvious facts get in the way of bizarre, xenophobic rants by delusional "history authors"!

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Posted in: Beaujolais Noveau arrives in Japan See in context

anotherexpat Actually, it's immature wine with very little character or complexity, and relatively low alcohol content. It's popular locally because it's "飲みやすい”, not because it's good wine. The French were astounded - and grateful - when they discovered such a sizeable market for it.

Sad but true.

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Posted in: Japan, S Korea, China leaders agree to mend strained ties See in context

Yes - and I'm sure they will be both meaningful and a great success. Yes, no doubt.

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