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Posted in: Japan Tobacco halves price of reduced-risk cigarette starter kit See in context

The government needs to ditch ALL of its stake in JT.

It is a massive conflict of interest.

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Posted in: People magazine names John Legend as 2019 Sexiest Man Alive See in context

What is People magazine's readership like these days?

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Posted in: What do you think of the meticulous way that gifts are wrapped in department stores and other high-end retail outlets in Japan? See in context

Like so much of Japanese-style customer service, it is surplus to requirements.

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Posted in: Trio arrested over arson and theft of 175 packets of ramen See in context

That's what you get for not using your noodle.

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Posted in: 88-year-old ex-bureaucrat to be referred to prosecutors over fatal car crash See in context

Dissolve all of his, no doubt, sizeable assets, and distribute them among the bereaved families and other victims.

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Posted in: 'Wearable kotatsu' lets you walk around in Japan’s favorite heating furniture See in context

Reminds me of winter 1998, when I was staying in a "gaijin house".

There was a girl from New Zealand who had a hooded sleeping bag.

One night, she wanted to go down to the convenience store to do some late night shopping, but she didn't fancy getting fully dressed just to go to Lawson for a few minutes.

So she just went in her sleeping bag, like an arm-less Gumby.

She was back 10 minutes later, shopping in hand.

Apparently, she got a surprised look from the poor fellow behind the counter.

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Posted in: Record 400 kg of cocaine seized at Kobe port See in context

I sometimes walk through Kobe Port on my lunch break. Think I'll steer clear for a week or two.

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Posted in: American ALT teacher fired from high school after exposing genitals See in context

Deport this clown.

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Posted in: 'Just too darn old:' Sanders, Biden confront age concerns See in context

Stop the gerontocracy now!

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Posted in: Japan grants ¥500 mil to Maldives for counterterrorism See in context

I wouldn't give a penny to a country that systematically kills atheists.

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Posted in: What do you think of the names that Japanese automakers give to their cars? See in context

Always laugh when I see the Toyota ISIS!

And why is that?

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Posted in: Foreign dignitaries treated to Japanese traditional arts at banquet See in context

... traditions like this connect a people to their past and lets them see that their culture, their spirit, will stretch into the future no matter how bleak the present. It gives hope to an entire people that no matter how terrible life is for them, their people will survive, their people will go forward into the future.

Do people really think like that?

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Posted in: Number of foreign students with jobs after graduation hits record high See in context

In May, the agency revised a Justice Ministry notification to allow foreigners who have graduated from universities or completed postgraduate studies in Japan to work at restaurants and retail shops under the "Designated Activities" status of residence.

Previously, graduates of Japanese universities from overseas were not allowed to work in the services sector on the grounds that jobs in the industry were irrelevant to their expertise.

And this is cause for celebration?

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Posted in: 'Slayers' to celebrate 30th anniversary with special event in Tokyo City Dome Hall See in context

Was a huge Megumi Hayashibara fan in the 90s. Still have a lot of her CDs somewhere.

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Posted in: Many typhoon victims unable to watch enthronement due to clean-up See in context

If it's any consolation, many non-victims were also unable to watch the enthronement due to apathy.

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Posted in: Environmentally friendly straws catching on in Japan, but some hesitate See in context

I question why adults are using straws on a regular basis anyway.

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Posted in: China asked NBA to fire Rockets exec over Hong Kong tweet: Silver See in context

NBA, Apple and Blizzard, cringing before their communist overlords.

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Posted in: Uruguay rugby players assault staff, damage Kumamoto restaurant See in context

Even if it happened in their private time, their behavior is regrettable. As the organizing committee of the host country, we hope to address it in good faith,

What does that even mean?

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Posted in: Japanese illustrator’s realistic Asahi Super Dry artwork looks good enough to drink See in context

I used to do stuff like this in high school.

What sells the illusion is what you erase – the highlights are crucial to the effect.

That and the incredible neatness of the text and lines is why it works so well.

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Posted in: Foreign-born players in Japan's team at World Cup put spotlight on eligibility rules See in context

Rugby is paving the way for other sports in Japan go become more international. Fantastic!

Explain why that would be desirable in the context of World Cup events.

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Posted in: 8 side jobs for foreigners to make extra money in Japan See in context

I find it interesting that the more Japanese you need to know, the lower your wage becomes.

It's an interesting paradox to be sure, but it is only true up to a point.

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Posted in: Jones ready for '15 Donald Trumps' when England face U.S. See in context

What on earth does he even mean?

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Posted in: Fish illegally caught by yakuza sold at Nagasaki sashimi eatery See in context

The price is 893 yen.

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Posted in: Too old for president? Health and fitness a better question See in context

The world should not be run by people with little stake in its future.

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Posted in: In high-tech Japan, cash is still king See in context

I'm mostly cashless these days, but I refuse to use PayPay because of the stupid name.

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Posted in: Marvel films to lose Spider-Man as Sony deal breaks down: reports See in context

No interest in more Superhero movies, but "The Boys" is the best series I've seen this year.

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Posted in: What's your stance on the political tug-of-war going on between the Okinawan government and the central government over the planned relocation of the U.S. Marine Corps air base at Futenma to Henoko? See in context

I spent the first half of this month translating various reports and surveys regarding the proposed relocation to Henoko among other things. I knew very little about the subject going in, but now I think the Okinawans have a very strong case for getting rid of all US bases from their islands.

Unfortunately for them, Tokyo doesn't care what they think.

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Posted in: Bullet train runs with door open at 280 kph See in context

A lot of you seem to have read a different article. I understand this as saying the door was closed but unlocked when the train left the station. The wind then nudged the door open resulting in the warning light and the train stopping.

This is exactly what happened.

The door had been unlocked (via the "door cock" above the door) by the cleaner. He never actually opened the door in question, so he forgot to lock again it before leaving.

Once the train got up to speed, the vibrations eventually caused the door to open, and that is when the alert appeared.

E7 series trains can detect when a "door cock" has not been closed prior to departure; however, this was an E5 series train, and it was not equipped with such a system. I guess they will be retrofitted following this incident.

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Posted in: Mother of road-rage victim calls for harsher penalties See in context

 the pos miyazaki got 15 years for punching the dude

Er, he hasn't even faced trial yet.

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Posted in: Man arrested for spraying NHK fee collector with fire extinguisher See in context

I had one pay me a visit the very day I got my first TV. He literally appeared about 5 mins after I turned it on, and it was visible from the door. He said, "Ah, I see you have a TV," to which I replied "Sorry....". I signed up because I thought I was breaking the law or something.

That was 20 years ago. I've been paying ever since......................

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