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Posted in: Where's Waldo See in context

I would have gone as Odlaw.

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Posted in: LDP lawmaker to quit party over alleged abuse of secretary See in context

They call her the "Pink Monster" for a reason.

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Posted in: Tight fit See in context

Glad Osaka is not like that.

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Posted in: Woman arrested for burying cat carcasses in park See in context

She certainly looked a bit loopy on the news.

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Posted in: Japan wakes up to global 'ransomware' cyberattack See in context

Lots of things still run on Xp in Japan.

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Posted in: Gov't eyes banning entry of gambling addicts to pachinko parlors See in context

Once casinos start getting built, pachinko will quickly cease to be a thing.

Casinos will have pachinko parlors by the "balls".

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Posted in: Outcry over Netflix films prompts Cannes to change rules See in context

The 3 year thing cannot be true. I have streamed French movies within a year of release.

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Posted in: Fujitsu releases 6 new PC and tablet models See in context

For some reason, I just don't find Japanese consumer electronics compelling any more.

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Posted in: Erin Moran, Joanie Cunningham in 'Happy Days,' dies at 56 See in context

None of her insider pals now mourning her death thought to slip her a little work so she could move out of the trailer park.

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Posted in: Cabinet approval rate rises to 58.7% See in context

The only consolation is that is a low and, most likely, unrepresentative sample.

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Posted in: Fake monks targeting foreign visitors to Japan? See in context

Why would you give a monk money anyway, regardless of his bona fides?

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Posted in: OECD urges Japan to promote labor reforms; calls wage growth 'muted' See in context

Japan needs a 40hr work week with compulsory overtime pay for anything beyond 5hrs per week. Japan needs mandated wage equality so women will equally carry the economy. Japan needs greater efficiency to let working people have a life outside of work. Tax and benefit reform and improved immigration to fill declining worker levels. And let inefficient outdated companies fail and the market replace them as it naturally would. And finally stop age and sexism in employment.

Benefits? People with less time in office will spend more money generating more jobs, tax revenue and economic activity. Equal pay will mean women have more resources to contribute to the above as well as support their families better. There will be reductions in national healthcare costs if people are not overworked and suffering from stress related illness.

Older workers would be able to retool and get jobs to remain productive instead of being marginalized.

Efficiency will make Japan more competitive. If they add regulatory changes it may help make Japan a greater hub and bring back jobs from other Asian nations.

Yes! two thumbs up.

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Posted in: Crown prince says Malaysia can be model for diversity See in context


Maybe the Emperor shouldn't abdicate – his son may not be up to the task.

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Posted in: Japan's population projected to shrink 30% by 2065 See in context

Provided the inverted demographic pyramid is re-inverted, I see no problem with this whatsoever.

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Posted in: YKK starts serving halal meals at cafeteria in Japan See in context

I prefer my meat haram... Anyway, if YKK has enough muslim employees on the payroll to justify it, why not?

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Posted in: Osaka 1st city in Japan to recognize same-sex couple as foster parents See in context

So we are not "Worst No. 1" in everything then.

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Posted in: Foreigners in Japan face significant levels of discrimination, survey shows See in context

I think I need to get out more. I don't think I've ever experienced any discrimination in 18 years here. The closest I've come is when people behind the counter at McDonald's would feel compelled to attempt to take my order in English despite my speaking Japanese to them. But even that doesn't seem to happen anymore.

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Posted in: Two halves of a whole: Japan’s habitual ‘labeling’ of bicultural kids See in context

Cleo, once again the voice of reason.

As for me, I am not big on cultural identity, and neither is my wife. So our half-Japanese son will continue to be raised as a citizen of the world, with passports from two random countries.

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Posted in: Kristen Stewart says coming out is worthwhile if she can help others See in context



We still live in a world where people can be killed, in accordance with the law, for their homosexuality.

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Posted in: 48-year-old chiropractor acquitted of nunchaku possession charges See in context

These are illegal? You can buy them in Nankin Machi.

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Posted in: Do you think cold calling is an effective sales method? What do you do when you receive one and you don't have time (or the inclination) to listen to the caller? How do you end the call without being See in context

Yeeeeaaaars ago, when I was a nihongo bandit, I would talk to them for some free wakaiwa(tm) and see how long it would take them to figure out I wasn't Japanese.

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Posted in: Trump seeks 'historic' 9% increase in U.S. military budget See in context

It's the American economy he will be crippling, so it's up to sane Americans to protest.

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Posted in: Do you think cold calling is an effective sales method? What do you do when you receive one and you don't have time (or the inclination) to listen to the caller? How do you end the call without being See in context

I either don't answer (99% of the time) or hang-up the INSTANT I realize that it is of no interest to me. Saves everyone's time.

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Posted in: Would you support a complete ban on smoking in public places in Japan? See in context

Yes. Just watching people smoke annoys me.

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Posted in: Actor Bill Paxton dies at 61 See in context

Game Over, man. :(

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Posted in: Japan’s new luxury overnight bus is conveniently classy way to get from Tokyo to Osaka See in context

Does the price premium guarantee a driver under retirement age who is in excellent physical condition and has had adequate sleep beforehand?

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Posted in: At new Kanagawa attraction, you too can be a ninja warrior…sort of See in context

I hope they are well insured.

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Posted in: Inside stories about those new cheaper short taxi rides See in context

My parents are coming for a visit in June. It will be nice to take them everywhere by taxi.

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Posted in: Japanese killjoys wage war on Valentine's 'conspiracy' See in context

They should be protesting against the pressure put on women to buy girichoko.

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