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Posted in: Vin Diesel faces 2010 sex assault claim by former assistant See in context

Too fast, too furious?

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Posted in: Eddie Jones to be re-appointed as Japan head rugby coach: reports See in context

He's quarter Japanese, and so is the Japanese team..... A match made in heaven.

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Posted in: Taxi driver arrested for running over pigeon See in context

I was in a car once when we ran over a tanuki.

I was in the passenger seat and could felt the crunch under the wheel.

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Posted in: New incentives could boost satisfaction with in-person work, but few employers are making changes See in context

Return to office to keep commercial real estate market afloat?

I think ..... not.

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Posted in: 'Child soldiers' and blood feuds: Sweden's out-of-control gang wars See in context

Love the way you have to get almost to the end of the article before the word "immigration" finally appears.

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Posted in: Controversial U.S. livestreamer 'Johnny Somali' arrested in Osaka See in context

He was arrested in my neighbourhood. Cool!

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Posted in: McDonald’s at Shibuya Center-gai becomes a hotspot for foreign tourists…but not for the food See in context

Looks nothing like Blade Runner, and Blade Runner looked nothing like Japan.

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Posted in: Gov't may seek to dissolve Unification Church: source See in context

Good. And while they are at it they can strip all religious corporations of their tax-free status.

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Posted in: Japan agency calls for highest pay rise for civil servants in 26 years See in context

Take home on 6.7 mil a year is only about 450k a month.

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Posted in: Suicide hotlines in Japan ringing off the hook at times See in context


Utter nonsense!

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Posted in: Flag carried by Japanese soldier killed during World War II returning to his family See in context

This is a painful reminder that wars happen for the glory of the victors, and eternal agony for the losers.

What’s that supposed to mean?

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Posted in: Dr. Dre to receive first Hip-Hop Icon Award from music industry group ASCAP See in context

Actually, it might have been Ice Cube who said the "Compton Michigan" line, with Dre just calling him a liar.

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Posted in: 'Tranq'—the flesh-rotting drug adding to America's opioid crisis See in context

Next will be "Nuke".

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Posted in: Dr. Dre to receive first Hip-Hop Icon Award from music industry group ASCAP See in context

For me, the best thing Dre ever did was the voices of some of the characters on the Eazy-Duz-It album.

For years he had me believing that Compton was in Michigan....

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Posted in: Awa Odori dance festival to sell premium seats for ¥200,000 See in context

Am I the only one who doesn't find festivals even remotely interesting?

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Posted in: Former teen idol alleges sex abuse by Japan music mogul See in context

Always knew he was the Japanese Jimmy Savile. Without the fake marathon running.

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Posted in: Companies hold in-person welcome ceremonies for new employees See in context

This is another relic of Japanese corporate culture that needs to be phased out very soon.

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Posted in: 'Dumbphone' fans disconnect in face of smartphone dominance See in context

Alternatively, you could exercise some self discipline....

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Posted in: Manga artist wants Japanese teachers to feel how dumb their girls’ dress code is See in context

Why don’t men understand?”

That's not how the tweet ends. Translate it properly, please.

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Posted in: Japan's middle class being gutted as salaries fall See in context

Nice. My company of close to 20 years pays less than a "food processing concern".

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Posted in: Osaka Castle Illuminage See in context

Is the word "illuminage" British, or maybe French? Could not find it on Merriam-Webster's dictionary's online website.

The Mod is from the UK, so I think it is UK English.

I am not a native speaker. But I think it should read:

Osaka Castle illumination

Er, no, no, and no.


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Posted in: Ryuichi Sakamoto releases stream of 'last' concert as he battles cancer See in context

I am only really familiar with Ryuichi Sakamoto collaboration with David Sylvian.

Yeah, Sylvian and Sakamoto in the early 80s was my first introduction to him. I subsequently went on to discover his solo work and YMO (my first exposure to YMO being the loading screen music for Daley Thompson's Decalthlon on the Commodore 64).

Anyway, Mr Sakamoto's not dead yet. Hope his remaining time on the planet is as comfortable as it can be.

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Posted in: Movie about Japan’s file sharing pioneer Winny coming in March 2023 See in context

Used it (and its successor "Share") quite a bit back in the day. It was useful for tracking down obscure Japanese stuff that was hard to find on contemporary services such as Emule.

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Posted in: Hong Kong mahjong carver among the last of his kind See in context

First started playing in the arcades about 30 years ago, then on the PC, then online, then for real a couple of times after coming to Japan. Haven't played in years, but I still have the set I bought in Chinatown somewhere.

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Posted in: Court rejects claim Seven-Eleven unjustly ended franchise contract See in context

I use self-regies almost exclusively.

Soon these stores will be mostly unmanned.

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Posted in: Malaysia Islamic minister says Bon Odori dance not for Muslims See in context

Anyone who lets others, real or imagined, to dictate how they choose to live their lives and enjoy themselves, particularly in ways that are harmless and widely accepted, deserve everything they get.

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Posted in: What's your stance on abortion? See in context

How about pro-lifers focusing their energies on eradicating child poverty worldwide first.

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Posted in: Operator of missing Hokkaido boat apologizes for causing fatal accident See in context


So, all is forgiven, then?

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Posted in: Hikaru Utada releasing vinyl version of all albums; pop-up store opening in Shibuya See in context

Not very SDGs.

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