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Posted in: University in Kyoto offers free tuition to anyone over 100 years of age; more than half off if over 50 See in context

Well the university does specialize in Zen, so the could just have to oldies meditate all day, whacking them on the shoulder every few minutes to keep them awake.

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Posted in: Japanese boxer on death row keeps up the good fight See in context

The Japanese police force's over-reliance on confessions, coupled with their ability to hold you for up to 23 days to grind you down enough to admit to anything, means that having the death penalty here is probably not the best idea.

That said, out of interest, how many of you here that decry Japan's use of the death penalty can say with absolute certainty that, if the (re)introduction of the death penalty was put to a referendum in your country in 2018, it would not be voted in by a simple majority? (Assuming 100% voter participation)

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Posted in: Osaka charms Japan with her manners — and broken Japanese See in context

TL;DR: People are being way too hard on the Japanese here (surprise, surprise)

The Özil comparison is not a good one – he was born and raised in Germany and is as German as he wants to be. Which makes the discrimination he suffered all the worse.

Naomi, on the other hand, left Japan as an infant and grew up in an entirely different culture. She is culturally American; however, it was decided that she would represent Japan, rather than the country in which she grew up in, which she is of course perfectly entitled to do.

We live in a world in which we are conditioned, by the government and media, to cheer for people who happen to have been born in the same country as ourselves, as if their success elevates us in some way. Living vicariously through others is made easier if the person shares, at the very least, a common cultural background and language with you. To a lesser extent, depending on the level of ethnic diversity of the country, similarity in appearance may also help.

I’ve read many Japanese comments about Naomi, and her being half Japanese has rarely been mentioned in a negative way. Many are simply struggling to cheer for her as a “Japanese” tennis star, simply because American is clearly her dominant culture and her Japanese language ability is no better than that of your average eikaiwa teacher. That does not make them half-hating racists.

Conversely, claiming her as an exclusively Japanese player would be to deny her dominant American side.

One commenter put it best – he said it would be weird to go crazy for Kazuo Ishiguro (who is ethnically 100% Japanese) and his Nobel Prize win, claiming his success as a triumph for Japan, when he is British through and through.

If an American player had left the US as a baby, lived 90% of her life overseas in a non-English-speaking, non-Western country, then came back to represent the US, won a major tournament, but then gave interviews in a foreign language with the help of an interpreter (although she was making efforts to learn English), I have a hard time believing that American fans would be cheering her on, whooping and chanting “USA, USA”.

Naomi has many fans in Japan, who admire her tenacity on the court and her humility off it. Norika Fujiwara may misguidedly try to claim these qualities as Japanese spirit, but others simply appreciate her for the talented player that she is, with the Japanese side of her ethnicity being an added bonus.

Had her father opted for her to represent the US, which she may well do in future, this would not even be an issue.

This is a very interesting case that raises issues of nationality, and nationalism, in sport – two things about which I have always been indifferent.

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Posted in: Japan revises April-June growth data up to 3% See in context

How about a 3% growth in wages, then.

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Posted in: 6 misconceptions about teaching English at a Japanese university See in context

Very badly thought-out piece.

Given the headings, calling it something like "6 truths about teaching at a university" would be more logical.

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Posted in: Frank Underwood dead in final season of 'House of Cards' See in context

As is the show itself without him.

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Posted in: Letters from Japan: 'My boyfriend suddenly changed' & 'I thought he liked me' See in context

A foreign woman who has lived in Japan and dated Japanese men is the perfect person to give advice to foreign women in Japan dating Japanese men.

Yes. Because all Japanese men are the same and all non-Japanese women are the same. Makes perfect sense.

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Posted in: Letters from Japan: 'My boyfriend suddenly changed' & 'I thought he liked me' See in context

If this is a foreign woman writing the advice, it’s a good job the Japanese woman writing the letter wasn’t talking about a foreign boyfriend.


It's a Canadian woman who has lived in Japan for 10 years giving advice to a fellow non-Japanese woman.

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Posted in: Crown prince says royal visits key to friendly ties See in context

Well, he has to say that just to stay relevant.

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Posted in: Job availability in Japan hits fresh 44-year high in July See in context

Do away with age discrimination and inadequate pay and those vacancies would soon be filled.

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Posted in: Court upholds male-only right to deny legal fatherhood See in context

The family register system is the root of many family-related problems in Japan.

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Posted in: Good perch See in context

These places need to be shut down.

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Posted in: Tokyo restaurant that charges rude customers more sees dramatic increase in number of rude orders See in context

I'm assuming this is a joke on the restaurant's part – you can't arbitrarily impose fines on customers.

Anyway, I think I need to start drinking alcohol as it appears to be a lot cheaper than the soft drinks I usually order when I go out.

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Posted in: End of an era: Emperor's abdication to reset Japan calendar See in context

"It is easier to imagine what the time was like if you have eras," said Kunio Kowaguchi, president of major calendar maker Todan.

For instance, we remember it was early Heisei that the bubble burst," he said, referring to the collapse of Japan's speculation-driven economy.

Is it? Is it really, Mr calendar maker?

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Posted in: Toyota to invest $500 mil in Uber See in context

"Sink" being the operative word here.

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Posted in: Trump says market would 'crash' if he were impeached See in context

A small price to pay.

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Posted in: Japan aims to increase wheelchair accessible hotels before 2020 See in context

Before clicking on this story, I was blissfully unaware that most of the posters here come from wheelchair-accessible utopias.

Anyway, is the Olympics really expected to lead to a large increase in the number of wheelchair-bound visitors?

The Paralympians themselves will be staying at the Olympic village, which presumably, will be suitably built to accommodate their needs.

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Posted in: Global backlash against gay conversion therapy gathers pace See in context

I find the idea that there is a "global backlash" about this EXTREMELY hard to believe.

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Posted in: One way to stop people forgetting their smartphones in public restrooms See in context

Alternatively, you could just leave your phone in your pocket/bag?

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Posted in: Playboy polls 100 foreign 'konbini' employees See in context

Headline is misleading.

Weekly Playboy (週刊プレイボーイ) has nothing to do with Playboy.

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Posted in: Travel through Japan with no suitcase? That’s the goal of new item-sharing travel service Locarry See in context

Nice. Wear a pair of sneakers that have been pre-worn by hundreds of people.

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Posted in: Phone service providers to be required to unlock used smartphones See in context

I have used my unlocked Docomo phone overseas, with a local SIM, with zero problems.

This article is not about that, though.

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Posted in: Child statue in protective suit in Fukushima criticized See in context

There is also a robot version.

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Posted in: Child statue in protective suit in Fukushima criticized See in context

I saw this at Grand Front Osaka.

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Posted in: 75-year-old man who stabbed couple at supermarket also charged with earlier assault at video rental store See in context

They should lock this stabby old man in an iron maiden.

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Posted in: Princess Mako's parents told boyfriend, mother to solve financial issue: source See in context

Don't see the point of a Japanese non-lawyer getting US law degree.

He won't be able to do much with it in Japan.

If he practiced as a lawyer for three years in the US after passing, I suppose he could qualify as a gaiben, but the rewards aren't worth it.

He should just go to Japanese law school. He can get the US qualification later.

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Posted in: Japanese students use VR to recreate Hiroshima bombing See in context

This VR experience sounds horrifying, yet strangely compelling.

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Posted in: Japan, it’s time to end your love affair with cash See in context

The main reason is Japan's aging population – younger people have been post-cash for years.

Unfortunately, old people have most of the money.

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Posted in: What do you think of the quality of education at international schools in Japan? See in context

International in name only.

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Posted in: Tech blasts snoozing workers with AC See in context

I need this in my office!

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