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Posted in: Halloween starts early See in context

Awful pic of the day. There's about 1000 better ways to show the theme "Halloween starts early" than this pic.

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Posted in: Obama won't yield on tax hike for wealthiest See in context

Obama should lower the taxes for the middle and lower classes and rise taxes for the wealthiest in America

The wealthy already pay a huge amount of taxes, why do they need to be taxed more?

Obama should try balancing a budget before seeking out new revenue streams.

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Posted in: Microsoft's Xbox ready for bigger battle in Japan See in context

I'm an avid 360 gamer but time and time again I've gone to the video game section of major electronic/department stores in and around Tokyo to find ZERO 360 products.

They only stock what sells. I'm not sure where you are going, anyway - Yodobashi, Bic, Yamada - all of them carry 360 hardware and software. The crappy little Yamada by me carries a bunch.

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The lens is capable of taking shots at 14.2 megapixels. What is the camera capable of? Does the lens have to be connected to a different camera to take 14.2 megapixels photos?

The camera takes shots at 12 megapixels, and unfortunately not the same megapixels as the lens. They're working on a fix.

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Posted in: Lawyer: Iranian woman could be stoned to death soon See in context

These kinds of atrocities against humanity are reason enough to effect a regime change in Iran.

I assume you mean the neo-con style regime change with a military intervention? Killing a bunch of people and causing misery and heartbreak is not the way to go. The US has a bad history of interventionism in Iran anyway.

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Posted in: Stop negotiating this nonsense on Futenma See in context

They should know the Marines’ decades-old design since the 1960s to functionally integrate it with Camp Schwab, Camp Hansen, central and northern training areas, complete with new port facilities, thus solidifying and strengthening the function of those bases and also snugly expediting Washington’s policy to perpetuate the U.S. military presence here, has completely failed.

Now that's a run-on sentence!

But c'mon, there is no consensus in Okinawa. Go ask a few people and you'll find a bunch of opinions.

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Posted in: Sunset See in context

I can only imagine the traffic jam on the way home.

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Posted in: Dolphin activist Ric O'Barry won't swim off into the sunset See in context

How many dolphin/whale articles is JT going to run, anyway? You'd think this is the only issue facing the nation.

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Posted in: U.S. struggles with image in Pakistan See in context

And by the way, some in Pakistan have suggested that India caused the floods and even that they suspected the US manipulated the weather.

Ah, "some". The ultimate weasel word. You will always find "some" who suggest or believe anything, as evidenced by your postings.

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Posted in: U.S. struggles with image in Pakistan See in context

Let's hear it from more informed peaple. Most citizens haven't a clue they receive billions.

Sure they do, they don't like the war going on next door and they don't like drones killing people in their country, that's all. You think the people are stupid and uninformed?

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Posted in: 7 defendants convicted in Portugal sex abuse trial See in context

This crap makes me cringe. Its like saying the milkmen are going to jail. Its like saying the Smiths are going to jail.

Um, they are pedophiles and they are going to jail. It's a factually correct statement.

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Posted in: Do you believe that Al-Qaida was responsible for the events of 9/11 See in context

Um remember oil is traded in petrodollars/ usd, there was talk of petro euros IIRC. Iraq as well as Iran were trying to build support for it just before the attacks.

Your timeline is wrong. The US dollar got so weak 2-3 years ago that there was talk of OPEC switching to a euro based pricing scheme. Well after 9-11.

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Posted in: Do you believe that Al-Qaida was responsible for the events of 9/11 See in context

US doesn't need to take any oil as long as the transaction currency of oil is pegged to US dollars. This ensures cash flow into US economy since US banks can utilize that money to gain profit through constant flow of currency they divert that flow and invest it and place back the money with dividends as profit into their own pockets. This can only be done only when flow is constant without interruptions.

So now the bankers did 9-11. Great.

I noticed how well the US Dollar is doing thanks to 9-11 - oh wait, it's in the toilet? Dang.

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Posted in: Do you believe that Al-Qaida was responsible for the events of 9/11 See in context

I like all the tinfoil hat team members who think the massive, incompetently bureaucratic US government is SO all powerful they could orchestrate such a massive conspiracy. That's true fear of government I hope I never feel.

I think those who think the US government is capable of such subterfuge on this vast of a scale hasn't had much dealings with said government.

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Posted in: Amazon trying to offer subscription TV, movies See in context

Why is there news here about something that doesn't affect any of us Japanese residents? Aren't their pertinent tech articles to be published?

Moderator: More than half of our readers reside outside Japan.

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Posted in: We youngsters lack passion and ambition? Hardly See in context

Older people always thing younger people are lazy and shiftless (not all, of course). When I was in high school people always told my generation we were lacking ambition - which we probably were at the time - but so many of my Gen-X'ers have done much in the world.

It's not really important to worry about what others think, I think.

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Posted in: Chinese bestseller slams Goldman Sachs for crisis See in context

Ironically though, this kind of press makes it easier for GS to recruit some of the best and brightest minds.

No, 7 figure paydays do that.

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Posted in: Beck, Palin: Help us restore traditional American values See in context

Interesting how the left hates Glenn Beck so much. Those of us who actually listen to Glenn Beck's radio program or watch his TV show know he's a Libertarian and holds both U.S. political parties in disdain.

Beck is just another in a long line of commentators sticking their fingers in the wind to find a niche. He's in it for the money just like the rest of them, and he's made a ton of money just like poor, put-upon Ms Palin.

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Posted in: E-reading: Revolution in the making or fading fad? See in context

TheRat and other download fans. Your downloads don`t last forever. Books will still be here in 100 years wit care and some worth a fortune.

Books are a dying media. Soon there will be ebook readers that feel like 'real' books and cost almost nothing. How will any business be able to justify knocking down forests and spending all the money for shipping and storage then?

There will still be book fans (I like actual books and used book stores myself) but almost everything new will be produced electronically. It just makes sense.

The dedicated readers will be the real winners, too, as when they are super cheap you won't care about them getting lost, damaged or stolen like you will with some 60,000yen multipurpose device.

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Posted in: Olympic figure skating champ Kim Yu-na leaves coach Brian Orser See in context

Brian is well respected in the coaching world and I doubt many folks will want to work with her after her unprofessional behaviour with the split.

Yeah, nobody's going to want to work with the reigning Olympic champion.

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Posted in: Growing number of Americans incorrectly call Obama Muslim See in context

I quite actively dislike Obama as president and I find this talk of his religion to be ridiculous. If he says he's a Christian, he's a Christian, and what is truly in his heart is no business of mine.

There are plenty of good reasons to dislike the guy without inventing one (see also: birthers).

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Posted in: American activist Lori Berenson surrenders to Peru police See in context

Martyr. Lori never harmed anyone.

Riiight. She just supported one of the more violent terrorist organizations of the 80s and 90s.

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Posted in: Essential beauty See in context

Thrilling. Do these people have no shame?

Yes, it's so horrible for models to make a living... modeling. Shameful.

Good to see Vivian's still around.

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Posted in: Minako Komukai puts on bondage show See in context

yumimoto, I agree entirely with everythink you say. These pricatises should be made illegal and any people that try to obtain or are found to have obtained the filth should be monitored. Possibly daily medication for life is needed to surpress their wicked urges. The 1`000 preverts in the audience would be first on my list. The people who indulge in this are sub humans and a adnger to society.

Good thing you aren't in charge, then, Alf! Seems nice and artistic to me. The first two "Hana to Hebi" films are easily found in many mainstream movie stores in the west, they are just normal movies, albeit about bondage.

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Posted in: If a longtime expat starts offering you advice, walk the other way See in context

So the crux of the article is that this guy is mad someone didn't like his hair. I get it. It's not about Japan at all, it's about someone not appreciating his blond highlights.

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Posted in: UAE, Saudi to block BlackBerry on security fears See in context

It's like full body screening at the airports (developed countries?)

Except worse. At least with the body scanners (which I am totally opposed to) it's just you and the technician, nothing saved. If governments can snoop on communications they can track/store/index/etc. You have no privacy at all.

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Posted in: Katy Perry to perform in Japan on Aug 16 See in context

What the heck are you talking about, TokyoEyes?

Who is this Katy Perry, anyway? I've heard of but I don't think I've ever heard her.

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Posted in: Erika Sawajiri makes CNN's 'Tokyo Hotlist' See in context

CNNgo for Tokyo is basically a blog - it's only one or two people writing that stuff. Not exactly significant.

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Posted in: The return of Charisma Man See in context

I am befuddled by guys who go to bars to pick up women and complain they don't meet intellectually stimulating women. Well, duh. That's not a Japan thing, where in the world would you meet the cream of the crop in a bar?

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Posted in: Anti-whaling activist Pete Bethune gets suspended prison term See in context

I can't believe they let this terrorist off with basically nothing. The court is much more lenient than I would have been. A remorseful terrorist is still a terrorist.

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