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Posted in: The government hopes to get a casino bill passed in the Diet this month. Do you think casinos should be legalized in Japan? See in context

Tons of jobs! Tons of tax revenue! I heard an expert from Las Vegas talking about the damage to families and surrounding areas...everything starts well then reality sets in...Loan sharks, drugs, prostitution surely to follow. Of course all of these things exist here all ready but I don't want it in my neighborhood

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Posted in: What do you think of the various foreigners who appear on Japanese TV? Do any of them make you cringe? Are there any whom you think do a good job? See in context

Not a fan of Japanese TV.. I saw Bobby beat a real K1 fighter a few years ago so he moved up in my books... the Peter guy Mentioned above had a great morning show on Saturdays on NHK radio and I think he does the American award shows for wowow. Personally I don't think the gaijin guys are any worse than the Japanese nuts that rule the evening hours. The Dave guy always rubbed me the wrong way... I switched to cable years ago so the only time I even see anything is if my kids are watching. I usually walk away and bite my tongue:) love Netflix

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