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Posted in: High court commutes man's death sentence over 5 murders in 2015 See in context

Generally speaking, I think that if the attitude and resources towards mental health was more positive, incidents like this could be less.

I have heard that mental health is being taken more seriously now than before--I am hoping that to be true.

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Posted in: Teacher confronted by woman with knife at Chiba school See in context

Shogun36 and WilliB, I currently work at an elementary and junior high shool in Japan and my best guess is that he threw one of those mirrors that are hung up around the schools. The schools I'm at have mirrors hung up directly across the stairs to see who is going up and down.

It isn't likely that chairs would be found in the hallways.

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Posted in: Man robs convenience store in Kanagawa Pref See in context

A little tired of people nit-picking wording on these articles. Like, when did mainstream language (or your ethnocentrism) monopolized the way something is worded around the world, across cultures and individuals?

Language is fluid. Open yourself up.

Other than that...good read! Kuddos.

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