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Posted in: Japan's izakayas, once a staple of after-work socializing, crippled by pandemic See in context

What terrible places to go to :

Cheap beer.

Awesome cheap food.

And a happy environment.

Please keep the fun police away.

Wish we had more Izakayas in Melbourne.

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Posted in: Death-row inmate hanged in 1st execution since August See in context

Merry Christmas!

This type of vermin, doesn’t deserve to breathe the same air as us.

Wish Australia followed Japan, in the execution stakes.

Send the message loud and clear .

Happy New Year !

Lets hope we , get rid of a few more....

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Posted in: Japan to redesign banknotes in 2024 See in context

I just wish I had more of it...

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Posted in: Tokyo to encourage foreign tourists to splurge on nightlife See in context

One word...


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Posted in: Showing his form See in context

yes, I think Sumos should be able to

show case their talents across the globe.

it would certainly increase their popularity, and give a greater insight to the sport.

Australia , especially Melbourne, ( the sports capital of Oz) maybe the world..would embrace these sumo like no other country.

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Posted in: Ready for a new year See in context

Yes, more right handed Manikenekos

are needed..;-)

Akemashite Omedeto..

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Posted in: Baby panda appears before selected guests, media at Ueno Zoo See in context

My thoughts completely..

Browny 1, your a legend...

keeping wild , endangered species in captivity, is always a roll of the dice..

lets hope , the future , for these Kirei/

kawaii animals looks rosy....

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Posted in: Suspect says wife's divorce request led him to kill her, 5 kids See in context

Rot in hell , Satan..

thank god,Japan has the death penalty.

these monsters cannot be rehabilitated .....

Australia is too lenient On these perpetrators..

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Posted in: Man served arrest warrant for allegedly killing Chinese sisters See in context

I believe the death penalty for such

heinous crimes, is the easy way out.

Make it suffer, in a dark room.

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Posted in: S Korea's Moon calls for official apology over 'comfort women' See in context

Please can someone fly over in a light airplane and drop a couple of million flyers , saying the wars over..

Seriously how many times do we want to flog a dead horse..

war is war....

Every country in the world , that has been involved in war , has committed

war crimes.

No exceptions.

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Posted in: Kyushu festivals See in context

Really enjoyed Golden Week, in Fukuoka.

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Posted in: Suspect in murder of 92-year-old woman commits suicide See in context

Just like to know who would take the responseability , if the woman who was released voluntarily , possibly suffering from some form of mental illnesss ( this should of been checked from the first bounce) had decided to go on another stabbing , killing rampage.

if she had a patient history of mental illness, surely the red light at the police investigators office , would be flashing.

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Posted in: Trump would be 'honored' to meet N Korea's Kim, if conditions right See in context

Maybe trump is planning a Mark Antony style attack , on NK leader, like one on Julius Caesar.

might be hard to get close.

Seriously folks, we can all talk till we are blue in the face, but looks like we will have to be patient , and wait it out..

Remember many countries have nuclear weapons ( have a look on the board at Hiroshima museum)

Hopefully this is not the beginning of the end.

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Posted in: N Korean missile fears in Japan: 'Whatever will be, will be' See in context

Reagan, now Trump,

everyone concerned at the time,

Reagan would push the red button.

Trumps lack of diplomacy, itchy fingers, inflated ego a concern.

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Posted in: Ex-courier company employee arrested over 2016 murder See in context

Reminds me of a movie called Match Point. Towards the end of the movie,the guy certainly hits the panic button, when under pressure.

Still think a lengthy jail sentence is warranted.

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Posted in: Dentsu chief to resign over employee's suicide, labor law violations See in context

Great to hear people's opinions. I think it takes a real man, to take responsibility, for the tragedy, and resign. No excuses, or blame naming. Maybe more more government control, a government body ,needs to be set up to monitor companies with employees who do excessive working hours.

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