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Struggling? The man haven't got a clue! (No news there...) He is only thinking about himself, his business and his friends business, everything else is not worth his attention. That man have been a total disaster for the US and I can just hope he will be replaced by ANYONE because no one can do a worse job out of it than that gigant baby have already.

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I myself have worked in the restaurant business for over 20 years and I totally understand him and think he is bold and does the right thing. You get so fed up with customers who can't behave or think that their every whim is law. Those people have to get down from their high horses and get a firm grip on reality. I am not a servant or a slave you can boss around as you like, I provide a valuable service and should be treated with the same respect I show the customer.

I have shown people the door when they couldn't behave inside the restaurant i worked at, and they got angry and threatend to boycott our place. Good riddance I said, "we don't need rude customers like you!"

So, two thumbs up to Arima! :D I hope he won't loose to much on this protest and I also hope that people understand why he does this and support him.

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The best way to handle an insane and unstable person is to talk nice to him, flatter him and just hope he leaves without so much fuzz. Then call the nice men in the white coats to come and collect him as soon as possible. 

So, good jobb PM Abe.

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