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Peter Esztelecky comments

Posted in: World's first 'otaku' summit opens in Japan See in context

The non-otaku comments make me laugh. We do read books without pictures, probably more often than most people. We read everything. We spend money. We cheap out on hotel rooms, flights and food, so we can spend it all in the dealers room at the convention. Cosplay is common, but not required. Conventions, not just for anime and manga, but movies, comics and books from all over the world, are as much a reason for tourism as old buildings and sandy beaches. In Toronto, the hotel bookings are filled for miles around for the annual Anime North convention six months before the event. The event is filled to capacity, around 20 000 per day. The restaurants are filled. World Con (which started as a science fiction reader con, but has fans of everything) has been going for 73 years and at a different location around the world every year. Fans will fill the hotels and spend money as much as the Shriners, business men, sports teams or bikers.

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Posted in: Cast photos released from live-action 'Lupin III' movie See in context

Mad Magazine is alive and well in the US, Canada , Great Britain and six foreign language editions. Not so defunct. You could have looked that up.

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Posted in: Stalled 'Akira' live-action movie comes back to life See in context

It started in 1982 as a manga and was over 2000 pages. Forget adapting the anime movie, which glossed over too much and had no ending. I want to see more of the original story included. The best news was Ken Watanabe playing the Colonel, and I hope he still is.

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Posted in: Eastwood 'thrilled' at Japanese remake of 'Unforgiven' See in context

I was watching Yojimbo recently, and noticed events that were repeated in Eastwood westerns. The west remakes the east, and back again.

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Posted in: MP3 player with 90-hour battery life See in context

Any smaller a screen and I can't watch video easily. Tiny screens are not for the age 50 crowd, so I would not want it smaller. 13 hours of it would cover most trips I could want, and 90 hours of music would cover the whole vacation. How long for a full recharge, though?

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Posted in: First gay wedding held at Tokyo Disney Resort See in context

Not everything is about you. If two people like a place and celebrate a wedding there, it really has nothing to do with that place. It would, however, say something about the place (or company) if they refused them. The conservative old Disney standards of Walt's era have changed with the times. Disney is not working for the Board of Education, and are not instructing children how to act. Their movies and tv cartoons show a very accepting and inclusive view of the world. Even the bad guys are not absolutely bad, these days. Ultimately, parents and schools have the job of giving children values, and if Disney products, shows and parks are not 100% what a parent's values are, they will take it from there. Children face conflicting messages all the time, and they will sort it all out if given the support they desire. I don't think allowing a gay wedding in a Disney park is going to make anyone gay, any more than a wedding of another religion is going to make someone turn away from Shinto. Does seeing someone eating pizza make you stop eating your dinner and want to switch? If your problem is not wanting to look at pizza, then move on and don't bother them. It's a big park. Weddings are good for business in tourist places, and they will accept them, or have to answer why, leading to embarrassment.

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Posted in: Disney vs Ghibli: A studio comparison See in context

Oops, make that information, not imformation.

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Posted in: Disney vs Ghibli: A studio comparison See in context

You might want to mention Kimba, the White Lion as being the source for the Lion King, even if Disney tries not to. Also, you say Kung-Fu Panda is different to Snow White. Small wonder, as the Panda is from Dreamworks and not Disney (Katzenberg quit Disney to found Dreamworks). You might have mentioned that Disney now releases Ghibli video product to the world outside of Japan,(but not all the spinoff stuff like toys and t-shirts) so they are really in business together, these days. You list three Pixar films, and all Pixar feature films were released by Disney so they are Disney computer generated films. Disney has been using computers off and on since Tron and Great Mouse Detective, but all animation from Beauty and the Beast until now uses digital ink and paint. The hand drawn work is scanned, and from there on these films are computer animation. It took about ten minutes to check all this on the net, by the way. Try it sometime to improve what is more an opinion piece than imformation.

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