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How are these teams testing all their players when normal citizens in Japan cannot get a PCR test? Call the hotline mentioning you have symptoms and you are told to stay home as testing is not available. That is unless you have the ability to hit a curve ball, in which case you are treated special.

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Posted in: Kirin Beer to begin service delivering kegs directly to your door See in context

Actually, the Kirin website says that you get 2 one-liter pet bottles of beer twice a month. That is convenient but the problem is the price which of 8,000 yen per month (before tax but includes shipment). As you can get an entire carton (24 cans of 350ML) of Kirin Ichiban for half the price (4,000 yen at Seiyu), I don't see this becoming too popular.

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Posted in: Should you put your child on a leash? Japanese mothers weigh in See in context

You do your best to hold your kid's hand, but sometimes these little curious and energetic creatures get away from you. Station platforms with express trains rushing by and clueless bicycle riders (I don't say "cyclists" as they are more aware of their environment) make me happy that I have this life-line to pull my kid out of danger. I rarely used it, but there were many occasions that I was happy that I did. Who cares what it looks like when thinking about the safety of your kid.

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