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Posted in: Controversial Fukushima statue of child in radiation suit to be removed See in context

Only the brain dead would think this statue worthy of exposure...

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Posted in: Gov't to request American schools in Okinawa accept Japanese pupils See in context

I doubt this idea will go over well with the already US military adverse Okinawa people. This is typical of the top down logic of Tokyo bureaucrats.

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Posted in: PPAP star Piko Taro helps Foreign Ministry promote U.N. goals See in context

Perfectly illustrates the idiocracy that constitutes the Japanese MOFA. Idiots pretending to be cool.

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Posted in: 'My Number' system: A worrying glimpse of the future See in context

It was refused by the Japanese public in 1972 and again in 1980. Hopefully, it will be refused again!

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Posted in: Suga confident Tokyo 2020 Olympic bid was clean See in context

Bribery and 'gifts' are what make the IOC such a lucrative scam. This has always been the way they operate. On the other side of the is the corrupt practices of the revenue and wealth the games provide to a very small few. The games are always a drain on the taxpayers money who never see any return.

Instead, the money gets funnelled to the pockets of elites and huge companies who end up sourcing other suppliers for a fraction of the cost. In the end, the Olympic Games do not generate long term revenue for the paying public who host the games but rather it goes into the bank accounts of the brokers who no doubt contribute to the off shore bank accounts of the 'fixers' who make the winning bid happen. This was evident in previous IOC scandals and it appears today that the old adage rings true 'You can't teach a dog new tricks...'

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Posted in: Suga confident Tokyo 2020 Olympic bid was clean See in context

Japanese Olympic Committee – which oversaw the bid – said its press team was away on business for a week and was unable to respond... In other words, we need to time to spin our story and cover our tracks....

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Posted in: Japan deports dolphin activist Ric O'Barry See in context

HiragiFEB. 07, 2016 - 09:47AM JST What is the difference between Japan and a totalitarian dictatorship such as North Korea. The vague interpretation of the law can easily defer to peaceful protest. In a real democracy this would be allowed. However, Japan is not a true democracy but an oligarchy run by corporate elites.

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Posted in: Japan deports dolphin activist Ric O'Barry See in context

I guess this would be deemed by the government as a national security risk. I am surprised they did not water board him.

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Posted in: Amari resigns, but denies taking bribes; Ishihara named successor See in context

I am sure he will be shifted side ways to a well paying job at the expense of Japanese tax payers. Hey moderator are you going to censor my comment again???

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Posted in: Japan set for historic defense policy shift See in context

Abe must go! Like father like son.

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Posted in: EU, Japan press for U.N. war crimes probes in North Korea See in context

If Japan would like to take N.Korea to the Hague for war crimes, then they need to wait in line for the US who is also in need of a little punishment for Guantanamo Bay, drone murder and targeted assassination. Moreover, N. Korea has nuclear weapons so I doubt that any assertions of Western hypocrisy would go very far. Nice try thought. And while we are on it....war about the Japanese armies use of comfort women in China, the Philippines, Korea, Burma, Thailand and Indonesia for a start. Oh forgot that one did we Abe....

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