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Peter McGreevy comments

Posted in: Australians reject siding with Japan against China in island dispute: survey See in context

I'm Australian but I certainly choose Japan's side for most matters!! I support Japan and and this article surprised me!

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Posted in: WWII sex slavery indescribable wrong: ex-PM Murayama See in context

Yeah Japan did some really bad things in the war... But what about Americans who dropped a bomb on a city with 80 percent civilian? What about other countries who still practice torture? I think Japan has done good to apologize and people should get over it.

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Posted in: Japan on backfoot in global PR war with China See in context

I'm definetly not Japanese but respect the country so much... Nothing China does will make a difference because they STILL act like communists. Japan has apologized many times and has changed many of its wrong doings, this comes from Japan which is a country that protects its culture... So I see the change in japan and even though I have never been there, China is the enemy here.

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Posted in: Tohoku needs visitors See in context

You don't always need money to give kindness... And I really have the deepest respect for Japanese culture, I have said it before. I think I will go to this place in the year and it would be an honor to give something to those people who lost so much.

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Posted in: Deciding whether or not to help a crying child is complicated in Japan See in context

If I saw a crying child or ANYTHINGI would help for sure... It is a little more relaxed in my country but I often don't care about the law if I think something needs to be done, I am not a criminal but if a child needs help and the law makes it sound bad then I don't care.

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Posted in: Abe tells world to stand up to China or face consequences See in context

As an Australian, I bow in honor of a beautiful country like Japan... The past is the past and the world cannot keep holding it above Japans head. I bow to you Japan and China is nothing but a greedy greedy country. Even though Japan did some incredibly bad things in history, they have said many apologies to the world and its not just for them to say sorry all the time, its for us to forgive them and move on.

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Posted in: China, Japan slug it out in the world's press See in context

As an Australian I can say that I really love Japan so much, but China is a greedy country with nothing but jealousy. They think they are bigger than what they are and they should let the past go.

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Posted in: Missing girl says she can't remember anything of past four days See in context

Its so good that this child was found!! But if the girl says she cannot remember, it sounds like she is lying. I am so happy she is safe and it was a great effort from police!

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Posted in: Japanese kids rate their own country in survey See in context

Very intresting!! I really adore Japan and have such a deep respect for the culture!! All the bad things I already knew and every place on earth has some problems!! I like it!!

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Posted in: S Korea to pay $866.6 mil in 2014 to host U.S. troops See in context

American soldiers should be there. I wouldn't like to have such a psychotic neighbour like North Korea.

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