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I have often noticed that when people say Japan attacked Pearl Harbor in response to the being sanctioned (although that is not the real reason), when asking them why there was a blockade of resources to Japan, the conversation ends.

Perhaps the conversation ends because they don't think they can discuss it with someone so uninformed on the topic that they think there was a blockade?

It's complicated. Unfortunately, too many Americans think that Japan woke up one day and decided to attack Pearl Harbor for no reason.

And Adm Leahy was not the only five-star officer who thought using the atomic bombs was wrong. Five out the six five-star officers at the time thought the same thing. Only George Marshall (the political DC general) supported the bombing. It should be noted that Marshall was a young officer in The Philippines at the end of the Philippine-American War - the war Americans know very little about where 200,000 to 1,000,000 Filipinos were killed for having the nerve to want independence from the the land of the Declaration of Independence and freedom from the land of the free USA that ruled The Philippines with an iron fist.

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Iwo Jima made it clear that they had to fight to the last man because the US was still not taking prisoners at that time. Japanese who surrendered were killed, their bodies desecrated as souvenirs. What would you do? Fight and die or surrender and be executed?

The entire history of Iwo Jima battle is a myth. There was no strategic value and the US could simply go around it since no supplies or people were going on or off the island. When the American public read the accounts, the families of those killed and wounded were outraged. Massive demonstrations were held in Washington DC, demanding to know why so many of men were sacrificed for no reason. The government backtracked and tried to say that the airfield was a strategic asset and would be used to escort bombers to Japan.

That turned out to be false. Fighter couldn't fly that far, or that high with the bombers because of no pressurization like the bombers were equipped with.

Iwo Jima is studied every year at the USNA and the conclusion every year is that it was an invasion without a cause. However, the romantic notion of raising the flag and the USMC song was worth it to recruit more men to use as cannon fodder in future wars.

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It could also start as far back as the London Naval Disarmament Conference, when the US and UK limited Japan's navy even though Japan fought with the Allies in WWI. Or when the racial equality referendum sponsored by Japan and overwhelmingly passed was "vetoed" by President Wilson, who had absolutely no authority or standing in the League of Nations.

Or the Japanese Exclusion Act in the US that banned Japanese immigrants from having any path to citizenship.

Or the Japanese understanding their position in the world, that they were surrounded by European and US colonial powers and who simply occupied Asia and the Pacific by edict. Japan had been on the bad end of trade deals for 60 years and would have to adopt the colonial mindset as the Europeans and US had done, or be overtaken and colonized.

Or that the US embargoed oil, gasoline, metal and seized bank accounts and assets of Japan.

The Japanese followed the history of European and US methods to power. Seize nations like The Philippines, Cuba, Puerto Rico and Guam, butcher Native Americans, overtake sovereign nations like Hawaii, declare Indochina, India, South Pacific nations as colonies under their control.

Lot's of places to start history...

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Maybe you could shine some kind of strong light into the body, you know, like to kill the virus. Maybe you should look into that, right? Or maybe some disinfectant into the lungs to kill the virus immediately?

The virus is going to disappear like magic very soon anyway. Just like everything does. I think Japan is in a very good position on the virus. Doing very well. Beautifully. Not as beautiful as America, but doing great. Cases are going down everywhere in the world.

Japan should stop testing and the cases would go down and the virus will disappear. I did a magnificent job of saving billions of lives by my actions, so Japan should thank me and the US should get a portion of the money of this gargle, because we invented gargle.

And start using HydroxyYosemite. Many people tell me it works beautifully.

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Five of the six US five-star officers during the war said the same thing - the bombing was unnecessary and wrong. Japan was powerless, had no fight left, no supplies and the terms of surrender were exactly the same as the Japanese had offered in April through the Swiss. There was no need for even a blockade.

The "plan" to invade Japan was a diversion because the Manhattan Project was secret. Even Truman didn't know it existed until Roosevelt died.

Truman wrote in his diary that Japan would surrender when Russia declared war against Japan. And that is when the surrender came. The surrender was "accepted" after Russia and the world saw the power of the atomic bomb that only the US possessed.

There was a plan by General Curtis LeMay (the man who bragged that his incendiary raid on Tokyo had killed more people in less time than any person in history) to take the next 50 bombs produced and bomb 50 cities across Russia.

There were Senators who argued to Truman that no surrender should be accepted. That every bomb produced should be dropped on Japan until there were no Japanese people left on earth.

Truman refused to drop another bomb after hearing the reports of the casualties from Hiroshima and Nagasaki. He said that he did not have the stomach to kill more women and children. Truman was under great pressure after the war to answer why he used the weapons on a defeated country. He came up with the argument during a speech a few years after the war that it saved a million lives that would have been lost in an invasion.

There was never going to be an invasion of the mainland. The American people new from Iwo Jima and Okinawa that it was a preposterous strategy. There were massive demonstrations in Washington DC by the families of men killed and hurt in the invasions. The public knew that they could have simply waited off shore since nothing and no one could get on or off.

Hiroshima had no military bases or significance. The Naval base across the bay was undamaged. The city, just like Nagasaki, was a test bed to see how far the kill radius was and how wide the damage would be.

All of the above are facts from historical records and Truman's own handwriting in his diary.

Were the Japanese leaders to blame for Hiroshima? Not an easy answer, since they did sue for peace in April.

Were the 200,000 mostly civilian women and children who died responsible?

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There but for the grace of God go you, should you have been in his status and position at that time. War turns men into monsters and it's the winners decide who are the criminals. There are always plenty of atrocities on all sides to go around.

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Posted in: Are you getting tired of hearing or reading about the "new normal" (whatever it means) in relation to the pandemic? See in context

The only phrase worse might be, "We're here for you..."

No you're not. You're here to make money.

The real question no one is talking about is what will our daily lives be like a year from now? There is still no guarantee of a vaccine that works. Will the nightly TV lead stories be the same grim death tolls and case numbers? How draining.

How are we going to shop? How are we going to eat in restaurants if the new reports of vaporization shows that no restaurants are safe due to recirculating air? Same for offices, masks or no masks? How will schools work? How will people survive if 40% of all businesses disappear? Where will millions of homeless families live after the evictions and foreclosures? Will there be tent cities in the deserts like refugees in Syria and other countries with devastated economies?

Are people waiting around, thinking that someone in the "government" is going to tell them what to do or come up with some solution?

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And The lizard Republicans think that tax money is their money. It. is. not.

It is the money of the residents and taxpayers.

Trump admittedly doesn't pay taxes, so he has no right to have any voice in the process.

Again, it is taxpayer money. Stop denying taxpayers from using some of their money.

Cutting the unemployment benefits now will only worsen the economic disaster. The unemployment money goes right back into the economy. A child understands that, but the Republicans and the administration don't. They want to punish the people who don't jobs to go back to.

It's pure evil.

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They should make a vacuum big enough to suck the uyoku buses and trucks right up off the streets.

Yes, the noise is relentless, isn't it? Could you imagine the agony of working in a shop with the store song replaying every 20 seconds?

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Posted in: Trump says he'll act to ban TikTok in U.S. as soon as Saturday See in context

Is he going to ban Apple, Google, Facebook, Twitter, Microsoft, most websites and almost all applications that track you and and everything about you, where you go and what you do?

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Posted in: Nobody knows for sure how the Spanish Flu pandemic, which killed millions of people around the world between 1918 and 1920, ended but it did end over a relatively short period of time, without a vaccine. Do you think the coronavirus will end in much the same way? See in context

Medical care is better now than 100 years ago, that's why we haven't seen death totals as high as the 1918 flu.

It's reported that 78% of 'recovered' Covid-19 patients are left with heart problems. We read daily of cavalier cowboys who discount the seriousness of Covid-19 and regret killing someone in their family or who post their own regrets before dying themselves.

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universal mail in a ballot arrives at each persons house without them asking for it.

It's the same vetting as absentee ballot. You have to be a registered voter and it goes to the address of record of the voter, and the ballot is validated as belonging to the voter when it arrives.

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One half of people on unemployment have no jobs to return to, since the jobs are gone forever.

People have paid federal taxes forever and never gotten anything from it. Now that they need help, the lizard Republicans act as if the money is coming out of their pockets.

The money going to people and cities who need it is going right back into the economy. Cutting it off will hurt the economy. It is not your money, Trump. How can anyone with an IQ over 85 not understand that?

The dumbness of Republicans in Congress and the president is extraordinary.

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I went to a restaurant two days ago to pick up an order I called in.

I walked in with my mask and was met with the place packed full of people, side by side at the bar, all tables full, a bar area packed shoulder to shoulder and not a single person wearing a mask. And bars are supposed to be closed and restaurants at 50% capacity.

Nobody cares.

No one was more than two feet away from each other and they looked at me like I was an idiot for wearing a mask.

It was like the Yamanote at 8:15.

And that is why the city has one of the highest positivity rates in the world (over 24%) and answers the question of "why."

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Posted in: Japan to conduct 1st nationwide virus-linked mental health survey See in context

I'm doing my own survey here about virus linked mental health. :)

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Posted in: What is your stance on doctor-assisted suicide? For example, should a doctor accept money from the person wishing to die? See in context

Doctors accept money all the time from people who don't wish to die, but die anyway since medical errors are the third leading cause of death behind heart disease and cancer.

Except in the US where the third leading cause of death is now Covid-19.

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Posted in: NBC resets focus for Tokyo Olympics while also looking to Beijing See in context

“The delay only adds to the promise.”

What the heck does that mean?

"People are craving . . ."

Oh please, tell us what we want and how we are supposed to thin, your highness.

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Posted in: Forgive or forget Johnny Depp? Jury is out on his post-trial career See in context

There are more important things in the world than fretting about self-absorbed Hollywood types.

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Posted in: Forgive or forget Johnny Depp? Jury is out on his post-trial career See in context

The only thing I’m more tired of than Johnny Depp and Amber Whothehellcares is Harry and what’s her name.

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Posted in: Britain unveils plans to tackle 'obesity time bomb' See in context

I'm going on a diet. Anyone else?

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Posted in: Cancel culture: Positive social change or online harassment? See in context

The "cancel culture" retaliation by the Trump administration can be found meanness in the cuts to unemployment benefits to the working poor, who they believe are "making too much money."

If they starve the working poor, many of whom are brown and black, they'll strangle the life out of their voices.

And they believe that they will vote Democratic, so they have to make them homeless so they can't vote.

60% of all restaurants and bars in the US have shut down forever and many of those open can only serve at 50% capacity (Uh, 50% less employees) and business is way down. 40% of all retail stores have closed permanently,

Republican/Trump politicians, such as Cruz from Texas said the restaurant workers don't "deserve" $600 per week unemployment and it is keeping them from going back to work.

Going back to work where? This is the con game they're playing.

The economics is that they are the people most likely to spend the unemployment cash which is keeping consumer economy from being even worse. Spending the money on rent, food, car payments, utilities, car insurance, etc. is what is keeping he economy from collapsing even further@#%!

The money gets returned to economy.

When the benefits are cut, they still won't have jobs to go to, won't have money for rent, utilities, car payments, etc, and nothing to spend on the economy.

People have paid federal taxes for decades and gotten nothing from it. Nothing at all. Now they need it, and the Trump Republicans think that it's their money and not the people's money!

Defund the Congress for a few years. Let's see how they like it.

No government workers are laid off. They sit around at home collecting their salaries and special retirement. Government workers are the only people in American not required to pay into Social Security. It's now Government workers against the public like in the Soviet Union. Over 50% of households in the US derive income from working for, contracting with or supplying goods or services to local, state and federal governments.

Defund Congress. Trump is defunding the working poor, who are no better than working slaves, in a tactic to starve out tens of millions of working poor so they can't even get to a voting booth in November.

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We turned an incredible invention into a sewer full of crap. Just go to YouTube home page at see all of the lies, treachery and false videos, fake stories, manipulated photos, eccentric narcissists and childish nonsense.

The Internet, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram are the engines of decline of human intelligence and values.

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Posted in: Chinese authorities take control of U.S. consulate in Chengdu See in context

Closing a consulate or two is small in the overall game.

Trump borrowed $200 million from the Bank of China in 2012 for a share in a NY property and still owes most of it. There's some irony there to consider in his actions. He blusters tough, but is conciliatory behind the scenes. The same for the relationship with Russia.

Embassies and Consulates are barracks for spies. They always have been and forever will be. The US has more spies than China and spies on every country, just like most countries. The US spies on Japan, Japan spies on the US.

This is just distraction and the press falls for it. The real story is Trump's money connections to China, Russia and now this story came out to deflect from the report that millions dollars of money from Trump campaign contributions were funneled directly to Trump by holding phantom "meetings" at all Trump properties. Millions of dollars from campaign funds directly to Trump coffers.

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Politics aside, this article is poorly constructed. It says:

"In most countries this month, support for national governments is falling," the report by the Kekst CNC communications consulting group said.

Falling from what percentage to what percentage? Is it from 50% to 45%? Is it 40% to 20%? I'm not advocating anything, it just lack supporting information. Your 9th grade teacher would never accept this kind of writing.

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Is there any evidence to support this "public loses faith in authorities?"

How many people? What are they losing faith about? How smart are the people losing faith? Did they ever have any faith at all in authorities?

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Posted in: Virus-hit apparel makers using AI to find trend colors, designs See in context

That's not AI. It's just arithmetic adding SKU's and colors. Calling it AI makes it sound trendy, but it is not AI.

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OnTheTrail: The U.S. does as much industrial espionage as any other country. The US practically invented it with the Echelon surveillance network. Enercon, Bayer and many companies have had intellectual property stolen by the NSA (that employs about 50,000 people whose sole purpose is to electronically spy on the world) and turned over to American companies.

Why would the Chinese consulate have or need counterfeit currency when they have over a $1 trillion of US debt. Heck, Trump borrowed over $200 million from the Bank of China to finance a share in a NYC property. Chinese state owned companies are building two Trump properties in the Middle East.[1]


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Posted in: Yokohama stroll See in context

Zero distancing? That's a false assumption.

You cannot tell that from the photo. Two dimensional photos have no depth perception and no one knows if people are with each other.

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Posted in: Consulate in Chengdu readies for closure as U.S., China clash See in context

The embassies and consulates of all countries are full of spies.

Always have been and always will be.

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