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Peter Shaw comments

Posted in: Non-league Lincoln into last 8, Leicester out of FA Cup See in context

UP the IMP's!!!

For their hard work i hope they get one of the big teams away from home.

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Posted in: Paul McCartney files lawsuit against Sony/ATV over copyright See in context

Sold them off to make a quick buck and now wants them back for free...sounds typical of the world we now live in. Alas by the time this happens he will probably have left this realm.

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Posted in: Nintendo Switch game console to go on sale in March See in context

worst pre launch ever, with virtually nothing out on launch day...as much as a fan boy that i am i can't see there being another home console from Nintendo after this. Add to that outrageous controller costs for a system with no games is beyond stupid.

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Posted in: Multi-million pound Sex Pistols collection to go up in flames See in context

@chop chop, nope he did it. He also did it on a river boat, so that no one could stop him....

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Posted in: Asian export nations wary dollar boost gives Trump pretext to beat them See in context

just as Trump announces, that he will drop TPP the day he takes office....

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Posted in: Airbnb raises $555 mil to grow globally See in context

the money will be so they can diversify, as more and more cities and countries are banning airbnb's use. I recently had a reservation cancelled after the host was raided by city officials where airbnb operate illegally - and don't care.

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Posted in: With Olympics 4 years away, thoughts turn to ... toilets See in context

Public toilet are shocking in japan, true it is getting better but far from acceptable in western eyes. From travelling all over the country the amount of times I've used a men's toilet where you in view of the outside public is shocking.

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Posted in: Wawrinka beats Nishikori to reach U.S. Open final against Djokovic See in context

For a player with no serve, kei punches above his weight. Murray was very poor the other day and he can't rely on that. Kei reminds me of players like henman, no serve but excellent everywhere else. Sadly i can't see him ever winning a slam as this stand.

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Posted in: England fears Brexit could harm bids for soccer tournaments See in context

it's not political ties that have marred England's bids...it's corruption.

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Posted in: Next stop, Tokyo See in context

Excellent work, Rio! You showed the world, Japan and the rest of the ''first world'' especially, tthat their fears of crime and violence were unfounded. Bravo!!<

you kidding right?

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Posted in: HBO says Brexit won't hurt 'Game of Thrones' production See in context

GOT will have ended before The UK leaves the EU anyway.

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Posted in: Leicester closer to title, Arsenal hoping leaders slip up See in context

It's Leicester's to lose now, Spurs and Arsenal have a history of bottling it and i can see this happening to both. However all three top teams have a very hard set of matches to finish the season. Part of me wants the foxes to win it, whilst part of me feels it will upset the natural balance of football.

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Posted in: Earth Hour See in context

totally pointless when no one else bothers.

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Posted in: Economy, strong yen defuse 'explosive' Chinese shopping in Japan See in context

It's the same the world over, currency markets are in free fall, but the Yen is considered a safe haven so it's rising as everyone else is falling.

My currency has dropped 20% against the yen since Christmas, and whilst it wont stop me coming to Japan - the 20% drop hits the spending money i have.

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Posted in: Toei subway line in Tokyo begins offering free Wi-Fi See in context

A long overdue step, partly understandable from a domestic point as mobile connections are very good but I've never understood why there hasn't been WiFi connections on airport trains and buses.

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Posted in: Murray, Konta win on a distracting day in Melbourne See in context

i wish people would stop calling her British....She's Hungarian. Having a British passport which she wouldn't have got if she's wasn't an athlete doesn't make her British in most peoples eyes.

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Posted in: George Lucas apologizes for calling Disney 'white slavers' See in context

what's the interest on 4 billion dollars??? GL needs to STFU and get on with his life.

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Posted in: ANA reportedly to buy 3 Airbus A380s See in context

@zaphod - Economy on the A380's that I've flown on (BA & LH) have the most amount of room of any long distance plane I've used. Being a double decker plane the two half's disembark separately so it's no different than any other plane really.

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Posted in: Japan gears up for foreign visitors with new interactive vending machine See in context

tbh it's half the fun not knowing what some drinks are....once in a while i will sway away from my usual taste and try something random.

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Posted in: Suspect arrested after man shoved off train platform in Machida See in context

JR might be able to id him he, if he tapped out with his suica to leave the station.

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Posted in: Hamilton storms to third Formula One world title after winning U.S. Grand Prix See in context

Hamilton has deserved it this year, Rosberg just hasn't put up enough of a challenge. Hopefully next year the other teams will be closer and we get a closer championship.

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Posted in: No selfies See in context

hmm, just bought my first ever selfie stick for an upcoming trip to japan............

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Posted in: McDonald’s Japan to give new burgers away for free—provided you have the right name See in context

free food? still wouldn't catch me dead in a mcd's. mos all the way.

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Posted in: Netflix grows to 69 million members See in context

prices up, content down. they are hedging their money on their own content - but once you have watched it all there's nothing else.

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Posted in: New Premier League season set to get under way See in context

on today's performance i would say sunderland are favourites for the drop. villa, west brom, and the new boys will be next.

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Posted in: Apple pushed down to 3rd in China smartphone market See in context

hardly surprising, very few in china can afford Apple's mark up.

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Posted in: Saturday’s Tokyo Bay fireworks festival likely to be last for five years See in context

a pity but i'm sure they will put a display on elsewhere instead, if not there are plenty of others.

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Posted in: World hopes for first clues to MH370 mystery See in context

this really should have been updated by now....they have already announced that the debris is from MH370

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Posted in: Man arrested for kidnapping 11-year-old girl in Nara See in context

this would have almost certainly ended badly, alas the state of japanese law he'll only get charged with a minor crime.

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Posted in: Women's World Cup win would rekindle Japan's love for soccer: Miyama See in context


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